ADlight! in TV

Since joining BBC Television Operations Andrew has been associated with some of the great productions of BBC Television including the series of Shakespeare's plays, Testament of Youth, the Beggar's Opera, Light Entertainment series with Shirley Bassey, Top of the Pops and hundreds of hours of Children's and Current Affairs programmes.

The following are some of the shows that have benefited from Andrew's lighting.

For BBC London:

Election Debate from Stratford Circus Theatre.

Stratford East School hall transformed for an Olympic Debate.


Kingsdale High School, Dulwich - Atrium and Pod theatre used for budget debate.

Ipswich Town Hall for BBC Look East budget debate.

The BBC Politics Show series of pre-election
debates with party leaders at King Edward's
School, Sourbridge. 
View from the lighting console...              ...and Gordon Brown's last appearance as PM.

"Dispatches" for Channel 4; debate on the country's
economic state in the Roundhouse.


and BBC TV Centre's Studio 8. A real treat for me to return to TVC again!


The BBC chose the New Baltic Arts Centre in Gateshead as the venue for the
Budget programme. Getting properly exposed pictures of inside and outside
the observation gallery meant constant changes in lighting technique as the
weather changed throughout the day.

A chance to play with colour on a concert at the Barbican with the BBC
Symphony orchestra illustrating pictures by Van Gough


And another chance to play with the fine textures in the Barbican Concert Hall.


Having fun at the London Transport Museum for BBC Children in Need.

 This Week - The first time that LED lighting has been used in a Political Programme series.
Several other programmes share the same set which can be made to change its colour at the flick of a switch.

The Daily Politics - "I even introduced the first ever set of moving head LED luminaires to light the floor!"

  Robot Wars for BBC - "lighting was designed by Bernie Davis but I gladly stood in for him and enjoyed the excitement!"
  Resurrection - Coventry Cathedral for BBC
(1) A programme for Easter. A great chance to treat an enormous building as a background for a fascinating discussion.
(2) Jane Lapotaire reads in the Gethsemane Chapel.
  Masterchef for BBC - "This first series with Loyd Grossman was recorded at Network One where I was also Technical Manager. A film cameraman did the original lighting design but the BBC asked me to relight it so that "the cameras can clearly see the cooking!""
  White Peak Farm for BBC - a still from the end of the three part drama series. This powerful story by Berly Docherty was recorded in Northumbria. "I had to have an OB van built for the series and manage the project as well as design the lighting."
  Carlo Curly at Alexandra Palace for BBC - the exponent of the largest Allen Organ in the world entertains in his own ebullient way.
  Series of LE Shows for Dubai TV - Dancing in the Dubai gold souk for a series of LE programmes to celebrate the opening of the Colour TV service in Dubai. "I learnt a great deal from the BBC lighting director Dickie Higham who lit this series and many others I worked on. He let me light this insert while he was preparing the studio - a vote of confidence I greatly appreciated so early in my career."

(1) Question Time for BBC - "This series had its own set but we used the venue itself when we went to Holy Trinity church, Leicester. A significant return for me to my university city where I spent so much time lighting and not learning engineering!"

(2) Question Time Rig goes into Holy Trinity church - The lamps have to hang on something!

(3) Question Time rehearsal at Holy Trinity church - BBC management does a bit of a public relations talk before the recording.

Pentecost Service for BBC - The service from St Mary Redcliff, Bristol celebrated the departure of the replica of the "Mathew" which took Cabot to America. "A great chance to light a beautiful building and play cat and mouse with the sunlight."
  Midnight Hour series for BBC - "the forerunner of the BBC2 late night Despatch Box was far more fun with a music or comedy item each night."

Two Greek Royal Weddings at St Sophia's Cathedral, Bayswater - for CTN.
"Ex-King Constantine and Queen Ann-Marie of Greece have five offspring. Two have so far been married at St Sophia's Cathedral in London. The flowers designed by the leading Danish florist took three days to arrange. I took great care to light them all! And all the European Royals too! I await the call for the third wedding!"

  The Getting Results Show in Seattle for Microsoft Corporation - A series of programmes which ended up on CD to persuade big business to invest in its business software. "The studio on the Microsoft campus took ages to rig but the multi-skilled crew were great fun!"
  New Every Morning for BBC TV - a programme to celebrate 70 years of radio 4's Daily Service. "Who says you don't need to light radio programmes?"
  Primetime for BBC - "a series for the over 50's gave me a great opportunity to light many variety and magazine items. It was the last major series for the lovely Roy Castle."
  Women Talking for BBC - A series in which Janet Street Porter and two women cross-examine notable men. "A chance to make pretty pictures out of a simple gauze setting."
  Winchester Cathedral - the New Year's Eve opening of the ITV franchise for the South. "Playing with 6k HMI's felt just like lighting a model of a building until reality struck when the mist came rolling in."
The Shiny Show Series for BBC CBeebees - Three puppets and two friends who give them life. "A very amusing and interesting series for the under 5's. The only lighting problem is coping with the dark dog and the bright nosed tiger in the same shot!"


British Airways Conference in Concorde Hanger at Heathrow CTN
Panorama - debates for BBC
British Regional Theatre Awards for BBC
Election Call for BBC
Pepsi Commercial for Pepsi Nigeria