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Home Well, the first question is usually "What is Shorinji Kempo?"

So Doshin, founder fo Shorinji Kempo

Overview The assumption is that if you have made it this far you have some idea, but, just in case....
FAQ Shorinji Kempo is a Japanese martial art, founded in 1947 by Doshin So.
Links Shorinji Kempo is made up of three main systems, Goho ('hard' techniques), Juho ('soft' techniques) and Seiho (accupressure).
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Shorinji Kempo incorporates punching, kicking & blocking techniques with releases, throwing & pinning techniques to produce a comprehensive and versatile system of self-defence. 

As Shorinji Kempo utilises weak points on the body one does not have to be strong or train for years to make the techniques work. Practical self-defence techniques are taught from the first lesson onwards.


Shorinji Kempo uses scientific principles to negate and escape from grabs and pulls.  

Release techniques are developed into throws, after which the opponent is pinned.

Shorinji Kempo also uses accupressure techniques, called Seiho.  This uses the weak points on the body that are usually used for attack for muscle relaxation and the promotion of health.

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