Bracarina House - SAUNA

New for 2005, we have installed a Sauna Room at Bracarina House. There’s no effort in taking a sauna, you just stretch out in the dry temperature and let the heat do the work. A copious perspiration will start which cleanses your skin and is marvellous for the complexion, you will feel it working like a massage on tired muscles, toning up your body.
The sauna room has a walk-in shower, sitting area and a fridge with chilled bottled water, the sauna itself is 6ft by 5ft and will comfortably sit four. The sauna room is available for private use either by couple or by group. Towelling dressing gowns will also be provided.
The sauna takes around one hour to heat up to the required temperature; therefore, you can phone ahead with expected arrival time so that the sauna is ready for use on your arrival.
The charge is £5 per person.

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