1.1a. Lorraine Elizabeth HUDSON
Birth 25 Jul 1979
Educ University of Toronto

Did a degree in languages and international relations. Did her third university year at Nantes. Is trilingual in French, English and Danish. Now (2008) working on her Master's program at University of Toronto in teaching English as a second language.
Spouse Cristian MEDINA
Marr 20 Oct 2007, France

1.1a. Stephen Donald HUDSON
Birth 18 Jan 1982
Occ Student
Educ University of Western Ontario, London, reading for a PhD in physics

Studying maths, physics, sociology and computer science. His girl friend's family live in Iran.
Spouse Parisa JAMALI
Marr 23 Sep 2006

1.1a. Christine Frances HUDSON
Birth 21 Dec 1985
Educ University of Toronto, studying music (piano, oboe and English horn)

Was in Switzerland from Feb to May 2002 with the International Exchange Program. In Australia until March 2009.

1.1a. Donna Kathleen GRIMMON
Birth 22 May 1956

Lives in Vancouver. Has a back problem. Visited us in July 2008, when Grace was in Oxford.
Spouse Robb J McDONELL
Birth 8 Oct 1955
Marr 27 Jun 1988
Children Kelsey Lillian (1989-)
Grace Patricia (1992-)

1.1a. Kelsey Lillian McDONELL
Birth 2 Apr 1989

1.1a. Grace Patricia McDONELL
Birth 16 Apr 1992

Attended a summer school in Oxford in 2008

1.1a. Darlene Ann GRIMMON
Birth 19 May 1962
Occ Tow truck business

Into Tennessee walking horses (three out of the five she owns)
Spouse Bryan Allan SHANTZ
Birth 3 Oct 1963
Marr 24 Sep 1983
Children Andrew James (1987-)
Sondra Nicole (1990-)

1.1a. Andrew James SHANTZ
Birth 15 Apr 1987

Hopes to join the police force

1.1a. Sondra Nicole SHANTZ
Birth 15 Apr 1990

Keen horsewoman and a talented musician

1.1a. Nora Pearl BURT* (See above)
Spouse Harold Edmund BARTMAN
Birth 11 Nov 1929
Marr 10 Oct 1969

Other spouses: Harry Evered GRIMMON

1.1a. Daphne Elaine BURT
Birth 10 Sep 1925
Spouse Charles Dermot GROVE-WHITE
Birth 13 Nov 1918
Death 9 Dec 1998, British Columbia
Marr 12 Aug 1950
Children Gregory Robert (1951-)
Patrick Charles (1953-)
Vincent Leigh (1954-1977)
Stanley Howard (1957-)
Kerry Arthur (1960-)
Maureen Elaine (1961-)

1.1a. Gregory Robert GROVE-WHITE
Birth 21 Jun 1951
Occ Manager, Financial Department, Forest Service, Victoria
Spouse Sandra Louise KUNDERMAN
Birth 10 Oct 1954
Marr 10 Jun 1977
Children Brianna Nicole (1986-)
Kirsten Deanna (1992-)

1.1a. Brianna Nicole GROVE-WHITE
Birth 3 Dec 1986

1.1a. Kirsten Deanna GROVE-WHITE
Birth 27 Jul 1992

1.1a. Patrick Charles GROVE-WHITE
Birth 17 Mar 1953
Occ Supervisor with daily newspaper in Kamloops, BC, Canada
Spouse Elizabeth Barbara REANEY
Birth 16 Jul 1954
Marr 20 May 1972
Div 1987
Children Christopher Patrick (1972-)
Allison (Ally) Lea (1974-)
Aaron Paul (1977-)

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