1.1a. Christopher Patrick GROVE-WHITE
Birth 4 Nov 1972
Spouse Brenda Diane Marie DUBUC
Birth 11 Jun 1968
Marr 26 Aug 2000

1.1a. Allison (Ally) Lea GROVE-WHITE
Birth 4 Oct 1974

Works in Vancouver
Spouse Michael Christopher HARDER
Birth 19 Jul 1975
Marr 24 Mar 2001, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
Children Chloe Makenna (2002-)

1.1a. Chloe Makenna HARDER
Birth 4 Mar 2002, Canada

1.1a. Aaron Paul GROVE-WHITE
Birth 5 Apr 1977

1.1a. Vincent Leigh GROVE-WHITE
Birth 22 Jun 1954
Death 15 Nov 1977

1.1a. Stanley Howard GROVE-WHITE
Birth 20 Sep 1957
Occ Welder at Highland Valley Copper Mines

Lives in Kamloops, BC
Spouse Kathlene Geri MACHTMES
Birth 16 Nov 1956
Marr 29 Jul 1978
Children John Edward (1980-)
Benjamin Daniel (1982-)

1.1a. John Edward GROVE-WHITE
Birth 16 May 1980

1.1a. Benjamin Daniel GROVE-WHITE
Birth 26 Apr 1982

1.1a. Kerry Arthur GROVE-WHITE
Birth 17 Mar 1960
Occ Electrician at Highland Valley Copper Mines

Lives in Kamloops, BC
Spouse Patricia Ruth ENDERSBY
Birth 25 Oct 1964
Marr 3 Sep 1988

1.1a. Maureen Elaine GROVE-WHITE
Birth 5 May 1961

Lives in Kamloops, BC

1.1a. Ronald Walter BURT
Birth 20 Feb 1927

Lived in retirement in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, but sold their property so that they could move back to British Columbia. Neither he nor his wife is in the best of health. Now living in Sooke, about 20 miles from Victoria on Vancouver Island.
Spouse Gloria Daphne ATKINSON
Birth 28 Mar 1925, New Zealand
Marr 25 Feb 1950
Children Ronald John (1951-)
Susan Winifred (1952-)
David William (1959-)

1.1a. Ronald John BURT
Birth 10 Feb 1951
Occ Runs his own business fixing computers

Left Canada in 1974 for New Zealand. Lived there for just over three years. Moved to Australia in 1978. Lives in Queensland, Australia.
Spouse Valerie Frances STANTON
Birth 4 Aug 1950
Marr 17 Feb 1978
Children Katherine Mary (1982-)
Edmund Alan (1985-)
Linda Helen (1988-)

1.1a. Katherine Mary BURT
Birth 13 May 1982

Lives in central Brisbane. Plays the oboe. Engaged to be married to Jonathan. Plan to marry in April 2008.
Spouse Jonathan ZORETTO
Birth 1982
Marr 5 Apr 2008

1.1a. Edmund Alan BURT
Birth 25 Apr 1985
Educ Griffith University, Bachelor of Photonics and Nanoscience

Doing a PhD on hydrogen storage in lithium. Fences.

1.1a. Linda Helen BURT
Birth 23 Aug 1988
Educ Queensland University of Technology

Plays double bass and cello. Studying for a degree in film and television. Spent 2008 making documentaries and dramas. This is her final year at uni. Has decided to specialise in sound recordings and editing.

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