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Do you need an accurate translation of your text by professionals in their fields?
Do you prefer to deal with your translators directly rather than through an agency?
Would you like a translation that any German native speaker will regard as "genuine" German text?

Then try us! A sample translation of a short section of your document is FREE!

Who we are

We are two native German speakers holding degrees in medicine and physics, respectively. We employ our technical knowledge for freelance translations of English texts into German, using up-to-date computing and communications equipment. Our qualifications are ...

in medicine (Cordula Hallensleben): Full German and English registration as a doctor; two years of clinical experience in a variety of fields
in physics (Sebastian Hallensleben): German Vordiplom (Tuebingen) and English MSc and PhD (Sussex).

Would you like to see a sample of our work? You can find sample translations with medical, physical, and general subjects here.

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Our services

We translate English texts dealing with medical or physical subjects, as well as non-specialized texts. Examples are journal articles, abstracts, presentations, manuals, leaflets, letters, even books (provided that you do not insist on getting the translation within a day). We will not automatically do a standard translation, but will discuss your individual requirements with you. You might for example need ...

a 1:1 translation, including tables, figure captions, formatting etc.
only a translation of the raw text that you can insert into your own templates
a German resume of a lengthy text
editing or proofreading of an existing German translation
a translation tailored to a particular target audience

We can supply translations via email, via fax, on disk, or as hardcopy. Using the import and export filters of MS Office we can deal with a wide range of file formats.

We will provide a quick and reliable service, delivering to you translations which are both accurate and of good style. If we should feel that we are not fully competent to translate a particular text, we will say so, and, if possible, give you the contact details of another translator who might be able to tackle it.

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How much we charge

Considering the range of services we offer there cannot be a standard charge. If you send us a typical section of your text and tell us what kind of service you require we will give you a quote on the same or early on the next day. Typically, we charge

for translations: £ 60 - 90 per 1000 words (equivalent to US$ 0.10 - 0.17 or  € 0.10 - 0.17 per word)
for editing or proofreading: £ 30 - 40 per 1000 words (equivalent to US$ 0.05 - 0.07 or  € 0.05 - 0.07 per word)

A sample translation of a short section of your text is FREE!

There is a minimum charge of £ 20. Payment can be in cash, via cheque, or via bank transfer.

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Contact us

C & S Hallensleben
112 Royal George Road
Burgess Hill RH15 9SL

Phone: 07092 053194
Fax: 07092 053197
From outside the UK: Phone +44 7092 053194, Fax +44 7092 053197


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