11th Feb 1998 Atlanta, Georgia

The Masquerade in Heaven

Opening bands:

Man Will Surrender ,Turo Satana (formerly Manhole) ,The Lugosis

review by Charlotte Murray

Okay, this is the first time I've written a review, so I'm going to ask for some serious cutting of slack. ;-)

The show didn't start until 9:00pm that night but since we had to drive 400 miles, my sister and I showed up three hours early. We had our tickets already so we stood in front of the box office. We had not been there long with we met a guy who had just completed an interview with Dave Vanian for his friend's webpage. We struck up a converstaion and decided that we would just wait out the 3 hours--we didn't have to wait long. We were there maybe 15 minutes when the good Captain came out of a side door wearing camo pants, combat boots, and a t-shirt that said "Hell" and had the Shell gas emblem above it. He had a banana he wielded like a gun and shared the fruit with us. Cap signed my ticket stub after I complained that I didn't have anything decent for him to sign, and he drew a tattoo on my sister's shirt after protesting that he didn't want to ruin her clothes. Cap stayed and talked with the three of us for a good 20 minutes. We asked if he was going to sing "Happy Talk" and he laughed and said that Dave didn't mind when he sang, but that it bothered Rat. He also talked about his website, being exploited, origins of "The Turkey Song", and did a Mick Jagger impersonation. He went back inside when the sound check started. An hour before the show, Dave, Patricia, and Cap came out and got in a van to look around Atlanta. Before boarding Cap gave me a pic of himself that "some bloke took" and signed it for me (how nice!) then wrote "Rat is Fat" on the box office. At 9:00 we were first inside and positioned ourselves in the front row. Man Will Surrender and Turo Satana played to a half empty house, but by the time the local band The Lugosis came on, the house was packed. All the opening bands were great, but The Lugosis had a mike problem and the lyrics couldn't even be heard in the front row. The Damned took the stage at midnight and the crowd went nuts. The surfers began right away, but were stopped after 20 minutes or so. There were true Damned fans in the audience right behind us, so the usual "Sensible is a Wanker" and the like was heard. Cap had a good time with the crowd and sang a quick version of "Happy Talk". Monty gave the crowd a shout early on for throwing a water bottle at the electric cords of the keyboards, but he cooled off when everyone decided to behave. His playing was excellent and even Cap sang his praises! Dave's vocals were excellent and he looked great as always. His dancing and wiggling was very Elvis Presley and the crowd loved it! Patricia wore a skimpy tight leather mini thingy with devil horns and VERY high heels. Monty wore a purple outfit with black boa material around the neck and silver boots up to his knees! Garrie wore a t-shirt and jeans and was barely visable most of the show. Cap wore the pink dress and wig, then wore only the furry shirt exposing all of his glory to us all! All and all the show was excellent, the music sounded incredible, and there was no mishaps until the end when Cap kicked an ice bucket into the crowd and cut his foot. When the show was over, Cap came back out (drunk this time!) and gave us all postcards bearing the address of The Captain's Log. He told us about a horror movie he watched and grabbed my sister's neck in illustration. Then he invited all of us backstage for beer. An incredible show indeed.

Charlotte Murray