A short review of the gig at Austin , Texas - 19th February 1998

by Lance Myers

I caught their performance last Thursday in Austin, Texas and was absolutely amazed.  I worshiped the Damned in highschool and had always dreamed of seeing them in person, but I never thought I'd get the chance (they don't make a habit of appearing in Texas).  I was happy to see they were playing at a small alternative venue where I could see them up close.  I knew I'd get a jolt out of being in the same room with these ledgends, but I had no idea they'd sound so fucking clear and tight.  The live sound was even better than the records.  Dave Vanian has a phenomenal voice and can really improvise and play around with the notes.  I've been listening to these songs for many years, but the way he performed them last week made me hear them like it was the first time again.  Their energy level was high and they infected the whole crowd with a very friendly, very positive vibe.  Twenty years of experience has not been wasted on the Damned-- they are real professionals.