Rik Mayall is A Cnut
ITV Comedy
6 episodes
Transmitted in 2002
Written by Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran(The New Statesman)
Producer - Charlie Hanson
Director - John Stroud
Starring :
Rik Mayall as Professor Adonis Cnut
Emily Bruni as Dr Hannah Awkward
Michael Maloney as Brian Albumen
Emily Bruni & Rik Mayall.                      Michael Maloney               Emily Bruni & Rik Mayall
from episode 2 "Prepare to Meteor Maker "
Programme Outline:
A sort of super-intelligent version of one of Rik Mayall's other characters,Richard Richard(Bottom),Quadruple Professor Adonis Cnut(Mayall),the cleverest man in Britain(possibly the world),is irresistable to women,consulted by governments and paid large amounts of money for his appearances on TV and radio shows.But he is bored.He needs new and exciting challenges to service his mighty mind.His first is to fill a vacant seat at the Council for International Progress - a shadowy,underground organisation that controls and manipulates everything that goes on in the world.The second is to get Dr Hannah Awkward(Emili Bruni),the only woman capable of resisting him,into bed.
Through all of Adonis' challenges,he is accompanied by his faithful servant,Albumen(Michael Maloney),who is hopelessly devoted to A Cnut,and lives for him and him alone.
Episode guide
1.Get Rich Quick
2.Prepare to Meteor Maker
3.Might as Well Face It,You're Addicted to Fudge
4.Double First
5.The Unhappy Eater
6.Just a Minute
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