Sunday October 31st
   Paradise Theater
   Boston MA
     Halloween with The Damned was every bit as fun as we had anticipated,
     and even THEN SOME.  Boston's own Uppercrust opened with their usual
     loud set of high society ditties, "Let Them Eat Rock", "Tell Mother
     I'm Home", "I've Got My Ascot in My Dickie", performed by the band in
     powdered wigs, ruffled shirts and waistcoats nonetheless.
     Being Halloween, you can imagine the hyperkinetically frenzied
     atmosphere as the audience awaited The Damned's entrance before the
     footlights.  Monty stepped out to begin his introduction and then
     Patricia came out dressed as a witch wearing a hat that was easily
     three feet tall.  Captain and Pinch were dressed in what I assume is
     their usual stage attire, and Dave sauntered out, dressed as a London
     dandy, looking quite gentlemanly (but ladies, would you trust him?) in
     his top hat and waistcoat.
     The room was close to full but not excessively difficult to move
     around in, so I was able to enjoy the set from several different
     vantage points.  This last night of the American tour held no
     surprises for those of us who had snuck a peek at the set lists of
     previous performances:
     Wait For The Blackout
     Disco Man
     Dozen Girls
     Plan 9 Channel 7
     I Just Can't Be Happy Today
     Shadow Of Love
     Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
     Neat Neat Neat
     Curtain Call
     Looking At You
     New Rose
     Love Song
     It's A Real Time Thing
     Smash It Up
     I Feel Alright
     Highlights of the set were when an audience member in a gorilla suit
     stage-dived into the crowd (how often do you get to see THAT??);  Dave
     carried a fetching young lady attired in a bloodied nurse's uniform
     onto the stage with him (girls, you missed it!);  select members of
     The Damned (you can *guess* who) invited a pair of the gorilla suited
     audience members up onstage and ambushed them with bananas, thrust
     into every available opening of their costumes.  And once again, the
     Captain provided the front row with special delectable victuals
     involving the leftover bananas and his bare bum, of course!  A can of
     shaving cream was produced and somehow covered almost everyone on
     I said 'Hi' to a breathless and bare-chested Monty (control
     yourselves, gals) and Dave backstage after the show as they were
     winding down and preparing to leave for the tour bus.  Monty was kind
     enough to let us drink a few of the remaining Sam Adams ales before we
     found the Captain out in front of the club.  Buck Cherry, of Boston's
     now-defunct Visigoths, engaged him in some guitar chatter and I bade
     Captain farewell, quipping that I was "one of Henrik's (publisher of
     NeatDamnedNoise) spies", prompting him to bolt off screaming, "They're
     Boston has been a hotbed of musical activity recently;  I was able to
     catch The Buzzcocks, Motorhead, The Damned and Iggy Pop in a period of
     ten days.  Y'think I can I get some sleep now?
     Cheers from Beantown,
     Greg Jamiol