Supported by Nancy's Dead
The Army and Navy,Chelmsford ,Essex
22nd April 2000
A brief review by Andrew
Having never been to Chelmsford in my life,I thought we did quite well finding this place after a 2 hour drive,only to be told that it was sold out and we could not get in as it was full to capacity.He wasn't wrong,as we found out later. But.I told the guy I had arranged for 3 tickets to be put back for us.They weren't.We did sort it out eventually and managed to get in.
This was about 8.30,and the place was already heaving.After fighting our way to the bar,we went to the back of the room for a bit of space to drink our beer without it being thrown everywhere,until the support band finished.Then we somehow managed to get near the front,just behind the bit where everyone goes nuts.
When they came on and started playing,I don't think i've seen so many bodies jumping about in such a small area,this place really was tiny,and there was more beer in the air than there was in peoples glasses.Trying to get photos was pretty difficult,as you'd spend most of the gig with your arms pinned to your sides.Dont get me wrong,I like small venues,but this was a bit too packed for my liking,I like a bit of room to swing a mouse,and if you wanted to get to the bar or go for a piss,you could more or less forget about getting back to the front again with your pint intact.
And unless you were right at the front,you couldn't see shit,the place was long and narrow,with the stage at one end.The ceiling in front of the stage was low,which meant if you were any way back you couldn't see much at all
The sound was good though,pretty clear P.A.sound, Patricias bass was punchy for a change,and Pinch was on form as ever.The new songs sound better each time I hear them,lets hope they get them out on CD soon.
Captain went through his usual repertoire of Phil Collins,Boyzone and Backstreet Boys jokes,which I think are wearing a bit thin now.
Towards the end of the set I desperately had to go to the little boys room,which of course was at the furthest end of the room from the stage,and it took a whole song to get there! Almost at the end of the gig now,it wasn't worth fighting back through just to see them wave goodnight,so i called it a night.Still worth the trip though,as ever,and waiting for the next one.
Set List:(I think!)
New Rose
Wait for the Blackout
Disco Man
I just Can't Be Happy Today
Shadow of Love
Lookin at You
Plan 9 Channel 7
Curtain call
Neat Neat Neat
Smash It Up