15TH MARCH 1998


Drove out to Chicago Saturday morning and began the drinking about 3PM Central Time - this was going to be a Damned fun weekend. We stumbled over from Millers Irish Pub down to the House of Blues to continue our drinking and enjoy the show. While my mates was up at the bar getting rounds of whiskey and Sam Adams I snuck upstairs - since I heard the thump! thump! of a bass drum. Got to peek at the sound check which was quite a treat - heard Just Can't Be Happy Today. After watching Captain and a crew member fiddle with his guitar for 20 minutes I got busted went back downstairs until their proper appearance time was ready. They opened up with Plan 9 Channel 7 and smoked through an awesome set of Damnedable tuneage. The song list have seem to be very similar so I won't ruin it by giving you the set list - drinking and my memory plays a factor too. For a supposive bunch of "old" farts they were more active and entertaining than any presently successful band I've seen. I've seen my share of so-called "Alternative Bands" working security in Detroit and these young bands could not hold a candle to the Damned's performance - Lazy Genxer's - not including myself. Vanian was moving about the stage like a vampire on a bloodlust with some added Vegas-Style moves. His voice was in Ghoulish Form as Demons were conjured upon the stage as he bellowed Curtain Call halfway through the set - Awesome set, again. Patricia Morrison looked like some Hell-Spawned Goddess with leather all over, long black hair down her back, and breast just ready to explode out of her dress. Excellent addition! Who the fuck said she couldn't play too? She was running scales all nite and her bass was just thunderous. Unless that is just stage acting Gary and Monty are quite welcomed odd additions. Monty is like Arnold Horseshack on speed - quite a spectacle during Melody Lee. Gary, most have snapped along time ago. Excellent replacement from the Not of This Earth song scriber. Captain was hilarious as he poked fun at everyone especially Phil Collins, The Queen, himself, the audience, etcc. Anyone was fair game for his verbal barrage. Showing his ass to the audience, trying to shag the stagehands, going after any and all hecklers. After there set Gary came back to say the encores would go on without Captain since he has collapsed backstage. Out comes someone looking like Captain in a (you guessed it) a pink dress. Looked like a cross between a Drag Queen and Princess Diana. Threw his panties into the audience saying they needed washing and continued the encore exposing himself with gusts of wind blowing his dress up. Lots more hyjinx's but you get the overall picture. Amazingly talented band that can make you laugh your ass off. I hope they get signed soon - it would be a gold mine for any record company!