The Gig in Hollywood,California
Saturday December 4,1999.
Review by Angie
My boyfriend (Xavier) and I were super excited when we found out that The
Phantom Chords were going to be performing in the L.A. area.  We bought the
tickets the same day they went on sale.
They were to be performing at The Gig in Hollywood.
The day finally arrived Saturday December 4,1999.  We got there about
9:30p.m.  The venue was pretty small with a capacity of around 250. The first
two bands before them totally sucked.  They sucked so bad that I can't even
remember their names.  It was getting really boring, it was about 11:00 and
we were getting impatient.
At about 11:15 I saw Dave Vanian and Patricia
Morrison stand by me and Xavier.  Xavier started talking to Dave & he
intoduced us.  Then I started talking to Patricia.  We were all saying how
fucking boring and stupid those bands were.  We were laughing so hard.
Xavier then bought everyone martinis.  Dave then said he should stop drinking
because he didnt want to ba all fucked up on stage.
We were then talking about if they were going to release anything, anytime soon.
Of course we were talking about any new Damned stuff.
Dave then said they probably were, in the near future.
After that it was just a normal conversation.  He said they had to get going.
But before they left he signed our ticket stubs.
They were both really cool and were grateful that we had been his fans for
such a long time.
The gig started at about 11:45p.m.  It was just awesome, as it always is
especially after so many drinks.  The gig ended at about 1:15a.m. and we just
had a great time.
Before we left I got an actual set list and here it is:
Born to be Wicked
Haunted Garage
Piece of My Heart
After The Lights Go Out
House is Haunted
Gunning for Love
You & I
Town Without Pity
Johnny Remember Me
Big Town
Pretty Girl
Someone Up There
Loveless & The Damned