Review of the St Andrew's Hall gig , Detroit , Michigan

16th March 1998

by Geoffry


I've been a fan for years, but since I'm only in my early 20s I missed them last time they came around these parts. But I was not to be disappointed. . .

St. Andrews Hall was pretty packed for the show, though I think many showed up for the local openers, the name of which I forget. Nonetheless, none of them left when the Damned took the stage (who would?). They played "Plan 9" for their first song, then "Dozen Girls" with the expected dedication to prez Bill Clinton. They came on with a bang, slowed down only by the occasional screw up by Patricia (Paul Gray we hardly knew ye. . .) and the occasional lame song ("Shadow of Love" wasn't that great to begin with, guys, so please replace -- maybe 'Nasty'?.) Another downer was the all too-predictable set list. I know, I know, we all want to here "Smash it up" etc, but how about something a little unexpected? Maybe a solo Captain number? (I vote for "Revolution Now") These were just small glitches on an otherwise grand night, so let's not linger. Anyways, for an added bonus, we got to hear "I Feel Alright" for the benefit of Detroit's own Stooges. And someone was actually singing "Sensible's a wanker . . .", so it couldn't have been that bad.

Thanks for the night, guys.