16TH MARCH 1998



Drove back to Detroit to open up for the Damned. Yes indeed Damned fools!! Second show in ten years and we get to open for the Damned at St. Andrews. The Skraps by the way. Mostly they played the same set and seemed a little worse-for-the-wear - Captain a tad bit more drunk? all the traveling maybe?, or I was not on full adrenaline this time. They were still in excellent form. Lots of similar antics and hyjinxs - Captain pulled down his trousers and poured Sam Adams down his ass and mentioned Sam Adams pays him $20 each time he does that - "postage in the mail - thank you very much!". First encore Pink Dress - exposure etc? Second encore no pink dress just little girls blue panties and covering very little - he looked so darn funny - Captain's got this fat baby body that is just comically out of shape - must be all vegetable fat. More hyjinx, drinking, talking to chickies. Speaking of which, in Chicago many girls got on stage and not the one of them exposed her feline parts! GO HOME YOU PRUDE! I mentioned this on stage in Detroit but since there was a stage barricade no luck - did get a girl to partially expose herself for a picture of mine - lovely vanilla pomp-pomps - just delicious!!!!