Falmouth Princess Pavilions - November 24th 2005 Little Miss Disaster Tour
Review & Photos by Natalie

To be completely honest, I wasn’t really expecting much out of this show. I had heard from people who had already been to see them on the Little Miss Disaster tour that the show was under rehearsed – with Dave often forgetting words and the sound not being all that great. However it was certainly nothing how I expected.


I walked into the hall to catch the last couple of songs of support band, Wreckless Eric. I could see the crowd weren’t all that impressed, they looked bored and were clearly hoping the Damned would be coming on soon.  Nevertheless, I made my way down to the front of the hall, to wait for the band to come on. My sister and I were standing next to a very drunk man, who insisting on shouting “Sensible's a cunt” every five minutes, which made the wait that little bit more amusing : )


The Damned came on about 20 minutes later to a fairly packed hall.

The set list went like this:



Disco Man

Little Miss Disaster

Noise Noise Noise

Alone Again Or

Neat Neat Neat


Smash It Up

Curtain Call

Street of Dreams

Would You Be So Hot (If You Weren't Dead)

Perfect Sunday

Melody Lee

13th Floor Vendetta

Second Time Around

History of the World (Part 1)


New Rose


As you can see it was a fairly lengthy set. They also added Jet Boy, Jet Girl into the encore, which may have been because I was shouting it at the bassist : D

That song was the highlight of my night, as I know they haven’t been playing it at most of the other venues on the tour. It was great to hear the whole place shouting “He gave me head”!


The best bits were when Captain came out in what he called a furry pink “mankini”, he also tried to stage dive but as expected he was stopped by the security guards. Monty was going absolutly crazy and dancing during New Rose which was quite funny, that guy is one of a kind!


Dave had great stage presence and didnt stay still for too long. He was smiling through out and seemed to be genuinely enjoying the show. He has a great unique voice!

  It was sad however that some idiotic cunts thought it would be funny to throw beer at him.
The band even walked off stage for a few minutes, claiming they would not come back on till the person who threw it was out. Needless to say no one owned up to it, but I think they found who it was and they restarted the show swiftly.


All in all, this show is one of the best I’ve been to. There were no mistakes, and the band sound just as good as they do on CD. They were energetic and the crowd adored them! I’m only fifteen but they have proved to be a band worthy of my attention. I would also like to thank Captain for coming out and signing and chatting after the show. Amazing.


- Natalie

Photos from this Gig :

Dave and Captain