Review by Andrew
You'll have to bear with me on this one 'cause I sank a few last night and my recall is a bit sketchy,but I'll do my best.
We got to Northampton at around 6.30 pm,but it took about 3 hours to get to the Soundhaus(which was way on the other side of town!) because we stopped off in just about every pub that we passed on the way.
We finally got there at about 9 - ish,and made straight for the bar.(Wot a surprise!)
I've never been to this place before,and it's not a bad venue. As you go in there are two main sections,a room through to the left,with a small stage and a bar,and to the right is the main stage room,also with a bar.It wasn't that big a place which means you didn't have to walk far to get a bevvy.
I'm not sure what the capacity is,but i'd guess at around 500,although i dont think there were that many in there.The stage was not blocked off by barriers and security men either,which meant you could lean right on it,which is how it should be,giving the possibility to get up and leap off in the name of fun.
I didnt see the support band,called the Junket,so i cant comment on them,can anyone tell me what they were like please?
When the Damned came on,it looked like everyone was well pissed by this point,or maybe that was just me looking at it through the eyes of a piss-head,i dont know.
I dont know what the hell Captain was wearing,but it was like a see-through body stocking with a thong up his arse under it.Thats a new one even by his his standards,but it was funny anyway.I got some good photos and i'll be posting them up pretty soon in the Gallery section.Dave was wearing his usual black suit and tie,Monty in a skull pattern printed shirt,the red headed drum-basher Pinch did the business as usual,but no Patricia Morrison.Some people were under the impression that she left the band,but she had to go back to the States a couple weeks ago because of urgent family business.
Patricia's was substituted by a big guy called Andy,(a roadie according to one person)who was a more than adequate replacement.He jumped around a lot and really went for it while he whacked those 4 strings to death,particularly on Love Song.
They started off with New Rose,and then Dave announced '' This one's called Democracy''. But they played Blackout instead.i thought it was just me hearing things bacause i was pissed,but then realised that they had fucked-up!
There were no new songs apart from,She and Democracy,and the rest of the set was pretty much the same as usual,but it was still a great gig,and a great little venue,I'd definitely recommend going if they play there again.
I finally got around to buying one of the T-shirts last night too,the same design that they've been selling for ages,and guess what i did?I fuckin lost it on the way back.Maybe that was my punishment,because the Damned have put a curse on anyone who steals the set lists,with these words   :
"Be it known that whosoever obtains this sacred document by any means,save by it being bequeathed by a member of the Damned is cursed to the end of their days and beyond"
Certainly seems to work !!
Here's the set list :
New Rose
Wait for the Blackout
Disco Man
I Just Cant be Happy Today
Shadow of Lurve
Plan 9 Channel 7
Curtain Call
Neat Neat Neat
Love Song
Smash it Up
Thrill Kill(not performed)
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