Steven Seitz <>


Hey, got to see them in NYC 2/7, Baltimore 2/8, and Washington DC 2/9...and I am beat!! But it was 3 nights of total bliss and they rocked!!

It was obvious Capt had been boozing it up before the NYC show, and why not, it was his last night there...but he still of course put on a great show and played amazingly. Can't say I cared for the crowd too much...but that's another story. FOr the encore Capt. came out wearing his trademark fuzzy jacket, a bunch of bananas and nothing else...needless to say there was tons of mashed banana about the Dave mananged not to slip in it I don't know...but the man knows how to move (and avoid smashed fruit).

The Baltimore show was more "subdued" but the set was amazing and they sounded fucking awsome. Capt had some trouble with his guitar rig and while the roadies were sorting it out they broke into some rendidtion of a country song. Then Garrie Dreadful dissappeared and Capt started saying he "smelled a RAT" and made a crack about "we should have asked Jon Moss to come back" then it was on with the show. Smash It Up Began with Capt hiking up his dress...a pink one...and playing the intro setting down on the drum riser while Garrie ran into the audience with the snare drum letting people bang on it. After the show Capt and Dave autographed my Gibson SG guitar...which somehow sounds better now...and chatted a bit. They both confirmed that they are working on a NEW Damned album...but we shall have to wait and see.

The DC show started suprisingly early got wild quick....Capt's underwear ended up on the audience, the stage was invaded by "go go dancers" and a few trashcans went flying from somewhere...and audience member almost got decked by Patricia....all in all a great night!

Now for all of you sneering about Patricia Morrison on bass...let me just say they woman holds her own, she rocks, and fits in the band quite nicely, as do all the "new" members. She is also an extremely sweet and friendly person and chatted with me after all three shows. So be cool and cut her some slack, besides out of all the Damned bass players....she's the best looking!!