From: Greg Jamiol

New York City Concert Review

I saw the Damned at Coney Island High in New York City on Thursday February 5th and Friday February 6th. The set was identical to the November 27th show in London, but here are some of my impressions of the show. The band did not to appear to have been drinking heavily before going onstage, therefore it was going to be a great set - HURRAY !! The New York audience was very charged up. Captain's guitar solo for Dave's entrance smacked of Pink Floyd psychedelia. It was wonderful of them to dredge up PLAN 9 CHANNEL 7 as I don't recall hearing them perform it in the past. Hearing DISCO MAN was a treat, as it was a favorite of my friends The Visigoths from Boston in their own live performances many years ago. Coney Island High was SOLD OUT on both of the nights that we attended and the crowd was difficult to maneuver through, but the true fans appreciated the appearance of the Damned. "This room is even larger than CBGB's" quipped Mr. Vanian, in a spacey comparison with the legendary New York rock sanctuary. Captain's footpedal was muffling the sound of his lead guitar soloes, which some of the street urchins in the back of the room complained about-not being able to hear them. Move along then, to the front !! The problem was less noticeable on the second night. I JUST CAN'T BE HAPPY TODAY was another welcome surprise. I was very impressed with Monty the Moron's seemingly effortless rendering of the Damned classics on keyboards. We did wonder about Roman Jugg. Hopefully we'll see him in the future on a Phantom Chords tour. The denizens of the darkness screamed in unison when the opening notes of SHADOW OF LOVE rang out. I haven't heard any material from Phantasmagoria at a live Damned show since the late 1980's, although SHADOW was covered by the Phantom Chords on tour. CURTAIN CALL followed and gave the crowd a brief respite from jumping atop one another. "This is for old friends", Dave began. "It's called NOSE NOSE NOSE." After a spot of Monty fooling around with the MELODY LEE intro, the throng went into body-slamming ecstatics. After their massive workout of the MC5 classic LOOKING AT YOU, Vanian and company stunned me by doing a near-flawless version of ELOISE. Hard to top that I'll say. Garrie Dreadful greeted the crowd before the encore, announcing that he was Rat Scabies, and proceeded to take a drum solo. And yes, Monty's Scottish Jig was purely delightful. When The Damned retook the stage, they burned through some of their best known hits, LOVE SONG, SMASH IT UP and NEW ROSE, to tremendous audience approval. Before the next encore, Captain fiddled with a banana in his lingerie before producing a tasty treat for the front row of the throng. Some folks began to leave, believing that the show was over, but I repeatedly screamed for IGNITE, hoping that they would repeat the opener from Strawberries for their last encore. I was not disappointed. A last word about Patricia Morrison is in order. She is probably my least favorite bass player for The Damned right now, but she did a fine job in attempting to keep up with them, and her costumes were pleasantly enticing. It will be a treat to see her play with them again in Boston on 21 March. To all my fellow Americans, don't deprive yourselves the opportunity of seeing one of the greatest bands on the planet.


P.S. Your website is absolutely THE BEST !!