First of all, one of the opening bands didn't play, so the Damned came on early, so I missed at least half of them. However, what I saw was quite excellent, mostly in the comedy act up on stage, so I was not left wanting for my entertainment dollar.

Second, the sound was horrible. The guitar sounded like a skilsaw without the deep, rich midrange a skilsaw has. The bass was boomy and inaudible. Patricia looked like she was playing well, but I wouldn't know, as I couldn't hear it. She does have nice large thingies, but they're all scrunched up in that dress of hers. Gladly, the same could not be said of many of the young Gothic princesses out in the crowd. Drums were inaudible. Vocals sounded good. Keyboards could occasionally be heard. Someone talk to the soundman. Stop minguarding him. All that will get you is a leaky SRB and a one way Space Shuttle ride to hell.

Third, the Gothic poseurs absolutely did not get it at all. The Damned were basically making fun of all that crap. The serious, pseudo morose Goths were forced to laugh since the stuff going on on stage was so damned funny.

Vanian looked, moved and sounded great. A nice large coiffed pompadour did adorn the top of his head.

Captain Sensible wore a black silk kaftan, fez, and skull trousers. Then he switched to a Courtney love outfit, complete with wig. Finally, partially removed bikini underwear and a sweet beer belly.

Songs I recognized: Noise Noise Noise, Looking At You, Love Song, Smash It Up, New Rose, and Eloise. Sorry folks, I'm a first and third album kinda guy. I also have Tales from the Damned and the Live Reunion show on CD. I remember Neat Neat Neat being on the wall of the local record store in '77. I have the Weekend show from '77 with the Damned. But I digress.

Hi to Christine, Kirk G, Andy P, Lloyd L, Vitamin Scotty, Hecktow, and others I ran into at the show.

Captain Sensible did a few skits in between numbers - one he pulled out a banana and placed it in front of his own willie, then brought it up to his mouth and said, "Feeling peckish? I always get hungry after a gig." whereby he peels the banana, stuffs it in his underwear, sloshes it around a bit, then throws the bits out to the crowd. Ewwwww.

Then he got a portable Stop/Slow sign from the street outside. He did a skit where he first shows the Stop side and says," STOP buying records from Eric SLOW(showing the slow side now)hand Clapton. He said of Jimi Hendrix, `who's this nigger coming over here and stealing my act?'" Isn't that attributed to Townshend? I could be wrong.... Anyhow, the hijinx onstage got the crowd going more and more towards the end of the show. I think there were two encores. They were very entertaining. I'd go see them. Try to talk to the soundman, someone please!