Providence, RI. February 4, 1998 Lupos Heartbreak Hotel

It was my 31st birthday, and this was about the most amazing birthday present one could ever have... As I entered the venue, some thrash band was onstage. They were too loud, obnoxious, and unentertaining. I had a few drinks and tried to mellow out, I was trembling with nervous excitement. The last time I saw The Damned was in 1989 at The Living Room ( also in Providence RI. ) That time I got to actually sit on the stage and take photos. I had to pull people out of the audience because they were being crushed. ( But thats another story. ) I slowly made my way to the back of the club, and let me tell you that Lupos is a HUGE place with a killer sound system. I sat down on a bench in the back... all of the sudden I get this funny tingly feeling ( no, it was not the need to pee, ) so I start looking around. Standing just to the left of me are Dave and the Captain, they were mingling with some of the merchandise people and various musicians. I was so afraid to say hi because I didn't want to act like an ass. You see... I'm usually not at all shy around musicians (as I am one myself), but these guys mean more to me than any band around. So... I just stared in awe. I caught "one" of them looking at me more than a few times. About an hour later I started to approach the gig area. I got a great spot right up against the stage directly under where the Captain was to be. The tension was building and the crowd was getting restless, all of the sudden I hear the most beautiful sound.... it was the Captain playing the opening of "Smash It Up", I went wild. This gig was ever so much better than the one in 89, the whole feeling was different, the band seemed very comfortable and they were tight as hell. Patricia Morrison really fit in beautifully and can really jam. Everything just sounded so great. The Captain was silly as ever, got quite naked, cracked jokes, and rocked his ass off... Dave was incredible, his voice does things to me that I can't really discuss here. "Shadow Of Love" was so great that it made me get a lump in my throat... the happy memories swirled in my head. They played so many faves, and many people in the front were singing along. This was a night I will never forget, it was a sexy, powerful, surreal, flashy.... thrill ride.

Jenn V.