The new series of Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) started its run of 6 x 50 minute long episodes on bbc1 on the 18th March 2000,and it looks as if the beeb have stretched their budget to include lots of special effects and big name British actors such as Tom Baker,Charles Dance,Martin Clunes,Steven Berkoff and Hugh Laurie.
I've never been a  fan of Reeves & Mortimer,but having seen the first episode i think i can say it's not a bad effort,but only time will tell if it can get better(or worse).
Something that will take a bit of getting used to is the computerised special effects,which obviously weren't available in the original series,Marty dosent have to blink to make himself disappear,he just dissolves into a cloud of smoke.Also Bob & Vic's North-Eastern accents,and Jeannie's kick boxing skills.Yes you read correctly,Jeannie is an expert kickboxer all of a sudden ! Well,it is the year 2000 !
I'll be updating this page weekly,with the episode titles and a brief outline.

The BBC have announced that they will be making a second series with Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer as Marty and Jeff,to be screened on BBC1 next year.
This follows the announcment that the first episode got 10 million viewers,and 8 million for episode 2

R & H 2000 Main Cast :
Jeff Randall - Bob Mortimer
Marty Hopkirk - Vic Reeves
Jeannie Hurst - Emelia Fox
Mr.Wyvern - Tom Baker
(from episode 2)

Episode Guide
1. Drop Dead
Supporting Cast :
Kenneth Crisby - Charles Dance
Gordon Stylus - David Tennant
Annette Stylus - Hanna Miles
Felia Siderova - Jessica Stevenson
Wendy gill - Melissa Knatchbull
Sgt. Liddell - Steve Pemberton
Insp. Large - Mark Gatiss
Transmission date :Saturday18th March 2000  8.55pm
Episode outline :
Bored of spying on cheating wives,Marty and Jeff take on a case from artist Gordon Stylus,who fears his wife is going to kill herself.He invites them to an arty farty party at the Stylus' home,so they can keep an eye on her while he entertains guests.This is all much to the dismay of Jeannie,whom Marty is due to marry the next day,and wants to finish off the arrangements.They have an argument,she tells him to drop dead,and thats the last she sees of him.Marty gets killed by Gordon Stylus's car going over a cliff,and his agent Crisby kidnaps Jeff and tries to kill him,but fails after help from Marty's ghostly powers and Jeannie's kickboxing skills ! Marty comes back as a ghost,and together,he and Jeff solve his murder.

2.Mental Appirition Disorder
Supporting Cast :

Dr. Lawyer - Hugh Laurie
The Mouth - Steven Berkoff
Craig Nash - Martin Clunes
Felia Siderova - Jessica Stevenson
Percy "Three-Piece" - Tim Perrin
Karen - Sandy McDade
Alice Fullcup - Wanda Ventham
Cecil Waterman - Richard Todd
Transmission Date : Saturday 25th March 2000 8.55pm
Episode Outline :
Jeannie starts to worry about Jeff's mental health after he tells her that he can see and talk to Marty's ghost.He spends a week in a  'Mental Health Farm',run by Dr.Lawyer,to try and cure him of his 'hallucinations'(It dosen't work !!),while Jeannie takes on a case at a Casino.Marty,meanwhile gets tuition in haunting from the eccentric Mr Wyvern,plyed by Tom Baker.

3.The Best Years of YourDeath
Supporting Cast :

Captain Graves - Peter Bowles
Wendy Gill - Melissa Knatchbull
Daniel Gill - Rory Jennings
Angus Gill - William Chubb
Harriet Banks-Smith - Phyllis Logan
Percy Banks-Smith - Hugh Simon
Praetor - Alex Brown
Delingpole - Nick le Moignan
Meades - Ben Johnstone
Parker - Martin Slav
Transmission date :Saturday 1st April 2000  8.55pm
Episode Outline :
Jeff and Jeannie go undercover at an old fashioned public school to solve a murder mystery involving one of the teachers,Captain Graves(Peter Bowles).Jeff applies for the job of Housemaster,and gets the job with some help from Marty,who is perfecting his powers of bodily posession with the help of Mr Wyvern(Tom Baker)
And watch the bit where Marty posesses the body of a pigeon !

 This sequence shows how Marty fades away.(Episode 3...)

Supporting Cast :

Douglas Milton    -        Paul Rhys
Judith Milton     -        Arabella Weir
Richard Shelley     -      Alexis Denisof
Swift                -              Simon Day
Lacey                -          Tim Wallers
Bulstrode          -       Charlie Higson
Justin Pope        -          Simon Pegg
Magda           -         Joanna Kanska
Transmission Date : Saturday 8th April 2000 8.55 pm
Episode Outline
Conspiracy theorist and ex-Government employee Douglas Milton is to address a conference to let the world know of conspiracies which he has studied over the years.He hires Jeff and Jeannie to protect him after he has recurring nightmares that someone is trying to kill him to stop him making his announcements.He was right to do so,as there a several groups of people trying to kill him,including his wifebut the funny thing is that they all end up killing each other by mistake.When the time comes for Milton to deliver his speech,the world awaits,only to hear that his revelations were what everybody already knew about;Mafia activities in America,Government ministers taking bribes,the US President possibly having an affair etc etc.Everyone starts to get up and walk out with the giggles.Also in this episode Marty perfects the art of wind-blowing,and ends up clearing rooms because of the smell!

5.A Blast From The Past
Supporting Cast

 Sidney Crabbe          -        Paul Whitehouse
Harry Wallis      -          Mark Benton
Maurice Crabbe        -      Grant Masters
     Old Ken             -       Dudley Sutton
Deidre Hope       -       Susan Brown
       Gomez            -     Charlie Higson
Transmission Date : Saturday 15th April 2000 8.55 pm
Episode outline
Dead Cockney gangster Sidney Crabbe has a grudge against Marty's father(who is also dead!).But he can't get to him so he makes do with terrorising Marty instead.Jeff gets shot,and his brief 'death' is enough time to save Marty from Crabbe,who wants to push him into the pit of fire.Charming gentleman!

6.A Man of Substance
Supporting Cast
Mrs Glauneck - Elizabeth Spriggs
Lauren Lee - Jennifer Calvert
Dickie Bechard - Gareth Thomas
Mr.Modius - Ralph Riach
PC Buns - Richard Riding
Vicar - Richard Durden
Mrs Endor - Mary Ann Turner
Transmission Date : Saturday 22nd April 2000 8.50 pm
Episode Outline
Marty and Jeff go on a cross-country trip,and stumble accross a village with a deadly secret.

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by Andrew
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