March 27th ,Palookaville,Santa Cruz,California

Well It was my 7th time seeing them on this tour but what can I say another great show. The set list was exactly the same opening with Plan 9 Channel 7 and ending with Smash it Up. Captain seemed a little down, probably looking forward to going home. Patricia has a throat infection but still played great. And Dave, well what can I say he's Dave Vanian he's always cool. Garrie and Monty are wonderful additions to the band. Rat who?

After the show Dave and Patricia split real quick due to her illness, but Captain,Garrie, and Monty were still there for backstage fun. A bunch of us drank and played charades(I know charades?) it was Garries idea and he would'nt let anyone leave til everyone had played. Got pretty drunk ate Mars Bars and met some cool Damned fans. Hello Bryn! A fun night had by all.

By the way Jamal, their manager, does a great DeNiro.


Photos courtesy of Ian Harper