Sunday March 29, 1998 Galaxy Theater, Santa Ana, California:

The band was looking haggard by the time of this show and were plauged by quite a few tech problems. The largest problem was the security, breathing was an option only because no one had found a way to take that away. I arrived early hoping to catch the Captain before all of the little trendy local Goths showed up. He had poked his head out of a door before the first band had gone on, but I was stopped by security and Captain had already turned around to go back stage or I'm sure he would have stopped for a chat up. I had prepared yet another gift of a set of sunglasses (large round ones this time) and finally just attached a note and tossed them at Captain during Smash It Up, only to see the roadie grab them up instead. Oh well maybe next time. Now it is time for my show gripe, Patricia Morrison must GO!!! Second song in (Melody Lee) A piece of gob landed in her hair, the song ends and she takes the mic from Dave and shrieks "Who did this"? I can't believe that someone spit on me, every show in America and no one has spit on me. Hey Pat...Your in the Damned (please only temporary)these guys have been getting spat on for 22 years, if your gonna (attempt poorly)to do the job get used to it.

The show it's self was short (11 songs in total) and plagued by some kind of monitor problem on the Captains side that the roadie was getting an earful for. Everything went along fairly well with everyone else it seemed, Montie seemed to be an O.K. keyboard abuser, I was very amused by Garrie coming out during one of the many set breaks and playing a damn good rendition of Singalongascabies with some of his own fills, then when he was finished he said quiet plainly "Go ahead and critisize" I thought this was rather bold of Garrie and have to give him a resounding A+ for effort of having to live in Rat Scabies shadow. Dave was Dave what more can you say other than that usual annoying habit of changing the speed of what he is singing about 3 times per song. Pat Morrison, well I already gave her the ranking out for the gob thing, now as a bass player, well I can play the cord shapes to Neat, Neat, Neat in my sleep, I could teach a chimp to play the cord shapes to Neat, Neat, Neat but it seems Mrs. Vanian couldn't get it right, then we are taking a little stroll though I just can't be happy today and she's not even playing the right song! I'm truely sorry, it's not that she's Daves wife, it's not that she is a she, it comes down to the fact that she is not a good bass player. I'm not going to go on about it, but basically she does not play well so does not deserve to be the bass player, for my money bring in Paul Gray, or let Algy back he had asked before they left. The show was as good as I could have wanted, considering the limits put on everyone in the hall. My question is this...who the hell designed the tour t-shirts? I'm sorry but in my opinion they SUCKED!!! This is the worst design I've seen from a damned tour ever, there are bootleg shirts that at best are crap, but were still better than this piece of crap they were trying to pass off. Last comment, maybe, Curtain Call came off great (it's always been one of my favorite songs) and out of the now 22 times I've seen The Damned this is the first time I've seen them end the show on Smash It Up, which the Captain did, didn't smash his guitar, but broke and bent the mic stands then tore up the drum set (had to be a rental, catch him with the bill for damages if you can). Dave really needs to ditch the rock-a-billy hair o, this isn't the Phantom snores, it's The Damned. Thus they are and thus they always will be.

Cheers Damned-mates!