" Trust me,I know what I'm doing ! "
Spoof Cop Series Starring David Rasche and Anne-Marie Martin
2 seasons totalling 41 x 24 min episodes
Broadcast in US 1986/87
New World Television
Programme Outline
Inspector Sledge Hammer (David Rasche) is a bungling,44 Magnum toting detective who makes Dirty Harry look like Pee-Wee Herman.His methods are,to say the least,a little unusual.His unlikely partner,Dori Doreau is played by Anne-Marie Martin.
The series parodies just about every cop show on TV,and films such as Dirty Harry,Dog Day Afternoon and others.
Sledgehammer Episode Guide
(The mayor's daughter is kidnapped,so Sledge is teamed up with Dori Doreau to find help find her.)
2.Hammer Gets Nailed
(A TV reporter follows Hammer for the day.)
(A spoof of the movie Witness finds Hammer on an Amish farm after he gets death threats.)
4.They Shoot Hammers, Don't They?
(Sledge's ex-partner escapes from jail and comes after him.)
5.Dori Day Afternoon
(Dog Day Afternoon spoof.The Hammer and Doreau are taken hostage by bank robbers.)
6.To Sledge With Love
(In order to tackle crime at a rough school,Hammer becomes a teacher.)
7.All Shook Up
(Someone is killing off Elvis impersonators,so Hammer goes undercover.)
8.Over My Dead Bodyguard
( Captain Trunk is to give evidence at a trial,so Sledge is assigned by the Commisioner to protect him.)
9.Magnum Farce
(Spoof of Dirty Harry movie,Magnum Force.Vigilante cops are killing newly released criminals.)
10.If I Had a Little Hammer
(Hammer and Doreau pose as a rich couple to buy a baby after several are stolen from the hospital.)
11.To Live and Die on TV
(Game show contestants get killed.)
12.Miss of the Spider Woman
(Sledge is poisoned and has 12 hours to find the antidote.)
13.The Old Man and the Sledge
(Sledge gets his ex-cop idol a job as a security guard at a jewellery shop.)
14.State of Sledge
(Punk satanists take over police station.)
15.Haven't Gun,Will Travel
(Sledge's Magnum is stolen by villains in order to render him ineffective as a cop.)
16.The Color of Hammer
(In a spoof of the Colour of Money,Sledge plays a pool hustler who killed a high Court Judge.)
17.Brother, Can You Spare a Crime?
(Sledge's evil brother shows up.)
18.Desperately Seeking Dori
(Dori becomes like Hammer.)
(Hair salon burglars.)
20.Comrade Hammer
(Sledge must protect a Russian defector.)
21.Jagged Sledge
(Hammer is framed for murder.)
22.The Spa Who Loved Me
(An aerobic instructor steals a nuclear bomb but Hammer blows it up before she gets a chance to use it !! .)
1.A Clockwork Hammer
(Hammer becomes brainwashed a la Max Headroom.)
2.Big Nazi on Campus
(Sledge and Dori investigate the murder of a co-ed.)
3.Play it Again, Sledge
(Hammer is suspended and opens his own detective agency.)
4.Wild About Hammer
(A psychotic new officer admires Sledge.)
5.Death of a Few Salesmen
(used car dealers are being murdered.)
("Vertigo" parody.)
7.Dressed to Call
(A caller is threatening the host of a radio show.)
8.Hammer Hits the Rock
(Hammer poses as a con to catch a mobster.)
9.The Last of the Red Hot Vampires
(Sledge hunts a vampire movie killer.)
(Hammer becomes Robocop.)
11.Sledge in Toyland
(The cops look for killer toys.)
(An international criminal woos Dori.)
13.They Call Me Mr. Trunk
(Trunk saves the squadroom from a deadly disease.)
14.Model Dearest
(Dori infiltrates a modeling agency to find a white slavery ring.)
15.Sledge, Rattle and Roll
(Someone is killing punk rockers; Davy Jones guests.)
16.Suppose They Gave a War and Sledge Came?
(Hammer catches a corporate wargame killer)
17.The Secret of My Excess
(Sledge searches sleazy city bars for the governor's daughter.)
18.It Happened What Night?
(Hammer and Dori pose as newlyweds.)
19.Here's to You, Mrs. Hammer
(Hammer's ex-wife and best friend get married.)