There are many wierd and wonderful characters in The Simpson's home town of Springfield.This is a guide to some of them,and even includes some of their catchphrases,and other useless trivia.

Homer J Simpson
Age 34
Weight 239 Pounds
Catchphrase 'D'oh ' Usually says it when he gets annoyed or frustrated.
Job : Safety Technician in Sector 7G at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
Favourite Food ; Pork Chops and donuts
Favourite drink : Duff Beer
Favourite pastime : eating,drinking and watching TV
Voice by Dan Castalaneta
Marge Simpson
Age 34
Wife of Homer J
Maiden name : Bouvier
Shoe size : 13AA
hair : Blue
Voice by Julie Kavner
Bartholomew J Simpson(Bart)
Son of Homer and Marge
Age 10
School : 4th Grade at Springfield Elementary School
Catchphrases include :
" I'm Bart Simpson,who the hell are you ",
"Dont have a cow man"
and "Aye carumba"
Spends more time in detention and the Principals office than he does in class.
Undefeated champion of the video game 'Slugfest'
Plays practical jokes on the phone with Moe at Moe's Tavern - 'Can i speak to Mr Coholic,first name Al?"
Drinks Buzz Cola and Squishies from the Kwik E Mart
Best Friend : Millhouse
Voice provided by Nancy Cartwright
Lisa Simpson
Daughter of Homer and Marge
Age : 8
School : 2nd Grade at Springfield Elementary School
A budding musician and is more intelligent than the rest of her family
Favourite TV show : The Krusty the Klown Show,featuring Itchy and Scratchy
Voice provided byYeardley Smith
Maggie Simpson
Youngest daughter of Homer and Marge
Age 1
Dosent talk,just sucks her pacifier
She once shot Mr Burns by accident,and stole a car and crashed it(yeah,as if!)
Abraham J Simpson
Homers Father
Age ??
Lives in a retirement home
Talks with a high pitched whiney voice
Voice provided by Dan Castalaneta
The Flanders family
Ned,with wife and sons,Rod and Todd,are the highly religious neighbours of the Simpsons.Homer can't stand Ned,and does anything he can to annoy him.,
Voice of Ned - Harry Shearer
Patty and Selma Bouvier
Older twin sisters of Marge
talk with croaky voices and smoke a lot
Work together at the Drivers Licence Issuing office.
They cant stand homer
Voices by Julie Kavner
C.Montgomery 'Monty'Burns
Local tyrant,owns the Nuclear Power Plant that Homer works at.Very tight fisted,like Scrooge,only worse.Age roughly 100
Voice by Harry Shearer
Wayland Smithers
Mr Burns' personal assistant.A real asskisser.Long running joke throughout the series that he likes Mr Burns in more than just a professional capacity.
Voice by Harry Shearer
Apu Nahasapeenapetalaan
Indian immigrant shop worker,works at the Kwik E Mart.Took the job to earn money pay off his student loans after overstaying in the country when he should have left after finishing his course at the Springfield Heights Institute of Technology(S.H.I.T.)
Voice by Hank Azaria
Krusty the Klown
Real name Herschel Krustovsky.Has his own show on TV which is avidly watched by the Simpson family.He was sent to jail when Bart unwittingly caused him to be accused of tax fraud.Once even faked his own death.
Voivce by Dan Castelaneta
Sideshow Bob
Used to be Krusty's right hand man on his TV show.Once tried to murder Bart,and keeps escaping from prison to try and take over the world in some way....oh,and to try to get Bart for framing him.
Moe Szyslak
Runs Moe's Tavern,which is frequented by Homer and other drunks.He is the butt of Barts practical joke phone calls.
Voice by Hank Azaria
Barney Gumble
Friend of Homer.Always in Moe's Tavern,and is always drunk.Belches a lot.Once won an award at the Springfield film festival for a short film he made about himself.
voice by Dan Castelaneta
Barts best friend.Has blue hair,wears thick-rimmed glasses,and is a bit of a nerd.
Nelson Muntz
The school bully,regularly beats up Bart for being a wimp.Catchphrase is 'HA-HAA',in a high pitched voice and says it whenever someone has a misfortune.
Voice by Nancy Cartwright
Seymour Skinner
The Principal at Springfield Elementary School.Lives at home with elderly mother,Agnes,who treats him like a kid.He once had an affair with teacher Edna Krabappel
Voice by Harry Shearer
Edna Krabappel
Barts teacher at the Springfield Elementary School.Takes delight in giving Bart detentions.
Sideshow Mel
Mayor Quimby
Hans Moleman
Willie (School Groundsman)
Grandma Bouvier
Ralph Wiggum
Rod Flanders
Todd Flanders
Reverend Lovejoy
Kent Brockman
Dr Hibbert
Otto Mann
Dr Monroe
Clancy Wiggum ,Chief of Police
Comic bookstore Owner
Dr Nick Riviera
Snake the convict
Superintendant Chalmers
The Mexican bumblebee man