The Cult TV Swap and Trade page.

We get lots of requests from people to help find TV shows or films etc,which they cant locate.We do the best we can with the limited resources available to us,so this is where we can help you to help yourself ! You could be more successful in finding what you are looking for by using our free swap/trade service.

All you have to do is follow the links below.It's basically a guestbook which I set up so you can enter your name and email etc.Then in the box where it says 'Comments',you type in the shows/programmes that you are looking for.Then hit 'Preview entry',and 'Submit' ,And it will be posted for all to see immediately,rather than waiting for me to post it manually.

If someone reads it and thinks they can help,they can contact you directly via email,and you can deal with that person.Likewise if you see a request for something you can supply,you can contact that person yourself.Please include as much useful information as you can,such as transmission dates,or any other things you can remember that may jog someone's memory .

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