Amazing performance, especially by the Captain, who for all intents and purposes, stole the show. At one point about half an hour into the show, he jumped into the crowd, and someone grabbed his hat and threw it further back into the crowd. After the song, he asked politely if he could "have my hat back please". When it didn't come back, he asked again, and then he said "alright, show's over" and put his guitar down on the stage. His hat came flying back up onstage, and he said "you didn't really think I'd come up here and only play for half an hour did you? What a tosser I am!" Some obnoxious chick in the front was trying to get him to sign her copy of "Women's and Captain's First" and he took it, rubbed is ass with it and gave it back. Later in the show when she kept persisting he said "I'll shag ya later you fuck! That's the least I can do for buying my album...Eric Clapton wouldn't be so obliging for his fans now would he! But perhaps e's missin something" They played Looking at You by MC5 which rocked, and lots of old favourites (Neat Neat Neat, Smash it up, Melody Lee, Just cant be happy today, Wait for the Blackout, Dozen girls etc etc.) I was suprised to hear them do Shadow of Love, but it sounded great. The keyboardist was a spaz. They did a song called "Eloise" which they said was new I think, but it's not on the new cd, so I don't know if it is brand new or not. I got a sense that Vanian really enjoyed this tune the most as he really got into it. It was something to do about a friend or (ex-band member?) named Paul that died. The song was mellower, more like U2 or something, but still had lots of power. They did two encores actually, which was very hospitable of them, most bands only come back once. Four songs in total (Love Song, Smash it Up, New Rose, Eloise). The Captain came out for the first encore wearing nothing but a paper crown and bikini underwear. For the second encore he came out in a dress with a pearl necklace, and some he let some girl yank down his drawers upon which he proceeded to lie on his back onstage, spread his legs and show the whole front row his crotch. What a clown. All in all, an excellent show, good sound, good crowd (older crowd of course), and well worth the fifteen+ years I've waited to see them.

Jeff Watters