ROD SERLING ....... APRIL 1961



Charles Bronson and Elizabeth Montgomery star in an Adam and Eve story set after WORLD WAR 3

2.The arrival

A Lost Flight that an aviation investigator couldn't solve returns to haunt him from the past

3.The shelter

Under the threat of U.F.O invasion,a family take shelter underground only to have their once friendly neighbours risk everything by breaking into their shelter to save their own lives.

4.The passerby

Lavinia,The wife of a feared dead civil war soldier watches as men from the war walk past her into the distance,she finaliy meets her husband who confims they are all dead,even his wife ,she refuses to believe him and refuses to walk into the distance with him until she meets Abraham Lincoln -"The last casualty of the war"

5.A game of pool

Jack (Quincy)Klugman and Jonathan(Mork and Mindy) Winters battle it out to find who is the greatest pool player....... at a price!!!!

Jack Klugman and Jonathan Winters star in 'A Game of pool'

6.The Mirror

Peter (Columbo) Falk is a farmer/dictator who finds a mirror has a deadly reflection to those who look into it.

7. The Grave

After Sykes is killed ,Miller ,who was to hunt Sykes down learns that he would "reach from his grave and grab Miller if he came to his grave" he goes to the grave and stabs a knife into the soil to prove his visit there,while there something grabs him and pulls him day he is found dead,it is claimed that the wind blew Miller's coat over the grave and he had stabbed the coat to the ground in the dark.but that couldnt be as the wind was blowing away from the grave

A good episode for TVbuffs.Lee Marvin,Lee Van Cleef, James (Dukes of Hazzard)Best and Stafford (Batman)Repp star.

8.It's a good life

Bill (Lost in Space,)Mumy is a demonic boy who controls a town by reading their thoughts

" Its good that you watch this episode "

9.Deathshead revisited

An ex- S.S. officer visits his old haunt-dachau concentration camp only to find some old haunts from his past out for justice.

10.Midnight sun

The earth is being slowly drawn into the sun causing climatic changes,Norma,one of those who didnt flee the city wakes from her sleep to find the situaton is the opposite its heading away from it.In the scene where the painting melts in this story,.the surface of a hot plate was painted with wax and then the hotplate was turned on.

11.Still valley

The Confederate army have a stark chioce,use an alchemy book and sign a pact with the devil to win the war or fight against superior odds .

12.The Jungle

An engineer who plans to build a dam on ancestral land in Africa ,scoffs at the curse put on him by witchdoctors untill only he can hear the sounds of the jungle coming ever closer towards him.

13.Once upon a time

Legendry silent comic Buster Keaton stars in this silent screen slapstick style episode of time travel.

14.Five characters in search of an exit

Five different people are trapped in a large round metal container,on hearing strange noises on the outside they make a bid for freedom.

15.A quality of mercy

a lieutenant new to battle orders his weary troops to charge a group of depleated Japanese troops hiding in a cave.suddenly the situation is revearsed as he finds himself on the Japanese side attacing a group of Americans and tries to prevent his captain from slaughtering them,but to no avail.again he is back as himself and finds the attack is called off due to the bomb drop on Japan,

watch this episode for Dean(Quantum Leap)Stockwell and Leonard(Mr.Spock)Nimoy

16.Nothing in the dark

An old woman afraid that Mr.Death is stalking her ,hears gun fire outside her derelict home ,and finds a police officer gunned down,badly wounded,and reluctantly gives him shelter.when a contractor arives to evict her,he cant see the wounded officer and the truth dawns on her.

Ayoung Robert Redford is the police officer in this episide

17.One more pallbearer

A bitter wealthy man,Radin, plots revenge on three people who at some piont of his life humiliated him,he invites them to his underground shelter and shows them ,with the help of special effects that the end of the world is nigh,and can stay with him if they apologise for their past actions,they refuse ,rather to die than lose their honour,and leave.with his plot in tatters,Radin loses his mind and believes the world has ended

18.Dead mans shoes

A tramp who takes the shoes of a shot dead gangster finds the shoes have a life of their own and take revenge on their former owner.

19 The hunt

An old poacher Simpson goes hunting with his dog ,both end up in a river .on heading for home,he is suprised to find that no one can see or hear them.onwalking he finds a fence that he never saw before so he follows it and comes to heaven,only dogs are not allowed ,disgruntled Simpson leaves with his dog rip and continues to walk coming to the real entrance to heaven where dogs are allowed.

Simpson is a sicko,watch when he finds out from the angel his wife is dead he isnt sad just well chuffed

20.The showdown with Rance McGrew

An actor playing a hero cowboy in a serial goes back in time to get some friendly advice from the real Jesse James

21.Kick the can

An old tin can brings a group of old people more than their youthful memories

22.A piano in the house

Barry (space 1999,the Fugitive )Morse plays a theatre criric who buys an old piano whos sheet music when played reveals poeples hidden personalities

23.The last rites of Jeff Myrtlebank

James (Dukes of Hazzard)Best is J. Myrtlebank who wakes up at his own funeral and although he says nothing is wrong ,poeple are still weary of him and decide to run him from town,as they arrive to do so,his fiance agrees to marry him,and he claimes if he is Jeff then he is ok.BUT if not.....?

24.To serve man

Richard (Moonraker,The Spy Who loved Me)Kiel is a seven foot alien who presents the people of earth a book to decipher whilst taking them to visit their planet.only is it too late when they decode the book This episode used footage from the day the earth stood still

25.The fugitive

Two men are looking for a man called Old Ben,who can turn himself into anything,they set a trap to capture him by makind a friend of his ill.he is then caught which poses a little dilemma for Old Oens captures

26.Little girl lost

A little girl falls into an unknown dimention in her bedroom ,and is saved by the help of her dog

27.Person or persons unknown

David Gurney wakes to find that no-one recognises him,and is committed to an asylum,luckily its all a dream,but who is that person lying next to him in bed

28.The little people

Two astronauts land on a lonely planet ,while one,Fletcher works on the damage to the ship,the other,Craig checks the landscape and discoveres a minature population,and becomes a monster,causing damage to their city,he then refuses to leave the planet when the damage is repaired.but revenge comes from the stars

29.four o'clock

Oliver Crangle keeps detailed files on people under the asumption they are evil,he commands that at four oclock ,every evil person will be two feet tall and at the appointed time.

30 hocus pocus and frisby

A old store owner who tells tall tales to friends and customers alike finds he is just the kind of person,aliens need to conquer the world,but he escapes and finds his story laughed at by his friends

31 The trade-ins

An old couple decide to invest in new bodies but can only afford one,the man ,riddled with ill health tries to raise the other amount but eventually decides to grow old gracefully with his wife

32.The gift

An alien crash lands on earth on an errand of peace,but due to indifference in the townsfolk he is a hunted man,and when cornered gives a young boy his peace offering "a gift" but is killed and his gift burned , then the truth finally comes out.

33.The dummy

A manic dummy has a life of its own and takes control of its own master

34.Young mans fancy

A young man desperate for his youth reappears to himself

35.I sing the body electric

Two children come to terms that their mother is actualy a robot

36.Cavender is coming

An angel is given a second chance to make an acident prone woman happy

37.The changing of the guard

Donald Pleasance is retiring teacher who thinks his life has been a failure until schoolboys of the past come back to give him hope