Guest stars of The Twilight Zone
I've tried to put together a complete list of some of the guest stars who appeared in the series,some of whom were already well known,and some who went on to bigger things.Some lesser known actors which have appeared in more than one episode are also shown..The list is not in any specific order
The name of the actor is followed by the episodes they appeared in,The season(s) in which each episode appeared ,with other TV or Film appearances outside the show shown in column 4.
.Please email me if I have left any out or if you know any other appearances by the actors shown,so I can add them to the list.

Name : Episode(s) appeared in : Season(s) : Other Appearances(Films,TV) :
Burgess Meredith Time Enough at Last,Mr Dingle the Strong,The Obsolete Man,Printers Devil 1,2,2,4 Rocky,Rocky2,Rocky3,Batman,Of Mice and Men,The Hindengurg,Clash of the Titans,Santa Claus the Movie,Grumpy Old Men
Doug McClure Mr Denton on Doomsday 1 The Land That Time Forgot,The Unforgiven,The People that Time Forgot,At The Earths Core
Martin Landau Mr Denton on Doomsday,The Jeopardy Room 1,5 Space 1999,Sliver,Intersection,Ed Wood,The Xfiles,By Dawn's Early Light,Meteor,The Fall of the House of Usher,Operation Moonbase Alpha
Martin Balsam The 16mm Shrine,The New Exhibit 1,4 The Taking of Pelham 123,Twelve Angry Men,Al Capone,Murder on the Orient Express,Death Wish 3,Cape Fear(1991)
Jack Warden The Lonely,The Mighty Casey 1,1 Twelve angry Men,From Here to Eternity,Donovans Reef,Raid on Entebbe,Beyond the Posieden Adventure,Used Cars,While you were Sleeping,Bullets over Broadway
Jean Marsh The Lonely, 1 Dr Who, Upstairs Downstairs, The Eagle Has Landed.
Patrick Macnee Judgement Night, 1 The Avengers,The New Avengers,A View To a Kill
James Franciscus Judgement Night 1 Four boys and a Gun,Valley of the gwangi,Beneath the Planet of the Apes,Cat'o Nine Tails,The Amazing Dobermans
Rod Taylor And When the Sky was Opened 1 The Time Machine, The Birds,Death Valley Days,Young Cassidy,Hotel,The Oregon Trail,
Warren Oates The Purple Testament,The Seventh is Made Up of Phantoms 1,5 The Wild Bunch ,Return of the Magnificent 7,
Kevin McCarthy Long Live Walter Jameson 1
Roddy McDowell People are Alike all Over 1 Fright Night, Planet of The Apes 
Albert Salmi Execution,A Quality of Mercy,Of late I think of Cliffordville 1,3,4 The Unforgiven,Empire of the Ants,Lawman.
Jack Klugman A Passage for trumpet,A Game of Pool,Death Ship,In Praise of Pip 1,3,4,5 Quincy,The Yellow Canary,Twelve Angry Men,The Odd Couple
John Anderson A Passage for Trumpet,Oddysey of Flight 33,,Of Late I Think Of Cliffordville,The Old Man in the Cave 1,2,4,5
John Carradine The Howling Man 2 Stagecoach,Peggy Sue Got Married,The Howling,The Bees,House of Dracula,House of Frankenstein,Stagecoach,Jesse James,The Grapes of Wrath
William Shatner Nick of Time,Nightmare at 20,000 feet 2,5 Star Trek,TJ Hooker
Art Carney the Last Action Hero,The Muppets Take Manhatton.
Thomas Gomez Escape Clause,Dust 1,2
Agnes Moorehead The Invaders 2 Bewitched,Citizen Kane,How the West was won.
Don Rickles Mr Dingle The Strong 2
Bill Mumy Long Distance Call,It's a Good Life,In Praise of pip. 

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2,3,5 Lost in Space,Babylon5,Space cases
Cliff Robertson A Hundred Yards over the Rim,The Dummy 2,3 Too Late The Hero,The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid
John Hoyt The Lateness of the Hour,Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up 2,2
Dennis Weaver Shadow Play McCleod,Dodge City,The Duel
Elizabeth Montgomery Bewitched
Charles Bronson Two 3 Magnificent Seven,the Great Escape,Death wish,The Mechanic
Peter Falk Columbo
Lee Marvin The Grave,Steel 3,5 Paint Your Wagon,The Dirty Dozen
Lee Van Cleef The Good,the Bad and The Ugly,For a few Dollars More
Buster Keaton Once upon a Time
Dean Stockwell A Quality of Mercy Quantum Leap,
Leonard Nimoy A Quality of Mercy 3 Star Trek
Robert Redford Nothing in the Dark 3 Butch cassidy and the Sundance Kid,The Sting,Indecent Proposal
Joseph Wiseman One More Pallbearer 3 Dr.No
Richard Kiel To Serve Man 3 The Spy Who Loved Me,Moonraker
Donald Pleasance Changing Of the Guard 3 You Only Live Twice,Prince Of Darkness
Bill Bixby The Thirty fathom grave 4 The Incredible Hulk
James Best Last Rites Of Jeff Myrtlebank,Jesse-Belle 3,4
James Doohan Valley of the Shadow 4 Star Trek,
Dennis Hopper He's Alive 4 Speed,Easy Rider
Robert Duvall Miniature 4 Falling Down,
John Mcliam The Shelter,The Midnight Sun,Uncle Simon 3,3,5
Julie Newmar Of Late I think of Cliffordville 4 Batman
Pat Hingle The Incredible World Of Horace Ford 4
Mickey Rooney The Last Night of a Jockey 5 National Velvet, The Last Action Hero
Telly Savalas Living Doll 5 Kojak,On Her Majestys Secret Service,Kelly's Heroes,Escape to Athena
James Coburn The Old Man in the cave 5 Magnificent 7, the Great Escape,Pat Garret and Billy the Kid, Our Man Flint
Richard Basehart Probe 7-Over and Out 5 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Moby Dick
Ed Wynn One for the Angels,90 years Without Slumbering 1,5
J.Pat O'Malley The Fugitive,The Self Improvement of Salvatore Ross,Mr Garrity and the Graves 3,5,5
Barry Nelson Stopover in a Quiet Town 5 James Bond(50's US TV Series)
Jackie Cooper Caesar and me 5 Superman
Murray Hamilton One for the Angels, 1 Jaws,Jaws 2
Vaughn Taylor Time Enough at Last,The Incredible World of Horace Ford 1,4
Vivi Janiss The Fever,The Man In The Bottle 1,2
Dick York The Purple Testament,A Penny for Your Thoughts 1,2
Anne Francis The After Hours 1
William D. Gordon Nervous Man in a four Dollar Room,Eye of the Beholder 2,2
Jonathan Harris Twenty two,The Silence 2,2
Fritz Weaver Third From the Sun,The Obsolete Man 1,2
Vladimir Sokoloff Dust,The Gift 2,3
Don Gordon The Four of us are Dying,The Self Improvement of Salvatore Ross 1,5