Doom3 Can Do It Too ( & Better! ) Euro

The purpose of this site is to allow access to Work In Progress versions of the Euro map for the DCDIT project.
Link -

Euro Test Build 3 Shots - 25 Jan
My block is Block3 - Bank / Embassy / Cinema ( Click for screenshots )
** Temporary Update pk4 for current test build(euro_3build) ** here
Updates are ( Everything is still very WIP ):-
  • Loading screen & MainMenu(by binaryc) added.
  • Fountain water & Particle effect
  • Embassy - balcony tidy, porch detail added, staircase changed.
  • Cinema - Various small changes. Map name:
    Prefab, test map, textures & mtr fileshere *Not updated offen - check dates from link below.*
    Link to the directory structure I use with all the files I have upload. The Files
    Other Doom3 Stuff I've done or am working on:
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    Latest screenshot.

    Danteuk - AKA - Neil J Martin ( NJM ) Email