I think that the twentieth century has produced only three major singer-songwriters:

Joni Mitchell

Leonard Cohen

Bob Dylan

Is Roy Harper a British Bob Dylan? Why is Tom Waits (“clearly one of the most important figures of the modern pop era") such a hugely underrated genius?

What to you think? Let me know and I'll post your opinions here!

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Your statement says far more about you that it does about the quality of 20th century songwriting.
Get out more!

You're missing out on a lot of highly skilled and very amusing work from, for example, Cole Porter, Noel Coward, Ivor Novello, Burt Bacharach, Roy Orbison, early Elvis Costello and Ron and Russell Mael of Sparks (well, OK, Ron doesn't sing!).

I suggest you have a closer listen to, off the top of my head, David Bowie, Richard Thompson, Steve Earle, Stevie Wonder, Cat Stevens, David Gates, Neil Young, Kate Bush, Ray Davies, Kurt Weill, Green Gartside, Paul Simon, Van Morrison…

So many genuinely great SINGER-songwriters.

Leonard Cohen would be at the top of my list of any number of writer, singers and entertainers, I have over the past 38 years been listening to his words and have created more works than I can count dedicated to his words. Many of my titles are founded on his lyrics. I seem to see my world better when I have a song of his playing. Yes these three artists are truly the top of any list of singer songwriters.

Joni Mitchell saved my life – for a long time I just couldn't get through a day without listening to 'People's Parties' at least once.

I expect rock legends to be on drugs – but not helium. [Dylan's] voice is shot!

Leonard Cohen's voice, by contrast, just gets better and better. Listening again to his first albums recently, I noticed that his voice is getting fuller – unless that's due to improving studio techniques…

What about Tom Waits? His lyrics are as deep and beguiling as Dylan's, but he's just not as well known.

Two thinds of your major singer-songwriters are Canadian – is this just coincidence?


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