Friday, March 21, 2008
I'm a bad blogger. 2 months without an update!

I really admire all the Mums who manage to write blogs, make stuff, and bring up small children. I can't ever imagine it happening here. If we could persuade her to nap, then I might be able to blog, but she gets by on 2 x 45 minute power naps per day, and that's on a good day.

I am managing to keep up with other blogs, and I'm trying to comment more often too... when Bryher isn't trying to eat the keyboard anyway.
I must have made the comment karma fairy happy too because I was lucky enough to win a blog giveaway celebrating Sew-Eco's 200th post. The lovely Ruby has come to live with us.

Looby & Ruby

At the moment she is making friends with Looby, the doll I knitted for Bryher. Ruby's label says that she likes to sit with other toys and watch the world go by, which is good as they will be kept out of chewing distance for a while. Bryher does play with other toys I've made her, other more chewable toys, but Ruby & Looby are a bit special, and not suitable for small mouths. They are spending their days in the living room, sitting on the little rocking chair which my Grandad made for me. The rocking chair which makes Bryher squeal with laughter whenever we let her play on it.

Bryher Looby & Ruby

I tried to get a nice picture of Bryher with her "off-limits" toys, but the only time she's still is when she's about to drop with exhaustion.

Bryher turned 8 months old on Thursday.
I can't get over how quickly she is learning and changing. In this past week she has learnt to clap, sit herself up, and crawl, although to be fair it's a bit of a commando crawl/drag at the moment, even so it's still forwards and purposeful, it's just a bit slower... thankfully! She's also started grunting at us in reply to things, so we have conversations in "Cave-Girl". She still hasn't mastered rolling from front to back though which is supposed to be the first movement milestone.

Unfortunately 8 months means it's also time for me to go back to work. My first shift is on Thursday. It'll be the first time I'll have left her for more than a couple of hours.
I'm going to miss my little Goblin Goon more than I care to think about.

Bryher with wig

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Sunday, January 20, 2008
My little girl is 6 months old today.


It's gone so fast!

I've not posted much over the past few months as I'm trying to make the most of every minute I have with her. She's such a happy, pleasant little girl. She has her whingy hour at night when she's tired, but don't we all? Generally she's a joy to be around.
I'm still saying this even though she woke me at 3:45 this morning and has survived on 4 power naps all day! Nights like that are thankfully rare and since Christmas she's usually slept from 7pm to 6am with a couple of nice long naps during the day.

Helping to wrap the Christmas presents.

She hasn't stopped fidgetting yet. She won't stay laid on her back for long now, it makes dressing and nappy changes infinitely more interesting. If you put her down she rolls straight onto her front, unfortunately she hasn't learned to roll onto her back yet so we have to keep helping her when her back starts to hurt. 3 times I had to get out of the shower the other day to help her out. Apparently it's far easier for babies to roll front to back and normally learn that about now, rolling back to front is normally learnt at about 7 months, but she's contrary... like her parents.
She's obviously desperate to be on the move, I think she'll be an early crawler.

My Stash
Investigating my yarn stash.

She has a fantastic giggle. She loves me singing and dancing her around.
She finds the cats both fascinating, and hilarious, this is understandable. I pity them when she can crawl.
Less understandable is the fact that she also find cups fascinating and hilarious. Strange girl.

We've just started to wean her. She doesn't seem overly impressed. So far she's pulled faces at everything she's tasted, and some foods (broccolli and yoghurt) have resulted in whole body shudders. She might not like the foods, but at least she had a good attempt at digesting the weaning information a few weeks ago, so she should understand what's in store.

"What? You mean I'm not meant to be eating the leaflet?"

Happy Half Birthday little girl!
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Monday, December 31, 2007
A long overdue post.

After 9 days unconscious, 17 in intensive care and another 9 days on a normal ward Dad was well enough to come home.
We were flabbergasted as we were expecting him to be in for weeks/months. Only a few days before they had been saying he might be well enough to come home for the day on Christmas day. As it was his good health before the operation, and his determination to be out for Christmas meant he was well enough to come home a week and a half before Christmas Day.
He was still very weak when he got home, but he's slowly getting his strength back. It's going to be a long recovery, but we don't care, we're just so so pleased to still have him.

We spent Christmas Day at my parents house, my brother sister-in-law and niece were there too. We opened presents, ate a lot, laughed at my nieces antics, she took her first steps on the day Dad woke up so she's never still now. then we came home just as it started to get dark. Bryher was completely oblivious to the fuss, but did like the rain stick we bought her. the tickle-me-Elmo was less interesting to her, and terrified my niece.

A last minute change of plan means we're spending New Year at home. Playing online poker (not for real money). Bryher is sleeping through now, but has had a few unsettled nights becuase of her teeth, the Calpol is great though. Tomorrow we will go to Ormskirk for a day of music and merriment with friends and family.

I think overall this year has been good.
Bryher is a little star. She's so cheery and laid back all the time, she's a joy to be around and cheers everyone up. I've wanted kids for so long, and I'm so pleased that when we did finally get around to it we were blessed with such a fantastic one.
The end of November was a horrendous emotional rollercoaster, but it all worked out okay. One part of those horrid few weeks which I have enjoyed though was spending time with my family, especially my niece. She is great fun, loves Bryher, and I hope they grow up to be great friends. Bryher has another cousin on the way in March, so next Christmas could be a riot with 2 walking and 1 crawling.

I can't think what I have to look forward to in 2008, except for seeing Bryher grow and develop, she learnt to roll onto her front just before Christmas, so life is already more interesting. It'll be easier when she can roll onto her back again.
I have to go back to work in April, which I'm dreading, but I have 3 months of freedom first.

I hope 2008 bring everyone all they wish for, as well as good things you don't wish for.

Now I have to rush off to hear the chimes.

Happy New Year!
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Dad's op didn't go as planned and at this moment he is back in surgery a week after the original one.

I came back home to Stalybridge a few hours ago as Bryher is due her jabs tomorrow. I went to the hospital just before I left and the surgeon said he was stable and getting slightly better though he's still very poorly. He's been sedated for the past week since the operation but they were talking about lifting it and letting him come round.

Then Mum phoned an hour ago and said they had taken him back down to theatre. Mum isn't sure what's happened. They were going to remove some drains from his chest and now they've found a bleed around his heart.

The original operation was to repair one of his heart valves as he has a heart murmur, we knew there was a 2% risk of complications but as Dad was fit and healthy we thought everything would be fine, and this was the best time to do it. It wasn't until they opened him up that they found out what state his valve was really in. They tried repairing the valve twice, but it burst both times so they had to replace it. By this time he had been on heart bypass for about 10 hours and a lot of his organs had packed up. We were expecting him out of theatre at about 5pm, at 8:30pm Mum, my brother and I went down to the hospital and they had sorted out a room for us to use for the duration of his stay. That's when I realised it was serious. I had to go back to my brothers house at 10:30pm to feed Bryher, around midnight my brother phoned to tell us he was out of theatre and what had happened.

Over the week we've had ups and downs, he's been on and off dialysis and he's had a chest infection. They found a bleed in his heart so yesterday they did tests to try to find where it was bleeding into. Last night Mum phoned to say not to visit as they might be taking him back into theatre to repair the bleed so I might not get to see him anyway, she also said that his heart monitor was showing a systolic. Mum didn't know what that meant, but my brother and I did so we both made a mad dash for the hospital (Porl and I managed to pack up Bryher and everything she needed for an overnight stay in 15 minutes and were at the hospital in 30 minutes.) As we were rushing in the main entrance my sister-in-law phoned and said not to panic Dad wasn't going anywhere. They had decided the operation wasn't necessary right now, and he hadn't gone a systolic, it was just that his heart rate was dropping lower than the machine liked and so a pacing box was kicking in and the machine was flashing up a systolic.

It's taken hours to write this post, and Dad is now out of theatre, back on the ward, stable again and better than he was 4 hours ago... I can breathe again.

We've been told Dad will be in intensive care for weeks/months. It's going to be a very long slow recovery, and we will have ups and downs like this. He has all the top people looking after him, not just in that hospital, but consultants in other parts of the country too, we just have to hope for the best.
I'm trying my hardest not to think about the alternative outcome.

Mum has been staying at the hospital most of the time, we have been at her house and fielding phone calls. We have only told a few people he's in hospital, but if all the people who are phoning asking after him and wishing him well are anything to go by then he has to get better. Most people didn't know he had a heart problem never mind needed an operation so it's been a total shock.

I'm a big believer in Kama. Not that Dad deserves any of this, he's such a kind generous, soft hearted man... so all the people phoning keep reminding us of... but we need all the help we can get right now, so I've decided to join in with some others and Pay It Forwards.

The first 3 people who comment on here will get a handmade gift from me at some point in the next 365 days. A year to make 3 things seems just about achievable right now.
All I ask in return is you do something nice for someone else. Many people doing Pay It Forward ask that you post this same offer on your own blog, but I know some non-bloggy, non-crafty people read this, so I'll allow you to Pay It Forward in your own way.

My other request is that you keep your fingers, toes, eyes, and every other body part possible crossed for my Dad.

Not surprisingly the blogging every day failed as a result of this past week.
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Monday, November 19, 2007
Dad is checked in at hospital, probably doped up to the eyeballs by now fast asleep. Apparently he asked them to keep him like that until the worst is over and he'll be feeling okay again.

Bryher and I are going over tomorrow for a few days to keep my Mum company. I've spent today trying to catch up with washing so Bryher has some clothes to wear. I'm thinking for 3 days away we'll be okay with 6 outfits. We can always wash there.

I've also been packing crafty pursuits to keep me occupied. Mum and Dad finally got broadband a fortnight ago after months of me pestering them, but playing on the internet all day would be a bit rude. I've started crocheting a scarf. At the rate I'm going I'll have finished it by tomorrow evening so I'll have to have a rummage in the morning for something else I can make once the scarf is finished.

I know a few people are reading... even though they aren't commenting, so I'll make sure to update tomorrow so you know how Dad has got on.
I don't do prayers, but if you could keep your fingers crossed it all goes smoothly I'd be grateful. Thanks.
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