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Dealers in Ephemera, Manuscripts, Documents and Paper Collectables


Judith Grant

Dealer in Ephemera

mobile:07976 921630

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1928 aviation timetable

Established in 1983, based in London, we are dealers in ephemera, manuscripts, paper collectables and documents relating to a wide range of collectors interests. We particularly like to handle material of the 18th century to 1914 and of particular events thereafter such as
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Favour for Edward VIII's Coronation


early flying, home front in wartime and Festival of Britain. We deal mostly  in British material, but not in postcards, cigarette cards, magazines or newspapers.


Victorian Christmas Card  



We are always anxious to buy/sell


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Victorian greeting cards. Royalty - Tickets, Programmes for tours, Celebrations and Visits. Sports and Olympics. War and particularly civilian life in war. Postal services. Historic manuscripts. Letters and Autographs. Menus. Exhibitions. Event programmes and tickets. Timetables. Adverts etc for all forms of transport.  Financial and commercial ephemera.

Broadsides. Advertising. Calenders. Suffragettes




Illustrations are of items recently sold

mechi.JPG (19617 bytes) Passports. Trade catalogues. Early opera. Slavery. Transportation




Cutlery catalogue printed by Whiting 1837

And anything which by reason of age, decorative appearance or unusual subject/ content may be thought of interest.


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Receipt given by Turner for the sale of his painting "Scene in Derbyshire"


For enquiries, purchases or sales please phone or email. We deal extensively by post and maintain customers' wants lists.


Member of the Ephemera Society

We attend the London Fairs of the Ephemera Society.

Documents and paper items on most subjects