AP233 - Systems Engineering Data Exchange

1 Introduction

This Web site is dedicated to the support of the use of ISO 10303-233 (AP233) Systems Engineering and design. AP233 is designed as a neutral information model for the exchange of data between Systems Engineering, Systems Architecture Description and related tools. In most cases, the specifications within this site are the definition of mappings between the schema or metamodel of an application, database or standard and the AP233 XML Schema. This documentation is self-contained so that readers need no knowledge of the AP233 ISO standard itself or the ISO EXPRESS language in which AP233 is standardized.

AP233 was still undergoing standardization in ISO at the time of the publication of this mapping.
This is release covers all DODAF Views. However, the CADM/AP233 mappings for previously published DODAF Views have not been updated. AP233-related artefacts are based on AP233 Working Draft 2 published July 2006.

The following figure shows how AP233 would be used to exchange data between a SysML and other Systems Engineering application and then to applications in the larger life cycle of systems potentially using related ISO STEP data exchange capabilities.

SE Tool Data Exchange Using AP233

Key to the cross-industry approach taken with AP233, a Taxonomy is utilized to allow any level of detailed semantics to the data exchange set. Any Taxonomy can also be standardized within or across organizations and even submitted to standards bodies for approval.

Semantics Added To AP233 Using Taxomony

2 Site Organization

The organization and layout of the Web site is as follows.

  • The AP233 tab is where the ISO 10303-233 Systems Engineering and Design standard is described.
  • The other tabs, starting with the CADM Mappings tab, define the mapping of specific standards, tools, databases, languages, etc. into the AP233 structures. Additional mappings will be added over time.
  • Within the CADM Mappings tab, each View Product has a separate section where its mapping into AP233 is specified.