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Since graduating with distinction from Portsmouth University in July,2002, Doug worked for Captec in Southampton. In September 2007 he accepted a position in Winchester Arqiva. That month he also passed his motorcycle driving test.

Doug's Graduation

Some-one mistakes our garden for a drive-through!!!!

Sadly Ronnie passed away on Sunday, 7th March, 2004.
We found out in June, 2003 that he was suffering from Mesothelioma, which is a cancer that is caused by exposure to asbestos. There is no known cure but he underwent Surgery, Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy in the hopes of slowing the rate of growth. Unfortunately none of it worked.

Last year the House of Lords decreed that the widows of men who died from Mesothelioma are not entitled to full compensation if the insurers of all the companies who employed and exposed their husbands to asbestos cannot be traced. Fortunately Tony Blair's government added an amendment to the Compensations Act which in effect overturned the Lords decision.

Hazel graduated with a LLB (Hons) from Reading University on 07/07/07. She went on to get her LPC at BPP Law School in London. She now works in the Legal Department at Vodafone's Headquarters in Newbury. She has worked really hard and I am very proud of both my children.

Hazel's Graduation

Freshers Week

Photos of Warwick Castle taken with my Sony Cyber-shotU


By Doris Hazell


I still can't believe it - they don't want me any more. Twenty-two years of bus conducting - cycling two miles each way to the garage summer and winter - in rain, sunshine, fog, ice, snow and gales - late turn and early turn - happy in my job I thought - but no more - it's true - I've got to face it - they just don't want me. Of course I can't pretend it came as a totally unexpected shock. When I first came to Staines Garage all those years ago there were rumours that the Country Buses might go to Windsor and the red buses of London Transport's Central fleet take over instead. But we all laughed and said it would never happen and it hasn't has it? Well, there was a rumour only last week - remember? Not quite the same rumour that went round in the middle fifties mind you - this time it's just that Staines Garage was closing down completely - well, that can't be true - people will always want buses.

Doris Hazell - 1979

Bus Stop is available to purchase or download here
Ron Me Mum Fran
Doug Maz Hazel Liam
A collection of black and white photographs. The earliest photographs are of my great grandparents (Freeman) who was my maternal grandfather's mother and stepfather. Other photographs include an array of uncles, aunts, brothers and my sister.
This page was created by Hazel. She has some interesting opinions about her brother! She originally compiled it using MS Publisher but I was not happy with the results so have quickly re-done it in HTML (I think I am getting the hang of it!).
The complete and unabridged edition of "Bus Stop", an autobiography by Doris Hazell (my mum) of her days working as a clippie for London Transport during and after the war.
There are five houses in a row, the Englishman lives in the house with the red door, the Spaniard owns a dog, coffee is drunk in the house with the green door while the Ukrainian drinks tea, but who owns the Zebra?
Have you found the answer? Or have you just given up? Either way the answer is here. Mmmnnn, who DOES live behind the Green Door? No need to ask Shakin' Stevens just click here and all will be revealed.
Have you got the Magic Eye? Can you see the picture within the picture? If you can't see Magic Eye pictures it may be because you have perfect vision as tests have shown that short-sighted people see them easiest. If you want to know what it is just send me an email and I will enlighten you.
If you enjoyed Bus Stop and want to find out more about buses and trams your first stop should be here.
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