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  Tale 1. Our First Bernese or Ignorance is Bliss.

  Tale 2. Our Second Bernese or We Try Again - 

   our experience of Malignant Histiocytosis.  

  Tale 3. Maggie's Bad Hair Day or Grooming Hell.  

  UPDATED With Good News,  January 2005



Water Fun Day


Morning   Afternoon   Evening


Toby's Secret Diary

Sadly Toby crossed The Bridge on Sunday 15th October 2006, 4 days after his 10th birthday.

Introducing Gemma

A Gay Tail?


Our daily supplement regime:

Or how we beat arthritis 

and banned the Rimadyl!

An old postcard of a Newfie

The Feline Fiends!



Snow Fun Winter 2004/2005 

October 2005

Toby is 9


 Maggie is 4


Just before Christmas (2006) we welcomed a new puppy to the mad house!  She's a little Leonberger miss called Becca.   

She'll get her own web page soon, but meanwhile, there are lots of photos of her and my three other girls in my Phanfare albums: /album/175156  & /album/184028


If you want to know more about Malignant Histiocytosis these sites will help:

Histiocytic Diseases of the Bernese Mountain Dog by Pat Long

Robin Camken's Health Info. Links


Lots of information about the Bernese Mountain Dog and details of how to join the Berner-L, a mailing list for all things Bernese.

  A Brilliant data base of Newfie information and details of how to join the Newf-L, a mailing list for all things Newfie.

Jean Cheesman's fabulous Berner website full of pictures, articles, interesting links and Berner goodies. - Meet Maggie's Breeder and see her US CH sister.

Histio Roll Call - pages dedicated to all those Berners who have been taken by this devastating disease.

 Meet Britney (the inspiration behind the Angel Pins) and her soulmate, our Angel-pin Lady, Karen Connors. - This site is close to my heart, and explains the horror of dog auctions and one of the ways we're addressing the problem. - a wonderful site set up by British artist Mike Sibley, to help promote the work of struggling artists.

 The Pet Loss Website. - a gentle and compassionate website for pet lovers who are grieving over the death of a pet or an ill pet. - Carol Pontin is a wonderful artist and has some beautiful portraits of both Bernese and Newfs; she does commissions - I don't think I'm alone in saving for her to paint all my dogs!  She also has an Ebay store which you can find at:

Click here if you're interested in all the different variations that our Newfies come in - Newf-List member Xavier has compiled a wonderful page of photos.  

Check out the Frappr! Map of our Newfie friends here

Buy books online?  Why not go through Boris' website and benefit the BMDCA Health Fund at the same time!



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