Without wide ranging and multiple independent studies, it is as yet impossible to prove conclusively that the US use of Depleted Uranium ammunition during the Gulf war is solely responsible for the rise in birth deformities in Iraq. Some researchers have suggested that DU is perhaps a significant part of a complex combination of factors that include hydrocarbons and sulphur dioxide from the oil fires, attacks on nuclear power stations and chemical factories in Iraq, plus a host of other toxins released as a result of the bombing campaign, including Saddam Hussein's chemical warfare facilities.

Two facts are unassailable, however. Such extreme deformities have never before been recorded in Iraq, and the greatest concentrations of such deformities are to be found in the same areas where the greatest concentrations of DU were fired. Common sense would suggest this is a major contributing factor. And people only need recall the similar rise of the incidence of birth deformities in Japan after the two atomic bomb attacks in 1945 to make a connection.

With the revelation in 2001 that DU shells were contaminated by Plutonium, I believe that the burden of proof is incumbent on the governments and the military of the US and UK to prove that there is no connection, rather than on civilians to prove that there is.

Whatever the reasons, to present it on a personal, human level, visitors to Iraq have spoken with mid-wives there. For some the birth experience is no longer cherished. They tell them: "We don't know what's going to come out."

The pictures accessible from the link below show many examples of these. The download will take a few minutes.


Be warned: they are highly disturbing.