Installation Problems

Unregistered OCX, DLL etc:   eg “Component COMDLG32.OCX or one of its dependencies not correctly registered. A file is missing or invalid”

Run-time error 339:                 eg Component TABCTL32.ocx or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid

Sometimes older controls (dll's or ocx's) may not register because you did not login as an administrator when you installed the Scorer.

Either install again as an Administrator (recommended) or manually register the control by Internet download again as an Administrator. 


To register a new version

It is likely, the component eg TABCTL32.ocx will already have been copied into the c:\windows\system32 folder (but if not, you can get a copy off the internet.)

To manually register, use:


Right click the Command Prompt shortcut and select Run As Administrator from the pop-up menu.

Now do the regsvr32 tabctl32.ocx     (It will access the file from c:\windows\system32)


System cannot find the File/Path Specified or File Access Error

a) Ensure you have NOT downloaded the Scorer to c:\program files (on Windows 7 or Vista). This folder has special privileges on Windows Vista, Windows7 and later.

b) Try “Run as Administrator”. (RightClick on Icon to set this). This may help if it’s a privileges problem.


Access Denied (after installation),  Unable to execute file in the temporary directory. Setup aborted, Error 5: Access is denied.

One solution is:

Firstly, ensure the installation file has been saved to a file on the PC.

Before, clicking psinstall, rename to psinstall.exe and then double click the download


An error occurred while trying to replace the existing file: DeleteFile failed; code 5. Access denied

This means the installer tries to replace a file that is currently in use by another program.

Close all programs that are active and click on ‘retry’.


Error 75 (Path/File Access Error) when started


The Error Message says “Error 75 (Path/File access error) in procedure CommonInitialise of Module modMain”.

This is a permissions problem.

Go into windows explorer, highlight c:\ebuscore and then rightclick on properties
You will see general tab, sharing tab, security tab ....etc
Go onto Security Tab
Set allow permissions for the appropriate group or user name.
(Usually Users one, but if running as an Adminstrator (which we do recommend) then its that one)

Alternativel, the Attribures on the Event files is ticked as Read only. The fix is similar – rightclick properties on the files and untick the Read Only attribute.


All a little scary for a nonIT literate user...but you cant really do any harm...its just access permissions.

Essentially, Administrators have access and Users do not!   This is sensible if you think about it./....the idea is to stop ordinary (unscrupulous) users
from writing to certain areas of the disc.  You can grant permission to ordinary users....and we do 'recommend' you run as an adminstrator to circumvent such problems. ...since
playing with permissions is beyond most nonIT literate users.

We have (hopefully) sorted this now and I downloaded all the EBU Score

There were actually 3 files giving permission problems   cdosys.dll,
msxml3.dll and sccrun.dll

All had read and read& execute  permission only.
I was able to manually change cdosys.dll to full access, but the other two
did not allow editing (greyed out - I suspect its because they are in live
use by the browser!)

There is a program called Unlocker which I have used before..I downloaded
that (from MajorGeeks site) and used that to rename the files.
You use it by right clicking the file and then select unlocker which has
been added to the options.
Finally I uninstalled Unlocker...since you dont want it generally available
to people.

Screen Display

Continuous new Display Screens created /  Display Screen Size Not Maintained

The problem can only happen when using your own Browser, so the obvious solution is to use the built in VB Browser (recommended) by ensuring the ‘Use PCs Default Browser’ checkbox is unticked on the Administration screen.


If you do use your own Browser, then the fix is it to launch in the same screen if it is already running.


If you use Tabbed Browsing then


In Internet Explorer 7-10:

Tools/ Internet Options > Advanced > Browsing > Enable option ‘Reuse windows for launching shortcuts (when tabbed browser is used)


In Internet Explorer 11

'Tools > Internet Options > General > Tabbed Browsing > Open Links from other programs in the same window


Otherwise (ie always one tab in same window).

Go to Tools/ Internet Options > Tabs > Settings > Enable option  ‘ Open links from Programs in the current tab’.
(You can still open separate windows, but you do it through the Internet Explorer Tab facility rather than relaunching IE again and again)

There is a similar fix for Firefox, Chrome, Netscape and other Browsers.


Extended Display - Scrolling Screen Size Too Large Display

You can configure the PC to make a second monitor attached to your PC (perhaps a large data projector) as an extension of your desktop. Create the scrolling results on your PC screen until  it looks OK here. Make sure it is not maximised and then drag it over to your big screen, then maximise it. It should then fit onto the screen. If it doesn’t the scrolling code is picking up wrong information from your big screen. It uses the screen size to decide on the font size.

Extended Display to Other Laptops in Playing Area

You can use Team Viewer (or similar) free software to share the main PC screen. (

It can be used to remotely monitor the club PC and it works fine. The other laptops will have to have internet connection (wireless).

Internet Explorer 8/9 Scrolling – Error In Text (prompt for downloading Active X Controls)

This is because Internet Explorer 8 and 9 will present a security warning restricting scripts or ActiveX controls from running natively.

To allow the active content to run without this issue:
1.) Launch Internet Explorer
2.) Go To Tools/Internet Options
3.) Go To the Advanced tab.
4.) Go To Security and Enable option: Allow active content to run in files on My Computer
5.) Apply the change.

Scorer Screens Cut Off

On some PCs,it has been reported that  the Scorer screen bottom or left side may not fit on screen. This will be a consequence of using the wrong Display Per Inch (DPI) value.

Try either:

 1 Disable DPI virtualisation. To do this, right-click PairsScorer’s shortcut, then click Properties. On the Compatibility tab, select Disable Display Scaling on High DPI Settings and then click OK.


 2 Lower the overall windows DPI setting. To this, open the Display item in Control Panel (or search for ‘dpiscaling’ from the Start screen) and then Set Custom Level Text and adjust th slider.

You may have to click to select the check box for Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays and then chang the scale to 100 percent.

Script Error


When switching from the scrolling text results, received the following.


Line 24

Chr 4

Error Invalid Argument

Code 0

URL File :/// c:/users/Wednesday%20bridge/pairsscorer/reports/ranks5.htm


Do you want to continue running scripts on this page? Etc etc


I also got an Error 2147024726 (Automation error)

The requested device is in use (in procedure small cmd Show Rank Check of Form from Bridgemate)

The last of these may be a "human error" as the machine hand "Movement Craeds Up" plus "Ranks" plus the Interenet and the Program.


Suggested work workarounds:

·         Use IE or Firefox browser

·         Don’t minimise the browser just close it (assuming they don’t have a second screen so are minimizing the browser so they can do other things), do the other thing and then click it again on the Scorer>Reports screen.

·         Use Built In Browser

Either seem to get around the problem.


Email / BridgeWebs


Email Recipients Problems

Nothing happens when you click ‘Send Email Results’ button or you get Error 43. When I press the button marked ECATs Sims I get the following error message:
Error 32003 (Unspecified Failure has occurred) in procedure EMailEcatsMAPI of Form frmResults.


1a)   This is usually because the user does not have a Mapi non-web based Email. The automatic Email assumes that the default Mail Server is set on the Users PC and that the user has a Mapi non-web based Email eg NetScape Messenger, MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express (simple MAPI), MS Exchange, Entourage, Apples Mail for OSX, Pegasus, Lotus Notes, MS Mail, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Groupwise 5.0, AOL 7.0, AOL 8.0, Eudora, Incredimail.  Email services that you reach with a browser, like Yahoo, Hotmail, etc are not MAPI compliant.

1b)   The Email addresses of the recipient(s) have not been specified. They can be set by unticking the ‘No Email Results’ checkbox in the Player Database.


Email Fail Error 32002 (unspecified Fail has occurred) etc

Causes are:

(a)  You have not set your Email Program (eg Outlook) as your default Email. You can check and correct that via START > Set Default Programs

(b) You need to either tick or untick the 'Include smtp in addresses checkbox' on the Administration screen.

(c) Unlike other Email programs, Windows Live Mail needs to be started before it will work properly with the Scorer Email.

(d) Windows Live Mail 2011 doesn’t appear to support basic MAPI!  You should revert to Windows Live Mail 2010 which should work fine.


Results not being uploaded to Bridgewebs

The issue is likely to be caused by a firewall on the PC. You need to change the access to allow the upload.


Ecats Fails with HotMail

Sending Ecats files to fails when using a Hotmail account, but works fine with a normal account.

This is because Hotmail has put carriage returns in the c.txt, so the Ecats program can't import them. If you look at the files, you will see that there are random carriage returns. Old versions of hotmail used to do that, though I thought the later ones had fixed the problem.

Ecats/Eudora Submission Problems

Submitting Ecats files from Eudora doesn’t seem to work.


This is because Eudora uses a separate folder to keep attachments (rather than within the Mail folder). When Eudora sends or receives an attachment with a name already used in the recipient's attachment directory, it renames the attachment! Eudora's recommendation is to to use a new, unique name for every attachment.Eudora users should delete the previous c,r,p and e files from the Eudora attachments folder before generating new ones.


NB Alternativel, Eudora does offer a configuration option to delete attachments when the associated mail is deleted from your system. The default setting for Eudora is to keep the attachments! Apart from that, there aren't any other ways for the user to control how Eudora handles attachments.


Using Hotmail, Gmail etc with Windows Live Mail


To send emails ( direct from PS) with a Hotmail account, there are many links which explain how to use\setup Windows Live Mail.

 I have itemised a couple of links below which you may find useful. WLM automatically inserts the equivalent of POP\SMTP - during the setup. (article by MS)

It's only since WLM was introduced that HTML (web) mail is accessible off-line. (ie. Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc)

Other mail service providers do it - but - for a fee.

Link to download WLM --


Results, Travellers, Scorecards Hyperlinks not working on Website

The problem arises with Internet Explorer and maybe other browsers if you are using the VB Inbuilt Browser in the Scoring Program.

It occurs if you display the results in web table form on the screen, select ‘Save’ and then leave the ‘Save as type’ as ‘Webpage complete (*.htm,*.html)’ when you click the ‘Save’ button.

The solution is to change the ‘Save as type’ to ‘Webpage, HTML only(*.htm,*.html)’.


Dont save the report. It has already been saved correctly by the Scoring Progam. Just copy the HTML (in Reports Folder) to where you want it for the web upload OR

On Administration screen, set Scorer to use your own Browser rather than using the built in VB Browser.


Bridgemate Problems


Error 3050 (couldn't lock file) in procedure BMSetPlayerName of Module ModBridgeMate.


This is caused by usually caused by:

Access Problems

If it occurs on Windows 8.1, then you should download the Windows 8.1 Driver separately. 


In Swiss, BMs go to End of Session rather than Waiting for Next Round Movement


This is a known issue and is caused if you do a ‘Set BCS Options’ command from the program while BCS is running. It will be fixed in a future BCS issue (post 2.1.1)


Test.html File popup

Every time we set up a session & input information a page flashes up. At the top it says ( c\user\bridge\appdata\local\bridgematecontrol\EXPORT\test.HTML ) if we close it pops up again so we have to minimise it.


You have the 'Live ranking' enabled in BCS.

Go to Session/Report session and untick the 'Live ranking' checkbox.


Launch BCS fails with file not found

This may happen on Windows 7 because it defaults to loading BCS in c:\program files(x86)\bridgemate pro whereas the Scorer defaults to c:\program files\bridgemate pro.

There are in fact two folders in Windows 7 - Program files is intended for 32 bit progs, program files (x86) is intended for 64 bit progs.

You can set the BCS(and Nat Player Database file)  location on the Bridge Unit Scorer > Bridge Admin screen


Run-time error '429': ActiveX component can't create object

a) This is most likely to happen  on a new Vista machine and is caused because the Active X files are inbuilt in Vista. A reboot of the machine may overcome this problem.

b) The most likely cause is that the correct Active X component has not been properly registered sometimes because other software has installed older or incorrect such components. The simplest remedy is to run the full installation file (as an Administrator) again.


PC seems to stop after an hour or two when using Bridgemate for results.

a) Ensure the Power settings are correct – Dont hibernate/standby, dont switch disk/screen off after a certain time etc


BM Entered Numbers decoded by BM’s but not in Scorer

Ensure you do not have ‘Disable Player Id Check’ ticked on Names Screen if you are using Player IDs.


Warning when you try to Create (BCS) Database for Table Top Unit Scoring

“Database Already Exists. Do you want to overwrite the database…”


This ‘BCS database’ is labelled according to the Event Number (check the number in the list of events) – not the date. If the event you have already run is ‘event 1’, and you have now created an ‘event 2’, then there should not be any problem.

Likely reasons for this message:

(a) You have already tried to run wireless scoring for this new event; you abandoned this and when you returned, you tried to ‘Create Database’, but there was already a database created for this event.

(b) You have created an event earlier (& got as far as creating the wireless database), then deleted it. When you created a new event on the same day, it uses the same event number as the previous test. The Scorer is therefore trying to create a database with the same name as that for the old event.

In either case, there is no problem in overwriting the existing database.

The ‘BCS database’ is only used for transferring information between the scoring program & the BCS controller (Bridgemate Server, if that’s what you are using).

Once an event is finished, this database is redundant (though I wouldn’t normally delete it immediately). Similarly, if you create a database but never start receiving scores, then there is no harm in recreating it.

However, it is possible that during an event you are required to exit and resume the event, and you may have to click on ‘create database’ again. Here you should not overwrite (though you shouldn’t be able to do so if your Bridgemate Control Software is accessing it) – just say ‘No I don’t want to overwrite’ & you should be able to access the existing database.

BMII Names Display not working in Individuals/Swiss Teams

Individuals are not fully supported as of yet in Bridgemate II. Names will not come through correctly at the moment.

There are also issues with Swiss Teams UK Style because they are multi section.


Scoring for Different Clubs on one PC

There are two possibilities for supporting different Clubs on one PC.


1) Set a top level folder for each club eg c:\Maidstone and c:\Kent and install separate copies of the Scorer to each folder. You can then switch between folders to invoke the appropriate Club Scorer. It is sensible to set up a desktop icon to run the appropiate copy the Club Scorer every time.


2) Set up a different User Account (as Admin to forestall access problems) for each club.

To create a User account, use Control Panel > UserAccounts in XP, Vista, Windows 7

You can give each account as 'admin' or 'user'. It is simplest to make the accounts with 'admin' privileges to forestall any download/access problems. 

Create a separate User Account (eg Tonbridge BC, Maidstone BC etc) for each Club. This ensures separate Club defaults, player database etc for each Club. (The player database address is held in the registry and there is a separate registry for each user). Only one copy of the Scorer need be downloaded. Then you just switch between users! When you logon, you will see the choice of Users and just select as appropriate. Switching between users only takes a few seconds (it's mainly setting up the new desktop look).



It is sensible to do a backup of Event Data using the Administration>Backup Scorer Data button from time to time.

The Event Data consist of

Events File (All Scorers)

Boards File (TeamsScorer, SwissPairsScore & SwissTeamsScorer)

Contracts File (TeamsScorer, SwissPairsScore & SwissTeamsScorer )

Names File (SwissPairsScorer and SwissTeamsScorer)

The Event Data and Player Database will be stored in a dated folder in the Backup folder.


Restoring Backups

You can restore previous Backup Event Data at any time by using the Administration > Change Data facility.

The Event Data Files will be located in the Backup Folder. To point to a file or folder:

-  Administration Button

-  Change File Button

-  Browse to the drive and file(s).  (Select folder titled 'Computer' in left Browse area, navigate to actual drive name F:)

-  Open Button

The filename will appear in the text box (eg C:\PairsScorer\PSEvents.dat). 


In a similar way, you can revert to an earlier Player Database using the Player Database>Change Database button.


Switching Between Events

Use the Change Event File (All Scorers), Change Boards File and Change Contracts File  (TeamsScorer,SwissPairsScorer & SwissTeamsScorer), Change Names File (SwissTeamsScorer only) buttons to switch Event Data. This is for recovering backups, switching between scoring different competitions and for diagnostic reports. The Events may be on the same PC or even copied to/from a memory stick to another PC. Plugging in a memory stick just creates another drive (E: or F: etc) for location of file(s)


Transfer Players List to new  PC

You can either use a memory stick or send it by email (as an attachment) to yourself on the new PC

The Players file location is shown on the Player Database screen (usually called PSMembers.dat)


The Scorer on the new PC may pick it up automatically if you stored it at the default location (eg c:\pairsscorer\psmembers.dat).

If it doesnt, you can always go to the Player Database screen and point at it.


Editing Movements Manually

The Movements are held in Files:


PSMovements.tx           Standard

PSUserMovements.txt  User


A recommended set of standard club Movements is distributed in PSClubMovements.txt

You can copy this int the User File if you want to use the recommended movements.



TSMovements.tx           Standard

TSUserMovements.txt  User




ISMovements.tx           Standard

ISUserMovements.txt  User


Internally, within each program there is a Movement Type of:


0 –-Howell - pairs may play in any direction against any pair.

1 - Mitchell - pairs stay in the same direction throughout so a starting NS pair may only play a starting EW pair and vice versa (two winner)

2 - Switched Mitchell- pairs can change direction throughout but a starting NS pair may only play a starting EW and vice versa



5 - Am Whist

6 - Score Break

7 - Stagger though it has no practical use (always 5)



3 - 1-winner

4 - 4-winner




The Movementype in Pairs has implications in terms of:


Listing Names as either NS numbers or EW numbers or plain numbers,

In checking that a new entered movement is valid according to the Movement criteria above

In whether its a one or two winner movement

In determining the output display



The Switched Mitchell is a very specific subset of the Howell Movement (i.e. its a one winner and only certain pairs can meet depending on the start positions)

so you can use the 0 even though the actual movement happens to be this specific subset. Technically, if its a switched mitchell it should be 2 but

the only impact would be if you printed the names list where for a Howell it would be plain numbers, for a Switched Mitchell it would be NS then EW names.

Because they are both one winner movements there is no other impact.


You can turn a Mitchell into a Switched Mitchell of course, but otherwise the one winner option is not offered as for a nonMitchell, it is always one winner.


So in brief, you can preset your Mitchells to 2 if they have a prearranged arrowswitch which is sensible if the club has small numbers of tables and always wants single winner.



Movements are in comma separated files.



Movement, Tables, Boards, Boards per Round, Rounds, Missing Pair



Movement, Tables, Boards, Boards per Round, Rounds



Movement, Tables, Boards, Board per Round, Rounds, Players




The Players in Individual (in conjunction with Tables) indicate the Missing Players (always assumed to be highest numbered)



The rest of the Movement is laid out as a Table Card: (As Manning but he uses A,B,C rather than 1,2,3 etc as the sets )


Table 1:   NS, EW, Set, NS, EW, Set, ....


Table n:  NS, EW, Set, NS, EW, Set,....


You can thus generate movement files easily from Spreadsheets

As an example, this is from the Individual Movements.

[ F145]

 First line

 3=Type (Individual), 3 Tables, 22 Boards, 2 Boards per Round,  11 Rounds, 12 Players

 There follows a series of N, S, E, W,Set for each Table

At Table 1, In Round 1, 1(N) & 2(S) play 3(E) and 4(W) on Boards 1-2,

At Table 2, In Round 2, 1(N) & 3(S) play 5(E) and 11(W) on Boards 3-4 etc etc 

Experienced users can enter Movements in Excel in the above format (cell equates to a comma) and Save as csv files.


Printer Errors

Error 482: General printing error.

Scorers work seamlessly with the vast majority of printers on the market. Many reported printing problems have typically been associated with incompatible printer drivers. Note that the programs simply print to the Windows printer device and we have no specific knowledge or control of your printer. 

Under many circumstances, printing to a Postscript driver will improve compatibility. This is the single-best workaround. Check with your printer manufacturer for a Postscript driver. Sometimes simplifying or changing the printer settings such as reducing resolution to no more than 600 dpi can help. Network printers normally work properly but the network adds complexity to the system and can introduce a problem. One user reported a resolution to his printing problems when the printer was connected to a TCP/IP port that directly addressed the printer rather than printing through the server that the printer was connected to.

Another workaround is to print a PDF file with the Adobe Acrobat PDF printer or any of the freeware third-party PDF-compatible printer devices (DOPDF is recommended). No matter the source of the PDF printer, create the PDF file and then use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader utility to print the file.


Error 484: Problem geting Printer Information from the system (Make sure the printer is set up correctly)

This is most like to happen when printing Movement cards. A utility called SpeedyPCPro will clear the problem.


Asterisks on Travellers


Asterisk indicates that the board has been played in the same denomination both ways eg North plays 2H+1 and E plays 1H.

Its a common form of input error to put in the wrong declarer so in large tournaments, it helps the Scorer identify this type of error.


Excel Prompt "The file you are trying to open, , is in a different format than specified by the file extension"?

1. Launch Windows Registry Editor (Windows Start button -> Run... -> type: regedit)

2. Navigate to the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\[OfficeVersionNumber]\Excel\Security" key, where [OfficeVersionNumber] has to be matched with the version number of your installed MS Office.

Office 2003 -> 11.0
Office 2007 -> 12.0
Office 2010 -> 14.0
Office 2013 -> 15.0

3. Insert a new DWORD value:
- Value name: ExtensionHardening
- Value type: REG_DWORD
- Value data: 0

4. Navigate to the "HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Office\[OfficeVersionNumber]\Excel\Security" key, where [OfficeVersionNumber] has to be matched with the version number of your installed MS Office.

5. Insert a new DWORD value:
- Value name: ExtensionHardening
- Value type: REG_DWORD
- Value data: 0


Alternatively, just say yes.

Its a Microsoft Security Issue explained on

You can clear it by either method, but it its hardly worthwhile - if you just reply Y each time, all should be fine.


User Questions

Qn) Teams Scorer: When we use JS M132 NBL 4 Teams Circulation Movement everything is fine on the computer and the correct results with the correct names are produced. However on the Bridgemates the names of the players are wrong and as you can imagine there is considerable confusion especially on the third round where one team plays itself. This leads to contestants doubting the results. The program is set for the entry of teams before the E/W Pairs move.

Ans) You need to set entry of teams after E/W pairs have moved. The problem is caused by the Bridgemate Program implementation. When you specify entry before EW move, the program uses a value to determine the initial move. However with this movement, there isnt a ‘regular’ start move from the home table i.e. Team 2 go down 1 table but Teams 3 & 4 go down 2 Tables. Its always advisable to do the entry in the Round 1 positions (after move) for any teams movement – it stops teams fiddling with the BMs too early (and maybe you shouldnt distribute the BMs until the bridge has started?).



Qn) I just attempted to install the JSS software (PS and TS) on the club laptop, but got the following error (for both products):




Unable to register the DLL/OCX: RegSvr32 failed with exit code 0x5.


[Click Retry / Ignore / Abort...]


It installs fine on my home laptop, running Windows/7.  And the previous version still installs OK, which is good news.  The club laptop is on Windows/XP, is that anything to do with it?


Ans)  Ref:

If cdoex.dll exists on the PC, then try


Unregister cdoex.dll with this command:   regsvr32 /u "c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\cdo\cdoex.dll"

Register cdosys.dll with this command:    regsvr32 "c:\windows\system32\cdosys.dll"

Re-register cdoex.dll with this command:  regsvr32 "c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\cdo\cdoex.dll"


CDO DLL's are used by applications to communicate with databases, such as for reporting and quarantine. Both cdosys.dll and cdoex.dll contain commands to access them, but are slightly different. Programs will fail when trying to issue certain commands using the DLL's if the wrong one is referenced in the registry. cdoex.dll will sometimes get registered in locations in the registry where cdosys.dll should be. At this time it is not known why, but it is suspected to be either because of another program that uses CDO communication (with databases) or a Windows update re-registers the entries improperly.


Qn) I’ve just noticed again that, whereas selecting an empty folder will cause the Swiss & Teams scorers to create the necessary dat files, PairsScorer doesn’t.

Ans) In Swiss and Teams you are selecting a Folder. When the Folder doesnt contain the files, the Scorer offers to create them for you. In Pairs you are selecting a File. All you need to do is to type in a non existent file name in the browse box...and the Scorer will create an empty file with that name.(I could change Pairs to select a folder...but I would have thought that less useful?)

Qn) Do the Scorers work on a MAC?

Ans) As you know, Pairs Scorer does not work on a Mac as such.  However, there are many (emulator type) workarounds...used by many customers:

 More modern Macs support Crossover which allows Windows software to be run  on a Mac.
You can instal Windows 8.1 as a virtual machine under the Parallels Desktop emulation environment - see
You can also use Win XP, Win 8 under Parallels on a Mac under OS X 10.7.5.
Alternatively, you can load WINE (Windows Emulator) for free.