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The English Bridge Union has taken over the maintenance and support of these scoring programs from October 1st 2015 onwards. The new EBUScore programs will be available free to EBU affiliated clubs and at a small charge to non-EBU unaffiliated clubs. Use the link to www.ebu.co.uk/ebuscore


Note the above Download link above will no longer work - Current users can continue to get support and the latest version for JSS Score by Emailing jasmith@nildram.co.uk


May I thank all the many users for their feedback, help and suggestions over the last 15 years.


Jeffrey Smith




These bridge scoring programs are currently used by the English, Scottish and Welsh Bridge Unions as the scoring software for most of their main tournaments. The Scorers are entirely free of charge for Individual, Club or County use, but you may wish to contribute to its maintenance costs via the Donation page.



Individual Scorer. User-defined or Preset Movement (One or Four Winner)

Matchpoint (including US style), CrossImps, (Butler) IMPs, Aggregate or Individual scoring


Pairs Scorer. Howell, Mitchell, Scrambled Mitchell, Individual or a user-defined Preset Movement

Neuberg or Simple Matchpoints (including US style), CrossImps, (Butler) IMPs + Capping, Aggregate.


Teams Scorer. American Whist (optionally with scorebreak), Stagger Movements or a user-defined Preset Movement

Team-of-4 Imp, VP, Point-a-Board, Pachabo & Cross Variants. Team-of-8 Agg, Net Imps. Pairs Butler scoring


Swiss Pairs Scorer. Current round or Round-in-Arrears assignments, Matchpointing/Assign Within Sections or Over all Sections. Swiss Pairs, Butler VPs or Butler imps scoring, Assign Within Sections or Over all Sections


Swiss Teams Scorer. Current Round assignments, Swiss Teams scoring. English or US style board layout, English or Australian Seating style


Utility program through which MSDOS scoring programs can interface with the Bridgemate Pro Control Program using the shared Database. It is currently available in an English and German version


Utility program to emulate Bridgemate scoring by inputting random bridge scores into the database shared by the Scorer and BMPro at the users request. This is used for testing


League/Cup/Plate Result Manager. This has been used by Manchester CBA for several years.


The Scorers are reliable, easy-to-use Windows scoring programs for regular Club or County use. They are simple to install and run on any IBM compatible machine. They are designed for robustness, flexibility and ease of use yet fully cater for all the usual requirements of a Bridge Scoring program in a Club or County pairs in a single, multisection or multisession event. Users have found the programs extremely friendly to use, fast while totally reliable with all input being immediately secured. Further facilities may be added on request.


The key features are:

   Table Top Units Bridgemates Pro, Bridgemates II, BridgePads, BridgeScorer, BridgeTabs, BridgePhone fully supported

   Run under Windows 95,98,ME,NT,2000,XP,Vista, 7, 8, 10 etc It can also be run on a Mac using a Windows Emulator (I suggest the free WINE download)

   Highly efficient easy to use robust Windows based programs

   Simple intuitive user interface mostly mouse-driven (with extensive documentation)

   Single, Multisection, Multisession events

   Player Database with up to 35000 players (& import files of Player names)

   Name Entry flexibility - Shortname, Club Player ID, EBU number, Text or Player Database

   Movement generator with all common movements already provided

   Score Entry flexibility - by numbers or Declarer/Contract/Result, Weighted & Split Scores, Fouled Boards wrt EBU White Book regulations

   Import events from PC to PC (for non networked Multisection or Multisession events in separate rooms)

   Output format flexibility Text, Excel, CSV, HTML (for upload to club website), XML, Scrolling Display or direct to Printer.

   EBU Pay To Play fully supported

   Ecats fully supported

   BridgeWebs fully supported

   Pianola fully supported

   EBU Stratification, Masterpoints & Direct Credit upload to EBU masterpoints site.

   Adjustments, Carry Forwards, Categories, Sitters/Leavers fully handled

   Handicap system in Pairs Scorer





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