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I am listing on this small page a few acronyms (with brief descriptions) which have at times puzzled either me or other subscribers to some of the genealogical mailing lists (or both). Suggestions for additions, corrections and clarifications welcomed by email.

BMSGH Birmingham & Midland Society for Genealogy & Heraldry (family history society covering the English counties of Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire).

CRO County Record Office (Each British county has a CRO housing the main records of interest to genealogists and local historians relating to their own county and often also neighbouring areas).

FHC Family History Centre (run by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - Mormons).

FHLC Family History Library Catalogue - index to holdings of the Family History Library at Salt Lake City.

GEDCOM Genealogical Data Communications (a standard file structure for exchange of data between genealogy programs produced by different companies).

GRD Genealogical Research Directory

GRO Certificates Birth, marriage and death certificates.

IGI International Genealogical Index (index of baptisms and marriages compiled from parish registers and other sources by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons). It is incomplete and contains errors but is nevertheless an invaluable source of leads to follow up. Available on microfiche at LDS centres and (in Britain) at most public libraries).

Kew PRO in London.

LDS Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) (they maintain an enormous library of family history material, including the IGI, and run Family History Centres in many towns in several countries).

PCC records Prerogative Court of Canterbury wills and letters of administration. (Wills, and their equivalent when no will was made, for testators who owned property in more than one diocese before 1858 - held at the Family Records Centre in Myddleton Street, London).

PCY records Prerogative Court of York wills and letters of administration (As for PCC records - cases might be dealt with by either Canterbury or York).

PRO Public Record Office (London-located national archive of census records, official records since 1837 of births, marriages and deaths and much more - part located at Kew and part at the Family Records Centre in Myddleton Street, London).

SC(H)I St. Catherine's House Index (now moved to the Family Records Centre in Myddleton Street, London).

SoG Society of Genealogists (London based organisation with considerable archives and research facilities).

S&DFHS Somerset & Dorset Family History Society.

WFHS Wiltshire Family History Society.

W.O War Office, London.

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