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Please ensure that you use a subject in the email header that makes it clear the message is not spam. A message with no subject, or simply saying something like "Hello" or even "This is important" will be deleted unread. If your message relates to family history in a particular place or about a particular surname, be sure to name the place or person in the header, but put the words "Family history" first - spammers often send messages with just a name in the subject line.

Spam filters and blockers
Please note that if you or your ISP uses a spam filter or blocker, it is up to you to ensure that they will not block my reply. Requests to confirm that my message is genuine by replying to an auto-message from a spam filter, or to visit a web page for the purpose, have been and will continue to be ignored because I have better things to do with my time. I repeat - if you want my reply, it is up to you to ensure your system will accept it.

Please note that despite all precautions, on occasions email does not arrive, either because it is simply lost before arriving at my inbox, or because it is inadvertantly deleted as spam. With this in mind, if you do not receive a reply within about two weeks, please feel free to write again. I promise I will not be offended. I will then let you know the position, even if it is simply that I have been too busy to respond fully (which does sometimes delay my response).

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