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As far as I know these are real standing laws from around the world. Please don't take them too seriously - this is not a law manual! This is not in any way an attack on the countries featured. Most countries have their share of stupid laws, and I will add some of them to this site in the future as I become aware of them and have time to update this page. You will notice USA has been omitted from this page. That is because I have a separate large page of them. Hope you enjoy these and remember, Law Enforcement is no joke!


  1. It is illegal for a male doctor to examine a woman's genitals by looking directly, but he may examine them by way of a mirror.


  1. The town of Ajax, Ontario, has enacted the following:
    "No person shall urinate, defecate or vomit on a Highway or in a Public Place."
    It is aimed at drunks and sounds reasonable until you realise it makes no provision for those with disabilities making them liable occasionally to do any of those things involuntarily and without warning.


  1. Anyone found guilty of masturbation may be beheaded.


  1. A new law (reported in The Guardian newspaper April 2005) in Turin imposes a fine of 500 Euros for dog owners who fail to walk their dogs at least three times a day.

UK (some of these do not apply in Scotland or others in Wales):

  1. It is lawful to kill a Scotsman in York if he is carrying a bow and arrow.
  2. It is illegal for taxi drivers to carry rabid dogs or corpses.
  3. A taxi driver must ask passengers if they are suffering from plague or smallpox.
  4. A member of the House of Commons is not allowed to resign his seat. However, if one wants to leave the post, he applies for (and is automatically granted) the Stewardship of the Aylesbury Hundred, which is a job with no duties or pay but which makes him ineligible for membership of Parliament.
  5. Anyone entering the Houses of Parliament while wearing a suit of armour is liable to be arrested.
  6. It is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament (I'm not sure what punishment is inflicted on offenders).
  7. Any whale washed up on the shore is the property of the Queen, so she can use its bones for her corset.
  8. In Hereford you can shoot a Welsh person on a Sunday, with a longbow, in the Cathedral Close.
  9. You can shoot a Welsh person with a bow and arrow in Chester, inside the city walls and after midnight.
  10. It is legal for a male to urinate in public, as long it is on the rear wheel of his motor vehicle and his right hand is on the vehicle.
  11. Women are permitted to go topless in Liverpool provided they work as a clerk in a shop selling tropical fish.
  12. A bed may not be hung out of a window.
  13. It is illegal for a lady to eat chocolates on a public conveyance.
  14. It is illegal to be drunk on licenced premises.
  15. Any person found breaking a boiled egg at the sharp end may be sentenced to 24 hours in the stocks.
  16. Any boy under the age of 10 may not see a naked mannequin.
  17. It is illegal to eat mince pies on 25th December.
  18. In London it is illegal to hail a taxi while suffering from bubonic plague.
  19. Sticking a postage stamp (showing the head of the queen, which they all do) on an envelope upside down is considered treason.
  20. It is illegal to go within 100 yards of the queen when not wearing hose, socks or stockings.
  21. It is illegal for any commoner's pet to have carnal knowledge of an animal belonging to the monarch.
  22. A pregnant woman may relieve herself anywhere she likes, including (if she requests) in a policeman's helmet.
  23. A hackney carriage (i.e. taxi) driver must (still) carry a bale of hay and a bucket to feed and water his horse [Thanks to Paula Wilde for reminding me of this one]
  24. It is illegal for a London taxi driver to take more than one day off work in any week unless he gives 10 days notice (presumably to the licensing authority).
  25. It is also illegal for a London taxi driver to pick up a passenger who flags him down, although he is permitted to display an illuminated sign saying he is available.
  26. Also in London you may not carry a plank, pole, ladder, wheel, hoop or tub along the footpath, although you can carry it across the path to load it into a vehicle.
  27. Children in London are forbidden to play any game, fly a kite or slide on ice or snow in the street.
  28. Under a 1906 act of Parliament it is illegal to go to a fancy dress party dressed as a soldier or sailor.
  29. In London it is an offence against the law to beat a carpet in the street, or to beat a doormat in the atreet after 8:00a.m.


  1. It is illegal to walk around in your own house naked.

Other laws and countries will be added as they become available to me.

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