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Surname Interests in Lower Gornal, Staffordshire

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I would be happy to include here details of anyone else who may be researching either their family history in, or the local history of, Lower Gornal. This can include web site links, email addresses, details of names of interest in the village, and any resources in which you may be willing to do lookups for others (but no commercial advertising). If you would like a mention, please get in touch, but please be sure to mention "Lower Gornal surnames" in the subject line of your message.

Originally I listed only bare details of surnames, but have now expanded this to fuller entries. Many of the people who were among the original entries have not yet responded to my invitation to expand them. These entries therefore contain only limited information at present; I have marked them with *** at the beginning of each such entry.

To contact an enquirer, simply click on his/her highlighted name at the beginning of his/her entry.

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This is an index of places which are themselves the subject of queries:


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Family and local history interests in Lower Gornal

My own interests are in the ancestors and other relatives of Sarah Jane BALL (born Lake Street, 1872). Her parents were John Ball (born Lower Gornal, 1838, married Lower Gornal 1858) and Sarah Jane BATE (born Sedgley parish 1842, but no certificate found).

John Ball's parents were John Ball (born between 1796 and 1801) and his second wife Hannah JUKES (baptised 1800). This was also Hannah's second marriage, and took place at some time in 1836.

The older John Ball's parents were William Ball and Mary WATTERS, who I believe married in 1796.

Hannah Jukes's parents were Isaac Jukes and Mary TINSLEY, who married in Kingswinford in 1794.

Sarah Jane Bate's parents were Thomas Bate (born Staffordshire between 1811 and 1816) and Mary GLAZZARD (born in Lower Gornal in 1820 or 1821). They married in Wolverhampton in 1837.

Mary Glazzard's parents were Thomas Glazzard (buried in Lower Gornal in 1826) and Mary BAKER, who married in Wolverhampton in 1814. Mary Baker was born in Lower Gornal between June 1793 and March 1794. After her husband's death she appears to have had an illegitimate son by Stephen JEAVONS, and later married Thomas HOBSON.

A little more detail about some of these surnames can be found on my BALL, BATE, and GLAZZARD web pages.

Please get in touch if you recognise any of the above.


*** Rob Hickman wrote:

I am trying to trace the name Hickman and Parkes in The Lower Gornal and Penznet area.


*** Steve Nicholls wrote:

I am researching the surname Wilkes particularly in the Sedgley area C18-C19.

Also seeking any information on Selman & Mary Wilkes of Lower Gornal who married about 1792.


Colin Swales kindly provided the following information:

I was researching an ancestor of mine and found the following information about a passenger aboard the same boat ("Oceanic") entering the US from Liverpool on April 21, 1906 at Ellis Island, NY.

The passenger's name was Thomas Wilkes aged 60 from Lower Gornal.

I thought that he and my ancestor might have been traveling together as they were about the same age and next to each other on the ship's manifest, but probably not as my one was from Bedfordshire. However, someone locally might be interested in the info.


*** Warren Baines wrote:

I am researching the names BANES/BAINES,ELWELL,TOMLINSON & WINWOOD from the area around Lower Gornal,particularly Ruiton St,Holloway Square & Hermit Row. Banes'/Baines' were Nail Makers & Lime Stone Miners during the 18th c but moved into Bricklaying after marrying into the Tomlinson's. Have a line back to 1767 but as they were Catholics, research further back than the start of Sedgley catholic registers in 1795 is difficult. Banes' have been in the area though since at least 1591 and it is almost certain that we are descended from Willia Banes (b c1590/1600) & Elizabeth Nicholas who married at Nether Gornal on Oct 18th 1620. Willia was also a Nailor even at this early date,but as with his decedents later became a Locksmith. A brief period of wealth was enjoyed before papist persecution forced them back into Nail Making. My more in depth research into the history of Lower Gornal and the surrounding area has only just started so I won't be much use to any one else at the moment.


*** Yorkie wrote:

My name interests are as follows:-

ELWELL - Hermit Row, Jews Lane and Coseley also.
SIMNER - Sedgley
MOSES & DAVID JONES in Cinderhill, Sedgley
EDWARDS - Sedgley.
GIBBONS and ROOKER - Coseley and Sedgley.
CLARKE - Woodsetton

Please take a look at my web site.


*** Tim Caddick wrote:

I am investigating the CADDICK and MOUNTFORD family names in the Lower Gornal area.

He also listed his web sites as: and


Mary Murray (née Hodgson) writes:

My Mother's family originate from Lower Gornal. Mother's name was Rachel Hodgson née Evans and she lived at the shop next to St. James's Church when she was a girl. It is now a bike shop but when my grandmother kept it - it was a grocer's store. My Grandmother was Minnie Evans and she died in 1948 so we are talking of a lot of years ago. We moved from the shop in 1947 to St. Jame's Road Dudley.

However, when at Gornal all the family lived at 1, Temple Street ie. Grandmother - Minnie - Mother Rachel and Father George Hodgson. My brothers are George and David - now aged 66 and 63. I am the youngest - Mary Elizabeth and I am 56 years old.

My Grandmother was a Round before she was married and her family kept the bakery in Lower Gornal - it was later kept by my Uncle - Billy Griffiths.

I was just wondering if anyone remembers any of my family at all. Incidentally we all moved to Dudley Wood were Mom kept a grocer's shop there until she died in 1959 aged 49 years. This is just a very quick history.


Catherine Atkin writes:

My TURNER family lived on Summer Lane, Lower Gornal from at least 1851 to 1890. Thomas TURNER born 14 Nov 1819 was son of John TURNER born about 1782 and his wife Maria born about 1792. Thomas married Rachel FELLOWS on 10 Feb 1845. Rachel was c.18 Jul 1824, the daughter of Joshua FELLOWS & Eleanor HODGETTS. Reuben TURNER born 29 Oct 1863, youngest son of Thomas & Rachel, was my great grandfather. He got married in Sheffield on 10 March 1885.


Pat Didlick writes:

My research concerns my husband's mother and her family. She was Elizabeth Jones born 1903 at 40 Brook Street, to Enoch and Martha Jones, née Davies. After years in the wilderness, I discovered that they were married on 3rd November 1889 at the Wesleyan Chapel, King Street, witnesses Emmanuel and Jane Jones (they were possibly the couple I found in New Street in the 1881 census.)

Enoch was born 1866 to Benjamin and Elizabeth Jones and living at 15 Prospect Road in 1881. Martha born 1869 to Matthew and Mary Ann Davies née 0akley. In 1881 Mary Ann was remarried to Mathias Grainger and living at 2 Prospect Road. There were several Jones/Davies/0akley families in Gornal in 1881 but as yet have not found a link.

If anyone is researching any of these families or the name Didlick, I should be pleased to hear from them.


*** John Roberts was interested in the names BILL, CADDICK and TURLEY - also in Coseley and Sedgley


*** Dr. Mike Sheldon was interested in all Sheldons in the West Midlands area


Val writes:

I am researching my family tree on my father's side and have discovered that his grandfather (on his mother's side) was a butcher named James Perry and was born in Gornal in 1849 / 50. I would be grateful for any information on James or his parents.


Janice Lane would like to know if anyone knows of Louisa JUKES living in the Lower Gornal area around 1909 and if any descendants would remember her having a friend named Martha Ellen STEVENS (née ALLEN) who most likely went by Ellen. She would like to find anything on Martha Ellen.


Jan Coleman is interested in the surnames Elwell, Eades, Harper and Bunn, mainly in Sedgley, but anywhere/anytime.


Penny Fountain is seeking information about Titus PRIEST. She writes:

In the 1861 census Titus is 7 years old (ie born aprox. 1853/4), at 135 New Street, Dudley. In 1871 Titus got married:- December 5th 1871, Lower Gornal, Sedgley, (Dudley Reg.Dist.), Staffs. Titus PRIEST, aged 18, Bachelor, Miner, Res. Sedgley, Father, James PRIEST, Miner. Eliza GREEN, 18, Spinster, Res. Lower Gornal, Father George GREEN (deceased), Puddler. Witnesses:- Hamlet BROOM & Elizabeth BROOM.

In the 1881 he is at 49 Dudley Road, Kingswinford, with a place of birth given as Brierley Hill. He is now 28, a coal miner, married to Eliza, 28, née Green, and in the household of his mother-in-law, Celia Green, a widow, 50, b. Brierley Hill. The rest of the household is listed as:- Celia Priest, Grand-daughter, 8, b. Brierley Hill SarahAnn Priest, Grand-daughter, 6, b. Brierley Hill Flora Priest, Grand-daughter, 1, b. Brierley Hill.

In the 1891, at Wallows Common, Brockmoor, Kingswinford (parliamentary Borough of Dudley) The Green/Priest household reads thus:- Celia GREEN, H., Wid., 63, b. Worcestershire, Netherton. Celia PRIEST, Niece, U., 19, Wiperout at Glassworks, b. Staffordshire, Round Oak. Sarah Ann PRIEST, Niece, U., 17, Works in Brickyard, b. Staffordshire, Round Oak. Florence PRIEST, Niece, 10, b. Staffordshire, Round Oak. Annie E., Priest, Niece, 6, b. Staffordshire, Round Oak. Eleanor REEVES, Boarder, Wid., 38, Charwoman, b. Staffordshire, Round Oak. Susannah REEVES, Boarder, U., 15, Charwoman, b. Staffordshire, Round Oak.

Both Titus and Eliza have disappeared, and the grandchildren have turned into Nieces! (Not to mention the vagaries of the transcribers re places of birth.)

In 1893 Celia PRIEST had a baby in the workhouse:-
Reg. Dist. Stourbridge, Sub-dist. Kingswinford, Staffs. Nineteenth November 1893, Workhouse, Wordsley RSD:-
Eliza, girl, mother Celia PRIEST, a brickyard worker (Brockmoor), no father's name, registered 6th December 1893 (informant was the Union Workhouse Master.)

In the 1901 census (yes I know this goes on a bit - sorry!) 42 Cressett Lane, Brockmoor, Kingswinford, Dudley. Celia GREEN, H., Wid. 73, b. Worcestershire, Netherton. Celia PRIEST, Grand-daughter, U., 28, Presser at Brickworks, b. Brierley Hill, Staffs. Eliza PRIEST, Great-Grand-daughter, 7, b. Brierley Hill, Staffs.

In 1917 Eliza PRIEST got married. Her father's name is given:- Tite PRIEST, (deceased), Collier. Family lore had it that Titus was killed in a colliery accident: he got knocked down/run over by a loaded truck. I know he worked at Cannock but I do not know when or where he was actually killed. The only incidence I have found of a similar nature happened to a Titus Davies, in Carmarthenshire (now Dyfed) in aprox.1904. Also in 'family lore' is the tale that Titus ran off with someone, his wife found them and for a while they all 3 lived together, but it didn't work out and the 'other woman' left again. D'you see where I am going? Celia PRIEST died sometime between 1901 and 1917, in Winsom Green Asylum, following a fit.


Patricia Wright writes:

My Haughtons, Wrights and Abbiss's were in Lower Gornal in the 15/1600s and I think one of them married a Pershouse also from there. By the 1700s quite a few of them were in Wednesbury and Dudley, and the last three generations in Aldridge at Berry Farm.

The parents of the Haughtons were Gilbert, baptised Dudley 1667 and Deborah Wright B,C,1670, married Sedgley 1692.

I was born in Wolverhampton 74 yrs ago and started school when we lived almost on Sedgley Beacon, but do not have a lot of memories about it.


Paul Colmer writes:

I am attempting to locate any info on my G/G/M, who was a Esther Smith, Christened abt. 10 Mar 1839 in Lower Gornal. She was to have been the d/o a William Smith, a shoemaker and his wife, Jane, unk last name. The info RE: Lower Gornal came from the LDS IGIs. Esther Smith married my G/G/F, William Briscoe Colmer. They had a William B. Colmer, Jane Colmer, who married a Thomas Perks and then they had my G/F, Isaac Colmer. Esther and my G/G/F show up in the 1871 census for Wall Heath. My G/F came to the USA, married my G/M, then after the birth of my father, my G/F reportedly was “lost at sea”. Jane Colmer, who married Thomas Perks, both came to USA and ended up living in the state of Ohio. I am more than willing to share any info I have.


Thelma writes:

I have a great deal of ancestry in Sedgley which I would be glad to share, and which may be of help to others.

My interests include the following names in the area above and towns close by:


You will deduce from the above, that some of these names occur in the 16th c. & so not a lot is known of them.

If you would like any details, please e-mail me, but I would not want this to be used commercially in any way, it would simple be a means of helping others.


Christine Ellis would like any further information about the TAMLYN family. She writes:

My husband's 3xGreat Grandfather, Anthony Tamlyn was a Surgeon in Sedgley for about fifty years in the first half of the 1800's and for some reason one of his children was baptised in Gornall in 1824.


Jan Woolley writes:

My great grandparents, Jabez Fellows and Ann Monk were married 27th September 1868 at Sedgley Parish of Lower Gornal. Jabez was 21 and Ann was 22 (according to the marriage cert). Jabez was living at Kates Hill, Dudley, but Ann's address was not on the cert. Witnesses at the wedding were David and Ann Bache. If these people sound familiar to anyone, please get in touch.


Geoff Miller writes:

I am researching the family of Isaac Collins and his family. Various addresses are given on the certificates of BDM I have collected. They had a child James Price Collins born 22/11/1891, Father Isaac Collins Coal Dealer, Mother Agnes Collins . Address given as 11 Hopyard Lane Gornal Wood. In 1894 a son John Collins was born and the address was given as 57 New Street Gornal Wood. Agnes Collins died at 37 New Street, Lower Gornal Wood. Agnes Collins' maiden name was Price. After her death, Isaac married her sister Tamar Ellen Price in 1907. Their address was given as 33 Market Street Kingswinford. Any one with any links to this family, or even maps of the area would be very useful.


Jenny Benson writes:

I am interested in the surname MORRALL in the area. My ancestors were married at the Independent or Congregational chapel in Upper Gornal in 1808 - Matthew Morrall and Mary Heeds/Eades and their son Joseph was baptised there in 1818.


Joanne Warby writes:

I am researching my husbands WARBY family from the Midlands. I have learnt that they came from Tottenham, London to the Midlands. I would be ever so grateful for any information that anyone can help me with. My research into Tony's family is in the early stages so any information could prove very helpful.


Sandra Dawson writes:

My great grandfather was Thomas WALDRON b Dudley 1859..his father John WALDRON b Gornal, abt 1839 living as a child in Dudley 1851, and found in the 1881 census as a "tea agent" in Claylane, Derby. ..Thomas' grandfather/John's father - John WALDRON b Sedgley abt 1819.


Phil Hammond writes:

My paternal line is actually HAMMONDS beyond my father and his siblings, presumably because of some spelling error by his father John HAMMONDS. Other family lines from Sedgley, U. and L. Gornal, Gornal Wood, Cinderhill, Dudley, Gospelend, Straits, Coppice, Canlane, Ettingshall, Cotwallend, and Littleworth, are:

James SCREEN (b. circa 1822) = Mary MEREDITH (b. circa 1828)
John HAMMONDS (b.circa 1856) (born in "America", supposedly Quebec (sic) barracks, son of William (a soldier).
Edward MARSH (b. circa 1827) = Honor (b. circa 1826) and their son John MARSH (b. 1855) = Elizabeth BRAIN daughter of Edward BRAIN = Ann CALDWELL.
Richard WRIGHT by marriage to Hannah MARSH daughter of John MARSH and Elizabeth (BRAIN), traced back to Daniel WRIGHT = Emma SMITH.

MARSH, BRAIN, WRIGHT also linked with Normanton, Yorkshire and Pennsylvania coalfields, especially Houtzdale, Clearfield County, Pa.

I am happy to swap information, and also have some images of the places mentioned.


Stuart Grady writes:
I am trying to find the birth of a William Flavell born c1839 in the census' I have looked at he gives his place of birth as Gornal he moved about a lot moving and marrying in Exeter having children there and by 1901 back in Dudley if any one can help at all it would be greatly appreciated.


Bill Small writes:

I have been trying for sometime to trace my Grandmother Nellie Porter who married my Grandfather Herbert Christopher Small at St James Church Lower Gornal August 15, 1917.

Herbert was a miner and lived latterly in 82 Dibdale Lane. Ada Humphries lived at No 84 and The Horse and Jockey Pub was at 86. Some of my relatives ran the pub I believe. It is now called the Black Bear. I believe Deepdale Lane itself was previously known as Deepdale Bank. I had many pleasant holidays there when I was a kid.. My Dad William Harry Small was born in 1918 and a couple of years later Nellie disappeared. I wonder if there is anyone out there who may have heard what became of her?.

My Great Grandfather John Small was born in Dudley and married a Lower Gornal girl, Leah Waterfield. They lived at that time in 'The Graveyard'. Their Children were John Frederick 1870, Albert 1871-d.1872, Albert William 1873, Leah Elizabeth, Ellen Rebecca 1877, Alice Gertrude Phebe 1879 Married ?Parkes lived in Dudley, Noah Francis 1882 married Sarah Ann Tomlinson, Herbert Christopher 1884 and Arthur 1886.


Mike Capewell writes:

My name is Michael G Capewell I was born in Gornal Wood in 1935 I emigrated to the USA 37 years ago and have been trying to search for my ancestors.

My Father was a George Robert Capewell born 1903 at Queen St./Swan St., Pensnett. My mother was Rachel Capewell née Guest and was born in New St Gornal Wood in 1907. My grandmother's name was Wilkes. I have a sister that still lives in New Street her name is Betty Upton née Capewell.

My father's father was born in Mount Pleasant in 1870. His mother was named Mary Ann Capewell and was a widow in 1881. She was born in 1834. I am trying to find out about Mary Ann's husband, I beleive he was named George also.


Burton Booker writes:

I am try to determine the maiden name of my GGG Grandmother, first name Harriot who married THOMAS BOOKER in a church in Lower Gornall on 16 Oct 1865. I have not been sucessful by other means to date.


Maureen writes:

I am interested in 16 Red Hall Road in the years 1832 to 1880 where some of my ancestors lived. They were Charles Higgs who married Eliza Phipps around 1862. Their children were John Higgs born 1864, Sarah Higgs born 1865, Fanny Higgs born 1873, Mary Ann Higgs born 1876, William Higgs born 1879, Charles Higgs born 1877 and Joseph Henry Higgs born 1881. Joseph Higgs married Annie Watkinson and was my great-grandma. If any one has any info on anyone of there people I would be most grateful.


Edith writes:

I am trying to trace my family connections in particular Robert Sutton of Lower Gornal about 1840 and also Robert Sutton of Barton under Needwood about 1776. Any information would be most welcome.


Sarah Hignett writes:

I'm looking on behalf of my grandad for information on a man named Joe Reynalds, who was last known to be living in Lower Gornall, Dudley, West Midlands. My grandad, Alan (Gunner) Humphreys, last saw him in 1948, when Joe was his best man. They served together from Woolwich London from 1943-1946/47 in the Royal Artillary Calibration Troop. If you have any information please contact me (click the link on my name above)>


Brian Stevens would appreciate any help with tracing his BATE and MARSH ancestors in Lower Gornal.

His great grandfather John/Jack Bate married Dinah Marsh (both previously married??) and had children by the names of Johnny, Mary, Stanley (his grandfather born 13.07.23), Joe ? born in 1928/29, Ben born 1918/19., and Tommy. Joe said that he lived in Summer Lane until his parents died when he was 5 yrs old.

Jack and Dinah lived in The Cinder Road. He was a miner and Dinah worked in the brickyard.

The 1901 census shows an Elizabeth Bate registered as living in no 8 Summer Lane who had 2 children: John aged 19 (almost certainly Brian's great grandfather) and a daughter also named Elizabeth aged 14. The census also shows a record of a Joseph Marsh who lived at Summer Lane married to Mary Ann marsh with 2 children Anne aged 20 and Dinah aged 17 who was almost certainly married to Jack Bates.


Georgia de Salvo writes:

I am looking for information on the MOULD surname. Specifically on Elizabeth MOULD (daughter of John and Mary (???) MOULD, born on 1 Nov 1805/1808, in Staffordshire. (Nothing else known about exactly where in Staffordshire). Elizabeth married Edward TRIMMER (son of Sarah FRANCE and Edward (#1) TRIMMER). (Nothing known on Sarah and Edward (#1) TRIMMER); on 18 Jan, 1828, at Cambridge H.T., Cambridgeshire, England. (Only information the family has on the location of marriage). I'd like to know the names of the towns in Staffordshire? Also the names of any churches in the area as well. The religious denomination of the churches doesn't matter, because I don't know what religion they practised while in England. They came over to the USA on a boat (either owned, or trip was paid for by the Mormons). They became Mormons once in this country. Other than what is previously posted, all I know is that they lived in Islington, on Duncan and Parker St.'s at one time. They had 8 children, and I know of the descendants of Edward and Elizabeth TRIMMER, if anyone is interested?


Not strictly Gornal, but Susan Colbourne writes that she would like to know:

If anyone out there knows any information on JOSEPH TURLEY who's partner was ELSIE MASON and had children JOSEPH EDWARD TURLEY and ALFRED RAYMOND TURLEY and half sister IVY MASON (I think her name was Mason). They lived in Geneva Road, Tipton. JOSEPH married PATRICIA MARY LLOYD and had children ANN, SUSAN and KAREN. (Lived in Tipton) ALFRED married PAULINE and had children GAIL, DEBRA, GARY and LISA (lived in Princess End, Tipton). IVY married BILL and had one son TREVOR (lived in Tividale first then moved to Tipton). PLEASE, PLEASE get in touch with me; I need to find out the parents of JOSEPH TURLEY (they would be my great grandparents).


Nick Griffin writes:

I have an interest in the name Beardmore (Beardsmore) in the Lower Gornal area and would be delighted to hear from anyone with similar interest.

I have one big question at the moment and that is did James & Hannah Beardmore (James born ~1803) have a son called Elisha and did Elisha marry Mary and have a daughter Rebecca? I am directly descended from another of James & Hannah's sons Enoch b.~1824.


Philippa Stout writes:

I am researching Benjamin SMITH, born 1845, son of Charles and Mary SMITH (née GREENAWAY) and Ann CLARKE, born 1845, daughter of Samuel and Eliza CLARKE (née JONES) all of Lower Gornal.


Jane Payne writes:

I have started to trace my husband's family tree. His great grandfather was born in Lower Gornall. He was Charles Hopson (although I have found it written as Hobson), born approx 1851. Sometime between his birth and 1870 he moved to Altofts in West Yorkshire. There were at least three other families of Hopsons living in North Street, Sedgley in 1881, all born in Lower Gornal. If anyone is researching the name Hopson/ Hobson, or has any information, I would be pleased to hear from them.


Gail Hurd writes:

I am researching Flavel (particularly a Benjamin/Benbow born in 1843) from Gornal. I have part of my family tree online at


John Davies writes:

I have discovered my ancestors came from Lower Gornal. GGgrandfather George Davies [b.1817] father of Ggrandfather John Davies[b.1841] father of my grandfather John Davies[b.1878]. If any one has any information, please get in touch.


Peter Bates writes:

I would be very grateful if anyone can help me with furthering my quest with family history. From my own knowledge and from other family members I have the following information:

I was born (1935) on a small farm at the top of what was then Bate Street, Lanesfield. The farm itself was compulsory purchased by the govt prior to WW2 but I can still remember looking west across field to the Sedgeley Beacon. My Great Grandfather was James Bates ( 1822- 1898) who apparently lived in what was then called Rookery Hall, Lanesfield or Ettinshall and owned the James Bates Brickworks which was located in what is now Spring Road I believe. Both my G’Grandfather and his wife Charlotte are buried ( I believe) in the churchyard of Ruiton United Reformed Church Upper Gornal. My quest is to find more of my roots and would welcome any advice as to where further information may be found.


Duncan Miller writes:

I am researching two particular families that lived in Lower Gornal for many years. They are relatives of my wife. The one is COX. John Cox (born 1823) was born in Shifnal but married Hannah a girl from Lower Gornal. He was a miner. He had four children John (born 1849), James, Ann, Samual. I am particularly interested in John who lived in 4 New Street, 107 Ruiton Street and 106 Ruiton Street. He had 12 children but Eliza (born 1874) was my wifes great grandmother. The other name I am interested in but I am having difficulty with is WOOD. Frank WOOD (b1872 d1909) married Eliza COX above but I cannot find any record of his family. In 1901 they lived at 15 Abbey Rd, Lower Gornal.


Derek Oakley writes:

I am interested in the name Oakley. I have no first name but in 1908 he was part owner of a coal mine at Woodsetton possibly Foxyards No. 33. He had three sons and a daughter. The sons were Jim, Sam and Arthur. Jim married and lived on Sedgley Road, Woodsetton, Sam married and lived somewhere in the Woodsetton Area and Arthur married Ada Beardsmore around 1916 and lived at Brook Street, Lower Gornal.


Alan Hartland writes:

I am doing some digging re my late grandfather, Henry Adolphus Hartland, but am not getting very far. His birth certificate states that he was born in 1867 in 'The Old Abbey', Lower Gornal, but I can find no record of this place. Does anyone know something about either the name or the place?


Michael Guest writes:

Not sure if Red Hall is part of Lower Gornal or Gornalwood, but I have traced my male line back to this area. According to the 1841 Census, Zachariah Guest (b 1766 - d 1845 at Red Hall) & his wife Sarah née Blakemore (m. 17.06.1792 at St Peters Wolverhampton - ) who (aged 75 & 70 respectively) were living in Red Hall along with their sons, John Guest - wife Sarah plus 9 children, Silas Guest - wife Jane plus 5 children, Edward Guest (45 - living at home) and William Guest (24 - living at home). I have a map drawn in 1849 showing Zachariah's house and land, sandwiched between a road marked 'from Dudley to Gornal', a 'road to the Swan Colliery' and above it marked 'Burrow's Engine'. This drawing was drawn to show the house and land being split, following Zachariah's death, between his sons, William, Edward, Silas, John, Samuel and young Zachariah (my direct decedent).

I would love to find the exact spot of Zachriah & Sarah house and their original land (possibly under a housing estate now), still if anyone could throw more light on Zachariah & Sarah and their family, I would be most grateful.


Laurel Merrick is researching the following double-barrelled names:


in Upper/Lower Gornal, Sedgley, Dudley and Shropshire.


Deborah Loveridge writes:

I am researching my Underhill family roots. I am looking into Thomas Underhill b 19 nov 1727 d c1800 m Ann Darby b 31 Aug 1740. Their children James (b 1786) John, Thomas (b 1781) Ann (b c1786) Phebe (b 1779) Joseph (b c1781), Isaac and Thomas (b c1780) were christened either at Dudley Old Meeting House or at Ruiton Chapel. Thomas himself has been credited with starting the first Sunday School there, and his brother John has been credited with being the first minister of the chapel. I am interested in anyone who can give me more information about either the Underhills of Sedgley and Gornal or who can tell me more about Ruiton Chapel and if you can still visit it today how to get there and who to contact.


Alan Keeling writes:

Can you help me find some information about my grandparents Walter Edward Bennett & Ruth May Bennett (née Flavell) they lived in Lower Gornal? One of the addresses I have was Brookdale, Lower Gornal where I believe my mom was born Lillian Irean Bennett, I know there were other children but I don't know how many, or where they are.

I especially would love to here from any friends of my mom Lillian Irean Bennett (Keeling) do you have any photos, it's a long shot as my mom would have been 81 this year but its worth a try. Also if any of my long lost uncles are out their and would like to contact me to help fill in some huge gaps in my life please contact me I would love to here from you.


Doreen writes:

I am researching my Great Great Grandparents, Benjamin Smith and Sarah Nichols. Sarah was born in Sedgley in 1822 and married Benjamin Smith in 1845. Benjamin was born in 1822 in Gornal, he was the son of a Benjamin and it is he who I am interested in, I believe he was in Gornal and was a Hawker. His Son and Wife lived at The Straits and was a Farmer. I am also interested in the Fiddlers Arms where John Smith and his Wife Emma lived and had several children there - one my Grandmother, Mary. If anyone has any information on the Fiddlers I would be very grateful and I am desperately trying to find some old photos of Gornal and The Fiddlers in 1880's.

Any information would be gratefully rceived.


Bob Erskine writes:

Enoch Beardsmore (~1823 to ~1889) and Charlotte (Burroughs?) (~1823 to ~1909) had a daughter, Mary Anne (10 Apr, 1857 to 17 Dec, 1940) that married a Joseph Clarkson (18 Feb, 1854 to 23 Aug 1841). Mary and Joseph had two daughters Hannah (born ~ 1878) and Mary (Louise?) (born 5 Sept, 1880). The couple and the two girls emmigrated to the US in 1881.

I would appreciate any links for Enoch and Charlotte as well as Joseph and especially confirmation of the birth date of Mary.


Leonora Price writes:

I am researching my husband's family, in particular John and Elizabeth Fellows of Lower Gornal. John was a Nailer. I have picked them up in 1841. Elizabeth was Cartwright before she married. They had 6 children one of which was Benjamin born 1847 and he moved away from Gornal and married Emma Wire Turner in 1869. They went to many places but ended up in Hunslet (Leeds) in Yorkshire. I have all this information but I'm having problems with John and Elizabeth (great great grandma and grandad). I would like if possible to take John and Elizabeth further back if anyone can help, please.


Peter Bates writes:

The earliest relative I can find (with reasonable accuracy) is JOHN BATES (BATE) C1797 Sedgley who married a PEBE(PHOEBE) BACH. They had a son JAMES BATES b 3/11/1822 (Brickmaker) and daughter. My ancestors are buried in the cemetery of the Ruiton United Church, Upper Gornal.


Cheryl Nicholls writes:

Samuel Flavell born 1st November 1838, to Hugh and Roseanna. Living in Gornalwood, and went on to work as underground manager at CorbynsHall Coal Mine. He later married a Rachel Hickman and they went on to have a large family of 14 children. My Grandfather being one of them. Later Samuel moved to Sedgley around 1880/1890 and bought himself a Brickworks on Penn Common. I am happy for people to contact me.


Carl Dunn-Bartlett writes:

I am trying to find information about family, surname Roberts, who used to live in Tansey Green House, Tansey Green Road, Pensnett. They later moved to the Forge Inn public house in Chase Road, Lower Gornal with the additional name Jack Dunn. Any information would be great.


Dennis Williams writes:

I am searching for any relatives of Ronald Smith who lived in either Upper or Lower Gornal. Ron was killed alongside me in Palestine 10th April 1948, and I have just come into possesion of a photograph of his grave,and would like to pass it on to any of his relatives.

Ron had he have lived would now be 78.


Anne Burrows writes:

My father, Brian Rollason Burrows, and I have been researching our family history for many years. We are particularly interested in biographical information and photographs. We would be delighted to hear from anyone researching the following names in the Gornal/Dudley/Sedgley areas:

BOWATERDudley, Staffordshire (1740 onwards)
BURROWSGornal Wood & Sedgley, Staffordshire (1788 onwards)
COLLINSSedgley / Dudley, Staffordshire (1798 and before)
CORTON/GORTONDudley, Staffordshire (1755 and before)
COXGornal Wood, Staffordshire (1900's)
DAVISTipton (west Midlands) & Dudley (Worcs) (1730 onwards)
DUDLEYDudley, Worcestershire (between 1729 to 1564)
FLAVELLDudley, Staffordshire (1770 onwards)
GOUGHDudley possibly (1785 and before)
GROVEDudley, Staffordshire (1636 to 1616)
HICKMANDudley, Staffordshire (1770 onwards)
JONESGornal Wood / Sedgley / Dudley, Staffordshire
KIRBYWombourn, Staffordshire (1730 onwards)
LAMBClaverley (Salop) (1755 onwards)
MARSHSedgley, Staffordshire (1791 onwards)
PARKESDudley, Worcestershire (between 1798 to 1780)
PRICESedgley, Staffordshire (1755 onwards)
ROLLASONDudley, Worcestershire (1724 onwards)
SILVESTERDudley, Staffordshire (1710 and before)
SMITHDudley possibly (1785 and before)
TIMMONS(1750 onwards)
WALTONDudley, Staffordshire (1663 to 1587)
Roughton, Shropshire
Worfield, Shropshire
WESTWOODUpper Gornal & Dudley, Worcestershire (1750 onwards)
WHALEDudley, Worcestershire (1829 and before)
WHEALEDudley, Worcestershire (1829 to 1706)
WHITTINGTONWorfield, Shropshire (1568 and before)
Hilton, Shropshire


Jean Baker writes:

I am [researching] BONSOR family who lived in Lower Gornal before moving to South Normanton in Derbyshire. My Grandfather, WALTER,(Born 1893) was born there and his father WILLIAM (Born 1861)married SARAH JANE (Born 1864/5) (maiden name unknown). I have also traced my GG Grandfather James (Born c1836) who married ELIZA BALL (Born c1838) whose parents are THOMAS BALL and MARY OAKLEY. I have traced what I think is my GGG Grandfather THOMAS (Born c1816) but he appears with 2 wives ANN (Born c1815) and NANCY and wanted to know if anyone has any information regarding them.

I have also researched my grandmothers side of the family and her father married a BALL (Elizabeth) Both were living in South Normanton, Derbyshire and her father's name was LUKE.


Ray Millar writes:

I am trying to trace my wife's grandfather and great grandparents. The surname is Marsh, and her grandfather was James Marsh born abt.1891-4 and her great grandfather was Daniel Marsh born abt.1854.

The best link that I can find regarding these takes me to Lower Gornal and Dudley. However in Dudley there are 2 Daniel Marsh's that fit the bill both born in 1854 and 2 James Marsh's born in 1891!

All I can add is that we know that "our" Daniel Marsh died in Brentford Middlesex in 1940 and his son James married my wife's grandmother Dorothy Littlechild in 1927 in Brentford Middlesex.


Diane Whittaker writes:

I am looking for any information about the Raybould family from Gornalwood. I have traced back to Edward Raybould born 1804 in St James Parish of Gornal. I do not know who his wife was, but they had a son, John Raybould, born 1825, who married Jane Hodgetts, born 1827, also from Gornal. The main family homes were 41 and 42 Himley Road, Gornal which were just above the entrance to the Crooked House pub. John and Jane had three children, Eliza, Enoch and Edward born in 1865, who married Mary Anne born 1869; I do not know her maiden name.

Edward and Mary Anne had a son, William born 1897. This was my grandad and he moved from Himley Road into other family property at 15 and 16 Brookbank Road, Gornal. Their other children were Florrie, Edward, Jane, John, Mary and Sarah Jane. William married Mary Marsh, born 1 Sept 1896; she came from Cinder Road in Gornal and her parents were Joseph Marsh and Hannah Hodgkiss.

William and Mary had two children, my father William Owen, born 1931 and Mary, born 1928. My father married twice, once to Beryl Smith from Pensnett. They had four children, Linda, Janet, William and George. My father's second marriage was to Beryl Green from Stourbridge. They had myself Diane, Owen and Ronald.

I have found out that my family have lived in Gornal as far back as I can trace to 1804 and were either coal minors or labourers. The cottages at 41 and 42 Himley Road no longer exist, but 15 and 16 Brookbank Road are still owned by my Aunt Mary, daughter of Willam and Mary Raybould.


Tony Edwards writes:

The Family of Samuel CASH (b) c1810, Staffs and Rhoda Bryan (b) 1814, Sedgley.

Children include Jane 1835; Samuel Brien 1838; William 1840; Elizabeth 1845; Rhoda 1847; Lenora 1850.


Geraldine Harris writes:

Is anyone looking at HARRIS. I am trying to follow my husband's line and have got back to the following. Samuel Harris born approx. 1838 married Honor Batham born approx. 1840 married in Dec 1857. I have Quarry Bank, Kingswindford, Sedgley,Brieley Hill and Dudley mentioned. Samuel's father Edward died before 1857.


Christine Lindon writes:

I am researching my paternal Grandfather and Grandmother who were born and lived in Lower Gornal.

My Grandfather was called EDWARD JONES (born c.1878) and he married EMMA MIDDLETON (born c1881) and they lived in East Street. EDWARD worked at Baggeridge Coal Mine.

Edward and Emma's children were Thomas, Harry, Edward, Elsie, George, Rachel, Gwennie and my father ARTHUR.

I believe Edward's parents were called THOMAS JONES (born c1855) and RACHEL (maiden name unknown) and they also lived in East Street, Lower Gornal. Edward's siblings were called ENOCH, JAMES, ELIZA, ESTHER, GEORGE AND HERBERT.

Any information on both the JONES and MIDDLETON families would be appreciated. I have been living in Devon for 25 years and have lost all connections with my paternal family.


Linda Ward writes:

I am interested in the surnames BRADLEY, SKELTON and GREENAWAY. I have traced my family,( who moved to County Duham 1866approx.) back to Lower Gornal.They are shown on the census as nailers. My Great Great Grandfather was called Benjamin Bradley. I visited the area several years ago trying to glean more information.Can anyone help? Is anyone trying to find the same family?


Paul Barnett writes:

I have a great deal of ancestry in Sedgley which I would be glad to share, and which may be of help to others.

My ancestors include the following names in the area above and towns close by:


If anyone is researching these names, or has any information, I would be pleased to hear from them.


Bryan William Price writes:

My father was brought up by his grandparents and as far as I know he was born in Gornal. His name was William Arthur Price and he was born in 1921, I believe. He had 9 brothers and sisters and the family moved to Doncaster which is where we lived after the war. My fathers' father had worked in the coal-mining industry and I had relatives in Highley also. Any help would be appreciated.


Melinda writes:

I would like to get in touch with my Grandfather's family who come from Lower Gornal. My mother's surname was Winifred Hopson before she married. Her father was Richard Hopson, the son of John I Hopson. He had a brother John and 4 sisters, Barbara,Charlotte, Mary and Isabella. The family had moved to North Ormesby, Middlesbrough by the 1891 Census, where he was to remain for the rest of his life. He married my grandmother , Margaret Ann Garbutt who lived in a Norh Yorkshire village. They went on to have 7 children, 2 of whom died as babies. He died at the age of 50years.. I wonder if anyone is still living in the area, or can give me any other information


Edward Roxburgh writes:

My grandfather Benjamin Bennett is shown on the 1901 census as Birth: abt 1899 Sedgely, Staffordshire. Further examination of the census shows him living at 193 Temple Street, Lower Gornal. Head of the family is John Bennett employed as a miner.

John was born abt 1858 Sedgely. His birth was registered in 1858 as John Thomas Bennett. In 1881 and 1891 census he resided in County  Durham employed as a miner. Three of his children were born in County Durham. The family returned to the North East later with Benjamin staying for the remainder of his life.

I would be grateful for any additional information about this part of the Bennett family.


Coleen writes:

I am trying to trace my grandad. His name was Benjamin Bate and as far as I know he was born in October 1905. His father was also named Benjamin B1883 and seemed to live mostly in Jews Lane. His mother was named Winifred nee Kenney and I know they didnot get married untill 1908! I cannot find an entry for her in any census 1901 or before but on 1911 census it said she was born 1888 in Dudley. My grandad was not on this census but his brothers Tom and Alfred were. My grandad married Edith Maud Cash on 26th December 1929. He died on 14th October 1983 and was cremated at Gornal Wood. On the marriage certificate his name is given as Benjamin Kenny Bate but the Crem have given me his name as Benjamin Isaac Bate I know this is the right info as dates etc are correst. I would like to find a birth entry for him or anything about where he was born and was this affected by his mother not being married.


Janet Sim writes:

Census records show my Great-Grandfather " Isaac Addenbrook " as being born in LOWER GORNAL, STAFFORDSHIRE in 1869.


Euan Robertson writes:

I am tracing my grandfather Be(a)rnard Wilies Jukes Born: 1845/6 and his parents Chas and Margaret Jukes Born: 1809 & 1812 (Sedgley) of 92 Hermit Row, Upper Gornal (1851 census)

Bernard immigrated to New Zealand sometime in 1860-1870?, I think he had a sister called Phoebe (Phebe).

I would like to trace Margaret’s maiden name & parents as well as Chas’ parents. Where they were born & where. Basically any info on that line of the family would be brilliant.


Steve Abley writes:

I am researching the following names: Daniel ELWELL/Elwall TOMLINSON c1818 he married Letitia/Leticia BENNETT in the June quarter 1841, Thomas & Mary BENNETT c1780-1790, brother to Daniel: Thomas TOMLINSON Bap.1821, their father William TOMLINSON c1800, Susannah TIMOTHY c1698 she married David PITT in 1724, Thos. WARTER c1619 married Alice LARGE in 1641, John WARTER c1590 married Elizabeth MARSH in 1609.

My Grandmother is a TOMLINSON born Low Spennymoor, Co Durham her family originate from Sedgley. The William TOMLINSON I mention above is my 3rd Great Grandfather and other than an approximate birth and his marriage to Ann Elwell I have nothing else so would appreciate anything anyone may have on them.


Christopher Marsh writes:

I am looking for information and photos of my ancestors who all originate from Gornal Wood. I have traced my family tree back to 1735 and I am a direct descendant of Daniel and Elizabeth MARSH. Daniel (1768-1832) married Elizabeth Westwood Feb 15 1802. Their son Robert Marsh (1810-1884) married Eliza Turner and lived at 63 Himley Rd next door to his brother Daniel. Their son Joseph was my great grandfather. Joseph moved to Smethwick at the turn of the 19thC to work at Cape Hill Brewery. Any information would be welcome.


Sandie Ballantyne writes:

My mother was Olive Powney prior to marriage, and the relevant facts as recalled by her are:-

My mother (Olive) had 3 siblings, Samuel, Joseph and John. My grandmother was called Ethel Powney (née Davies). She lived at 16, Brookdale Lower Gornal for most of her adult life. My grandfather Samuel died as a result of coal-miners¹ pneumoconisis (not recognised for compensation purposes at the time) aged 42 having worked in the Baggeridge Colliery. My grandmother then made bricks in (I believe) Baggeridge Colliery. My grandfather has a number of siblings, brothers Benjamin Edgecombe and William ,and sisters Clara Prince, Matilda Hodgetts, and Lucy-Jane Fellowes (all née Powney). One of my great grandfathers was called Joseph Powney and he married Elizabeth Hughes, probably around 1850. The other great grandmother was called Hannah Davies nee Westwood. My grandmother¹s siblings were Ernest, Horace, Sarah-Ann (called Sally), and Hannah.

If anyone has any information about any of these ancestors I would be very grateful if they could contact me.


Carol Wollaston writes:

My great great grandfather William Oakley (married Hannah Woodhall 1847) was born in Ruiton 1819 and baptised at Upper Gornal Congregational Chapel in 1821 along with his younger brother Isaiah (married Hannah Rowley Wid 1849).  I believe that he had sisters Priscilla (married James Thomas Horne 1850), Sarah (married Richard Derby? 1846), Jane (married Thomas Derbyshire 1846) and Elizabeth.

Their parents were John Oakley (a nailer/labourer) & Jane Southall nee Elwell who married in 1816 at Tipton.  John's siblings were Thomas, William, Jenny, Sarah?, Elizabeth (married John Abbis 1821), Anne, Martha, Drusilla (married William Mees 1825) and Richard?

John's parents were Thomas Oakley (a nailer) who married Hannah Bradley at Sedgley in 1785.  I have found no baptism for Thomas to date.


Mark Cooper writes:

I am interested in the connection between the LANE family of Lanesfield in the Manor and those LANES buried in St. Peter's Church, Wolverhampton, the Willenhall family who lived at Bentley Hall, Col. John Lane & Jane his daughter.

Can all LANES interested in their line, please contact me.


Jean Ainsworth (née Bowen) writes:

I am trying to find out ay information on the Bowen Family. John Bowen 1874 married Louisa Bunn, my great grandparents. His father and mother John Bowen 1848 and Sarah Jane Oakley 1849. Both Johns and their families moved to County Durham to work in the mines. His father and mother John Bowen 1819 and Mary Ann Marsh 1822. His father and mother were I believe Thomas Bowen and Mary ?. Can anyone help me to find information on Thomas and Mary, or supply any information on any of the Bowen family?


Chris Hale writes:

I am researching my Woodall/Woodhall side of the family and have reached a brick wall with Josiah Woodhall, born 1795 in Dudley, and died Mar 1870 in West Bromwich, Staffs. He married a Maria from Gornal, but I know not whether it was Lower Gornal, Upper Gornal or Gornal Wood. The only references to date are the 1841, 1851, 1861 censuses etc which show her as married to my 3xG/Gfather Josiah. She was born abt. 1793 in Gornal, Sedgley and died Mar Q. 1890 in Dudley aged 97.The only likely marriage entry I have found to date is that of a Maria Tranter/Traunter to Josiah Woodall on 12 Feb 1815 in Dudley, Worcs. and the only relevant christening entry seems to be Mariah Tranter on 25 Oct 1795, St Lawrence Church, Darlaston, Nr. Wolverhampton, Staffs. however she is shown as being born in Gornal on all the censuses.


Stephen Guest writes:

I was in care so did not know my family too well. However I have managed to trace the Guest family back to around 1910.

This is what I know so far:
The head of the family was I think Arthur Guest born around 1850 (cannot find a record of this). He had 9 children and was from Lower Gornal. Can’t find his wife’s name.

I am trying to find any information on the family as I have been living in Africa for a few years and now want to know where I come from.

I also have a tree on, the Guest family tree

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