Lynton & Lynmouth, with Brendon, Scarecrow Festival

Lynton 2006

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Lynton perched on a cliff-top about 450 feet above the sea. It is about 300 yards west of Lynmouth by the water-powered funicular railway and a little more by the steep footpath with many hairpin bends, but about 2 miles by the steeply winding shortest road and over 5 miles on the main road (just about) fit for coaches, caravans and other large vehicles.

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Scarecrows in Lee Road, Lynton

Lyn Crest gardenSouth View gardenHospital garden - nurse with childrenHospital garden - nurse with childrenGable Lodge garden - Witch on broomstick
Lyn Crest
South View
Hospital garden
Nurse with children
Gable Lodge
Witch + familiar
on broomstick


United Reformed Church - vicarUnited Reformed Church - man on the fence40 Lee Road gardenLyn Candles - "SKOOL'S OUT"Burglar and policemanBurglar climbing drainpipePoliceman pursuing burglar
United Reformed
United Reformed
Man on the
40 Lee Road
(Camera changed
the jacket
Lyn Candles
On bannister

Burglar and policeman

Burglar climbing



Scarecrows in Bakers Court Lane, Lynton

LamplighterFlying jester
LamplighterFlying jester


Scarecrows in Hume Avenue, Lynton

Chad"I've lost my ball"
The Denes
"I've lost
my ball"


Scarecrows in Rock Avenue, Lynton

Arsen aboutOn fence of 8 Rock AvenueIn garden of 7 Rock Avenue
"The Mad House"
The orang outang is
"Arsen about"
at the bedroom
On fence of
no 8 Rock Avenue
In garden of
no 7 Rock Avenue


Scarecrows in Cross Mead, Lynton

Fishing at no 7GuitaristOn signboard at Mead HavenOn gatepost at no 11
Fishing in
garden of
7 Cross Mead
Guitarist on wall
26 Cross Mead
On signboard of
Mead Haven
12 Cross Mead
On gatepost of
11 Cross Mead


Scarecrows in Lydiate Lane, Lynton

In garden of no 15On garage roof, no 24
In garden
15 Lydiate Lane
On garage roof
24 Lydiate Lane


Scarecrows in Station Road, Lynton

Family resting from gardeningGrass cuttingWatching the cricketer?England's No 1 cricketerEngland's No 1 cricketerUncle Bob
Family resting
from gardening
at corner of
Grattons Drive
Grass cutting
at corner of
Grattons Drive
On gatepost
watching the
across the road?
England's No 1 cricketer
at "Marucca"
Uncle Bob at

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