Nottinghamshire Marriage Licences 1578-1600

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1577/8 Jan 25 , John DONSTON, of Eaton, gent & Elizabeth FRAUNCES

1590 Apr 26 , John BALDWIN & Alice GRAY, of Donham [Dunham], at same

1590 Apr last , John BURTON & Ann SENTON, of Newark, at same or Winthorpe

1590 * July 22 , Robert WHITWORTH, of Doncaster, co, York, yeom, & Ann APPLEBY, of Faringdon [Farndon], wid [Lic to Richard GYMNEY and John MYTTON clerks]

1590 Aug 1 , Charles FLETCHERSTON, of Garroden [Garendon] co Leic, yeom, & Katherine BENET, of Selston, at Hucknall Torkard.

1590 * Sept 7 , Thomas MAWER & Helen BRIGGS, of Mansfield. [ Lic to James BRITTAN and Anthony BENET clerks]

1590 Sept 17 , Nicholas CLAWES & Ann STEPHAN, of Warsop, at same

1590 Sept 22 , Humphrey BELL, p. St Mary Nottm, & Rose CLARKE, of Prestwold, co Leic, wid, at St Mary's or Colston Bassett.

1590 Sept 30 , Gabriel BRUNTS als. Jervis, of East Bridgeford & Isabell DANDE, of Mansfield Woodhouse, or Mansfield.

1590 Oct 12 , Jervase GILBIE, of Laneham & Isabell DICCONS, of Sturton, at same.

1590 Oct last , William COOP[ER] & Ann BENSON, of Stoke juxta Newark, at same of Farndon.

1590 Nov 4 , Robert FRERE, of the City of London, mercator, & Helenor NIXE, of Nottm, at St Mary's.

1590 Nov 12 , Hugh HELMSLEY als Hemsley, of Sneinton & Mary GERMAN of same, at same or St Nicholas

1590 Dec 4 , Stephen SHEPARDE & Emot ROBINSON, of Whatton, at same.

1590 Dec 6 , John WALKER & Elizabeth COLLYNSON, of Screveton, at same

1590 Dec 17 , John NOBLE & Alice BATE, wid, at Newark

1590 Dec 18 , Jervase COPLEY & Edith SNOWDEN, of Mansfield Woodhouse, at same, Widmerpool or Plumtree. [ Lic. to Richard SNOWDON, rector of Widmerpool]

1590/1 Jan 3 , Henry CHAMPYAN, of Keyworth & Joan LINSEY, of Plumtree, at same

1590/1 Jan 3 , George BLACKNEY & Agnes DYXON, wid of Kneeton, at same

1590/1 Jan 22 , Thomas POULTON, of Thurgarton & Elizabeth HOPKINSON, Coventry & Lichfield dioc, at Thurgarton, Gonalston or Annesley

1590/1 Jan 28 , Henry MASON & Jane SHATWELL, of Retford, at East Retford.

1590/1 Jan 29, John BATTYSON, of Southwell & Elizabeth WILLOUGHBIE, of Bingham, at same

1590/1 Feb 3 *, Henry HENSON als HALL & Elizabeth WELCH, of Plumtree. [ Lic, to John OLIF]

1590/1 Feb 3, Alexander MANSELL & Ann WYDDYSON, at Newark-on-Trent or St Mary's [Nottm]

1590/1 Feb 14, Thomas HUCHENSON & Ann Slater, p St Mary Nottm at St Mary's or Snenton

1590/1 Feb 22, Thomas IBOTSON, of Thorpe Salvin, co York & Margaret CARTER, of Clareborough, at same or South Leverton

1591 Apr 11, John ODINGZELLS, gent & Susan HARTOPPE, of Burton cum Bulcote, at same

1591 Apr 24, Sir Nicholas Le STRANGE, of Hunston [Hunstanton] Norwich dioc, knt, & Lady Ann CHAWORTH, of Wyverton, wid. [General Lic]

1591 *Apr 29, William ORSTON & Joan THIRKILL, of Colston Bassett. [Lic to Francis Chapman]

1591 May 6, John CADMAN, clerk, vicar of Laxton & Elizabeth PAWSON, of Laxton, at Egmanton

1591 June 18, John WILSON, of Naineby [Navenby] co Linc & Elizabeth KYTCHEN, of Southwell, wid.

1591 June last, William KINDER & [blank] WHITWORTH

1591 Aug 4, Peter PEELE & Elizabeth BARKER, of Tuxford

1591 Aug 9, Francis DODGSON, of Southwell & Dorothea BAMFURTHE, p. St Mary Nottm, at St Mary's

1591 Sept 29 , Francis FOWLER, of Firsby, Linc dioc & Alice TWENTYEMAN, of Newark-on-Trent, at same.

1591 Oct 5, William RAWTHWELL, of Linc.dioc, esq & Jane WASTNES, of Headon, wid, at same

1591 Oct 15, Richard THOMLINSON & Cecily HALL, wid, p. St Peter Nottm [Lic to Ralph SHUTTE rector of St Peter's & Barnabe EVANS & John LAMBE of Nottm clerks]

1591 Nov 25, William BAINBRIGE, of Farndon & Helen WILLOWES, of [East] Stoke, at same

1591 Dec 9, Richard OTTERBY, of Bicker, Linc.dioc & Beatrix WATMORE, of Tuxford, at same

1591 Dec 13, Thomas PARKIN & Elizabeth MARCH, of Newark, at same

1591 Dec 30, Richard BURSE, of Averhan & Agnes STOWE, of Newark-on-Trent, wid, at Averham

1591/2 Jan 16, Christofer COOPER & Margaret BALL, of Teversall, at same.

1591/2 Jan 18 , Richard PEARSON & Mary CHAMBERS, of Chiwell, p Attenborough, at Attenborough.

1591/2 Jan 23, Thomas COOPER & Margaret CAMPIAN, of Lowdham, at same.

1591/2 Jan 28, Edmund ROBERTSON of Southwell & Isobell ARNALL, of Holme Pierrepont. [Lic to John COOPER, Richard GYMNEY, & Thomas BARKER, clerks]

1591/2 Jan 29, Richard SHIPMAN, of Elston, p, Stoke & Elizabeth EZAT als IZAT, of Staunton.

1591/2 Jan 29, Edward TOWNROE, of Ollerton & [ ] GRAEME, late of Bestwood Parke, at Edwinstowe or Mansfield Woodhouse.

1591/2 Jan 30, Roger MEAKIN, of Mansfield Woodhouse & Helen INKERSELL, of same, at same, or Broughton [Sulney]

1591/2 Jan 30, William WELLES, of Marnham & Alice CHAMBERS, of same, at same.

1591/2 Jan last, William DUKE & Jane BARLOE, of Newark-on-Trent, at same

1591/2 Feb 1, William STOWE, of Retford & Dorothy DODGSON, of North WHEATLEY, at same.

1591/2 *Feb 2, Henry JAMESON & Jane CHADWIN, of Burton Joyce, at same.

1591/2 Feb 4, Adam SAWER de GRETTON [Girton] & Agnes POKELINGTON, of same, wid [Lic to Edward HOLDEN & Richard GYMNEY clerks]

1592 Apr 19, George KIDDE, of Newark & Frances PARKER, of Great DRAYTON, at [East] Stoke

1592 May 5, William FLETCHER, of Epperstone & Alice BUTLER.

1592 May 5, Humphrey RABYE & Grace ALCOCKE, at Adenburgh [Attenborough]

1592 May , Henry PARE & Isabell PARKER, of Radcliffe-on-Trent, at same.

1592 May 29, Sir GRIFFIN MARKHAM, knt. & Ann ROOS, d. Peter ROOS, esq. [Lic to John COOPER, clerk, cannon of Southwell & generally]

1592 May 30, Henry ALVYE & Petronella BELL, of Nottm, wid, at St Mary's or Stanford.

1592 June 2, William BAKER, of Lowdham & Alice PARKER, of Gonalston, wid, at same or Lowdham.

1592 July 10, Cotton KITTRICH & Margery MANNINGE, of East Markham, at same.

1594 [June] 6, Edward ALREDE & Helene [B---]

1594 June 17, Thomas BECKE & Anne WINFELDE, of St Mary's Nottm, at St Mary's

1594 July 9, William WYLLYMOTE, of Stanford, labr & Elizabeth FAVELL, at Stanford.

1594 July 16, Henry LEEMINGE, of Strelly, clerk & Jane DAVIES, of Staunton in the Stones, Archdy. Derby, wid, at Bilborough.

1594 July 20, Richard JOWET, of Nottm, baker & Margaret PARLEBY, p St Mary's Nottm, at St Mary's

1594 July 20, Thomas WILDE, of Newark-on-Trent, yeom, & Elizabeth HOLLET, of same, at same.

1594 July 26, George KID & Letice BATE, of Newark-on-Trent, at same

1594 Aug 7, Richard WELCH, of Nottm, butcher & Joane WETHERALL, of Owthorpe, at Cotgrave.

1594 Aug 17, Hercey NEVELL, of Grove, esq, & Ruth JESSOP, of Hayton, wid, at same.

1594 Aug 27, John MARKHAM, of Cotham, gent, & Olive MERRING, of Merring, at Sutton-on-Trent.

1594 Oct 6, Richard STANFEILDE, of Kyrsall, husb, & Margaret SIMPSON, of East Bridgford, at same [Bond by Thomas SIMPSON, of East Bridgford, Wheelwright, & John Simpson, of Warsop, Wheelwright]

1594 Oct 7, Hugh PRESCOTTE, of Newstead, gent, & Judith RATCLIF, dioc. Chester, at Walesby.

1594 Oct 7, Richard ROCHDALE, of Newark-on-Trent, yeom & Margaret WATSON, of same, at Winthorpe.

1594 Oct 19, John WILCOCKS, of Tithby, yeom, & Marie MORRES, of Tollerton, at same.

1594 Oct 26, Henry RICHARDSON, of Newark-on-Trent, joiner, & Emme PEERSON, of Heighington, dioc. Lincoln, at Newark.

1594 Nov 2, Anthonie ROKEBY, of Sleningforth, co York, gent, & Marie ABNEY, of Thurgaton, at same.

1594 Nov 11, John BRITTAN, of Annesley, yeom. & Marie NEWTON, of Kirkby-in-Ashfield, at same.

1594 Nov 12, John WILKINSON, of Ruddington, husb, & Agnes PIGHTE, of Edwalton, at Ruddington. [Bond by Robert PIGHT, of Nottm, cordwainer.]

1594 Nov 16, William SAMPSON als. PORTER, of Treswell, husb, & Helen LEGAT, of same, at South Leverton.

1594 Nov 17, Robt BROMBY, of Cotgrave, yeom, & Margaret WHALLEY, of same, at same.

1594 Dec 7, Francis KITCHEN, of Pleasley, co Derby & Elizabeth FROBYSBER, of Finningley, at same. [Bond by William KITCHEN, of Pleasley, yeom]

1594 Dec 9, Thomas GUYE, of Nottm, ropemaker, & Alice PISER, of same, at St Mary's.

1594 Dec 9, Laurence HINDE, of Nottm, blacksmith, & Malin BARNES, of same, at St Nicholas. [Bond by Thomas BARNES, of Nottm, blacksmith.]

1594 Dec 17, Roberte FYPPES, of Nottm, cordwainer, & Joane [blank], of St Nicholas, Nottm, at same.

1594 Dec 21, Willm MORVILT, M.A., & Susan WHITHEAD, of Newark-on-Trent, at same.

1594 Dec 23, Roger MOORE, of Nottm, yeom, & Jane RICHARDSON, of same, at St Nicholas.

1594 Dec 24, Ralfe BENET, of Laxton, yeom, & Margaret WELLES, of Weston, at same.

1594-5 Jan 5, James NEWTON, of Nottm, labr, & Helene TOMPTSON, of same, at St Mary's

1594-5 Jan 13, Nicholas SHEPHARDE, of Nottm, fletcher and Katherine DONNYCLIF, of same, at St Peters.

1594-5 Jan 14, Willm COE, of Warsop, husb & Lucie SPAR, of same, at same. [Bond by John COE of Ordsall, yeom. Licence granted to Willm SPUR, clerk, person of the Church of Warsop]

1594-5 Jan 20, Rauf PILKINGTON & Helenour EMSLEY, of Hickling, at same. [Bond by Thomas PILKINGTON of Hickling, husb]

1594-5 Jan 29, John LAW, of Newark on Trent, gent & Jane DIGBY of Mansfield Woodhouse.

1594-5 Feb 6, Robert BILLIALD, of West Markham, yeom & Philip CRUMWELL, of same, maide.

1594-5 Feb 8, Richard STORYE, of Syerston, yeom & Alice BARRIT, of Flintham, at same.

1594-5 Feb 11, Edward SWAINSON, of East Retford, butcher & Joane RATCLIFFE, of same, at same.

1594-5 Feb 18, Richard RAWSON, of Mansfield, cordwainer & Anne RYSSTON, of same.

1594-5 Feb 18, John FYNNE, of Nottm, wheelwright & Anne MARIOTE, of same, at St Mary's [Bond by Fabian MARIOTE, of Nottm, poyntmaker]

1594-5 Feb 18, Willm PECKE, the younger, of Bingham, husb, & Margerie HILL, of Gunthorpe, at Lowdham.

1594-5 Feb 19, George SMITHE, of Ragnall, husb, & Benet HOLLINGWORTH, of Edwinstowe, at same or Newark.

1594-5 Feb 23, Hugh TURNER, of Newark, yeom, & Dorothie MERCER, of same, at same.

1594-5 Feb (last day), Henrie BAGULEY, of Nottm, cordwainer, & Anne SMITH, p, St Peter's Nottm, at St Peter's.

1594-5 Feb (last day), Rauf STEPHENSON, of Bonney [Bunney], yeom, & Marie WALKER, of same, at same. [Bond by Gervase WALKAR, of Staughton Magna, co Huntingdon & Thomas STEVENSON, of Bunney, yeom]

1594-5 Mar 1, Michaell HATLEY of Averham, gent, & Alice MARSHALL, of Newark on Trent, at same.

1594-5 Mar 10, John LANT of Newark on Trent, yeom, & Alice ASHTON, of same, at Langar.

1595 Apr 28, John WYRON, of Nottm, inkeeper, & Dorothie SALMON, of Tuxford, at same.

1595 May 5, John BUTLER, of Newthorpe, tailor, & Marie CLERK, of Newthorpe, p. Greasley, at St Peter's [Bond by Robert BUTLER, of Nottm, baker]

1595 May 9, Henry ALRED, of Marnham, clerk, & Isabell BURGESSE, of same, at Granby or Normanton. [Bond by Thomas BURGES, of Marnham, husb, Lic to John ALRED, clerk, vicar of Granby]

1595 June 21, Willm BENET, of Nottm, miller & Margerie ROSSE, p.St Mary's Nottm, at St Mary's.

1595 June 25, John BROWNE, of Parshor [Pershore] co Wigornie [Worc] gent, & Ann RAKE, of Awsley, co Warwick, at St Mary's.

1595 June 28, Thomas WOODDE & Alice TRUEMAN, of Burton Joyce, at same.

1595 July 4, Richard FRITHE, of Blackwell, co Derby, & Agnes HERRINGE of Warsop, at Norton Cuckney. [Bond by Christopher FRITH, of Blackwell, yeom]

1595 July 6, John CHALLAN, of Coddington, husb & Luce LAMBR, of Upton, next Southwell, at Stoke, near Newark. [Bond by William CHALLAN, of Flawborough, husb & Robert CHALLAN, of Thoroton, husb]

1595 July 13, Edward KNIFTON, of Newark on Trent, gent & Annie ELWALS, of same.

1595 Aug 1, Nicholas WIDDOSON, of Gonthorpe [Gunthorpe] husb & Anne HOPKINSON, of same.

1595 Aug 22, Richard BROGRAFFE & Alice HAYES, of Papple[wick] at Arnold.

1595 Sept 25, George PORTER, of Bingham, yeom & Alice CREWE of Nottm, spr.

1595 Oct 1, John FRANKLIN, of Newark on Trent, gent & Clare WILKINSON, of same, at Winthorpe.

1595 Oct 1, Thomas URREY & Anne DICCONSON, of Laxton, at same.

1595 Oct 5, Gregorie SYLVESTER, of Mansfield, mercer, & Cassander PEACE, at Mansfield.

1595 Oct 6, Charles WREN, gent & Gertude THORNOGHE, of Fenton, p. Sturton in the Clay, at Sutton.

1595 Oct 7, John HEYWORTH, of Kellam [Kelham] yeom & Brigit WILSON, of same, at same.

1595 Oct 17, Thomas ELWAIS, of Broxtowe, gent & Jane ASHMORE, of same, at Bilborough.

1595 Nov 1, Henrye FOSTER, of Epperstone, husb & Margaret YONGE, now or late of same, at same.

1595 Nov 22, Thomas BLITHE, gent & Marie QUARNEBY, of Nottm, at Bulwell. [Bond by Willm BLITHE, of Nottm, gent]

1595 Nov 24, John WORTHINGTON, of Granby, plow-wright & Helline MARSHAWE, of same, at same. [Bond by George MARSHAWE, of same, husb]

1595 Nov 24, George KETTLEBARNE, of Hickling, husb & Joane BOUN of same, at same.

1595 Dec 11, James BOWLER, of Newark on Trent, cordwainer, & Issabell GYBSON, of same, at same.

1595 Dec 23, Richard WHITE, of Newton, husb & Issabell MARTEN, of Colwick, at St Mary's [Bond by Edward MARTEN, of Nottm, cordwainer]

1595-6 Jan 14, Richard BARET, of Thoroton, yeom & Dorothie BINGHAM of Elston, at Hawksworth.

1595-6 Jan 23, John CALTON, of Nottm & Margaret BRENTNALL, p. St Peter's Nottm, at St Peter's. [Bond by Robert BRENTNALL, of Ilkeston, co Derby, yeom]

1595-6 Jan 24, Willm HAZARD, of Laxton, husb & Elizabeth RICHARDSON of Newton co Derby, at Sutton in Ashfield.

1595-6 Jan 24, Willm WHALLEY of Carlton on Trent, gent & Issabell ROCHE, of Kellowe [Kelham], at Sutton or Kelham.

1595-6 Feb 4, George RATCLIF, of East RETFORD, clothier & Anne BARKER, of Sutton cum Lounde, at same.

1595-6 Feb 6, Thomas TIMSON, of Marten, co Lincoln & Margaret BUTCHER, of Warsop, at same. [Bond by Laurence BUTCHER, of Warsop, yeom]

1595-6 Feb 13, Richard DAWSON of Bourton Joice [Burton Joyce] & Agnes SAUNDERSON, of Lowdham, at same.

1595-6 Feb 15, Robert DARBYE, of Caythorpe, husb & Alice HO[-] of Cropwell Butler, at Tythby.

1595-6 Feb 16, Ranulph als Randall FREEMAN, of Nottm, yeom & Margerye WORTH, of same at St Peter's. [Bond by Robert FREEMAN, of Nottm, glover]

1595-6 Feb 17, Robert GELSTHORPE, of Nottm, tanner & Dorothie BRIGHTMORE, of same, at St Mary's. [Bond by George GELSTHORPE, of Whatton, yeom]

1595-6 Feb 18, Richard HANBYE, of dioc, Lincoln, clerk & Avice HOULDEN of Newark, at same.

1595-6 Feb 18, Christofer JENNISON, of Newark on Trent, wollen draper, & Hellen KEY, of Coddington, at same.

1595-6 Feb 21, John MATHERS, of Nottm, glover & Alice COWLTON, p. St Peter's Nottm, at St Peter's.

1595-6 Feb 23, Robert HARDWWICKE, of Newthorpe, husb & Elizabeth CLIFTON, p. Greasley, at same.

1595-6 Feb 27, Richard RADCLIF & Issabell WRIGHTE, of Kirby in Ashfield, at Linby.

1596 Apr 7, Richard FOXE the younger, of Burton Joyce, husb & Mary COPPOCKE, of same, at same. [Bond by Richard FOXE the elder, of same, husb]

1596 Apr 20, Richard BILLEDGE, of Scarrington, husb & Dorothie FERRYMAN, of East Bridgford, at Carcolston.

1596 Apr 22, Peter BETNEY, of Laxton, husb & Margaret URREYE, of Moorehous, p. Laxton, at Weston.

1596 May 11, John LEVESEY, of Warsop, husb & Elizabeth FLYNTE, of same, at same.

1596 May 12, John CHALLAND, of Orston, husb & Grace WRIGHT, of Flawborough, at Staunton. [Bond by Anthony WRIGHT, of Flawborough, husb]

1596 May 22, William COLLINSON, of Blidworth, & Katherine NEWTON, of Kirkby in Ashfield, at Blidworth.

1596 May 24, Charles RIDGE, of North COLLINGHAM, plow-wright & Jane SPARKE, of same, at same.

1596 June 4, Thomas DWARIHOUSE, of Wigan co Lancaster, brazier, & Isabell WRIGHTE, of Brokehill, at Mansfield.

1596 June 14, Thomas POMFRET of Gresthorp, p. Marnham, husb & Elizabeth DRAUFEILD, p. Dunham, at Marnham.

1596 June 18, Bryan BRITAN, of Mansfield, clerk & Elizabeth ROYLE, of same, general lic.

1596 June23, Nicholas ADWICKE, of Egmanton, husb & Katherine WELLES, of same, at same.

1596 July 21, Willm FLETCHER, of Derby & Jane HILL, of Wollaton, at Bilborough.

1596 Aug 4, John OWTRAM, of Car Colston, yeom & Alice STUBLEY of Screveton, at same.

1596 Sept 23, Willm TOOKE, of Hertford & Judith HARTOPP, of Bulcote, at Burton Joyce.

1596 Oct 4, Richard PARKINSON, of Egmanton, yeom & Rachael BARDSAY, of Nottm, at St Mary's.

1596 Oct 16, Hughe ASHER, of Ruddington & Marie SOARSBIE, of same, at same. [Bond by William ASHER, of Ruddington, husb]

1596 Nov 8, John SAUNDERS, of Selston, glover & Brigitt CLARKE, at Selston. [Bond by John CLARKE, of same husb]

1596 Nov 24, John WARINGE, of Owthorpe, gent & Dorothie HUTCHINSON, at Owthorpe. [Bond by Thomas HUTCHINSON, of same, esq]

1596 Nov 27, John PARKIN, of Owlcotes [Oldcoates] p. Harworth, yeom & Susan WILSON, of same, at Harworth.

1596 Dec 12, Roberte RICHARDSON, p. St Peter's, Nottm, armourer, & Mabell WALKER, of Nottm, at St Mary's.

1596 Dec 22, John JANINER & Margaret KNIGHTE, of East Markham, at same. [Bond by William KNIGHTE, of same, husb]

1596/7 Jan 13 , John BROME, of North Morton p. Babworth, gent & Barbara BELLAMIE, daughter of Willm Bellamie, at Babworth [Consent by Henry BROME]

1596/7 Jan 18, Roberte GOLDINGE, of Thrumpston, yeom & Alice BEARESBIE, of same, at same.

1596/7 Jan 22, James TAILER, of Barton-in-Fabis, shepherd & Marie SHAWE, of same, at St Peter's.

1596/7 Jan 26, John SOUTHERNE, of Ordsall, yeom & Elizabeth DOBSON, of same, at same.

1596/7 Jan 28, Peter LINESEY, of Greaveslane, gent & Elizabeth WIGHTMAN, p. Stoke besides Newark, at same.

1596/7 Jan 29, George SWINDILL, of Radford, collier & Elizabeth KAYE, of Archdy, of Nottm, at St Mary's.

1596/7 Jan 30, Laurence HALL, of Kneeton, husb & Elizabeth HOLMES, of same, at same.

1596/7 Feb 3, Willm DUNSTON, of East Markham, yeom & Eliz CLARK, of Stokeham, at East Markham. [Bond by Robert DUNSTON, of East Markham, yeom]

1596/7 Feb 4, Bartholomew CARRINGTON, p. Langar & Jane FYNNES, at Tithby.

1596/7 Feb 7, Henrie WHITWORTH, of Kinstone [Kingston on Soar] husb & Isabell COOPER, of Willoughby, at same.

1596/7 Mar 14, Martin BELIALDE, of Ordsall, yeom & Elizabeth COTES at Worksop.

1596/7 Mar 16, Robte THORNELL & Elizabeth MORTON, at Harworth.

1596/7 Mar 17, Robte THORNELL, of Harworth, yeom & Elizabeth MORTON, at Haworth.

1596/7 Mar 19, Richard BERESFORDE, of Radford, gent & Olive BLYTHE general Lic.

1597 Mar 28, George SMALL, of Bolsover, co Derby, gent & Elizabeth BARTON, of West Bridgford, at same.

1597 Mar 30, Willm CODDRINGTON, of Grantham, co Lincs, glover & Anne BURTON, of Newark on Trent, at same.

1597 Apr 20, Frauncis HILL & Joane GIBSON, p. Biborough, at same.

1597 Apr 23, Thomas BRINSLEY, of Sutton Bonnington, husb & Anne SIMPSON, of Barton in the Beanes, at same. [Bond by John SIMPSON, of same clerk]

1597 Apr 30, Michael WHITEHEAD, of Graesdue [Gracedieu] co Leic, & Marie JAMES, of Clifton, at same. [Bond by Thomas JAMES, of same , husb]

1597 Apr 30, Edwarde WARDEN & Joane ALCOCKE, at St Peter's.

1597 June 14, Christofer FEELDINGE, of Gamston, clerk & Sara BIRKHEAD, of same, at Dunham.

1597 July 2, Willm ELLIS, of Kirton, yeom & Elizabeth SAUNDERS, at Kirton.

1597 July 6, George NOBLE, gent & Elizabeth KENNIAN, at St Mary's. [Bond by William NOBLE, of Thrussington, co Leic, gent.]

1597 July 12, John DEANE the younger, of Littleborough, & Isabell BURTON, of same, at South Leverton. [Bond by John DEANE the elder, of Littleborough]

1597 July 12, Willm ANDREW, of Blyth & Agnes BROWNE, at same, at Thorney. [Bond by William BROWNE, of Blyth]

1597 Aug 20, Richard ROGERS, of Morton, co Derby, husb, & Margaret HALL, p. Norton Cuckney, at same.

1597 Sept 3, Willm STOE, of Kynthorpe, co Lincs, yeom & Elizabeth NEEPE, at Stoke next Newark. [Bond by George STOE, of London, yeom]

1597 Sept 10, William WILSON, of Bulwell, yeom & Alice KNUTTON, at St Peter's.

1597 Sept 23, Frauncis JEBB, of Woodborowe, husb & Joane MOSELEY, of Colwick, at St Peter's.

1597 Sept 23, John WOOD, of Chesterfeilde, co Derby, clerk & Margaret CAWOOD, at Bulwell.

1597 Oct 7, Roberte EATON, of Linby, yeom & Margaret MALLARD, of Hucknell Torkard, at Linby. [Bond by William EATON, of Trowell, yeom.]

1597 Oct 31, Richard SISSON, of Belfe Grange, p. Whitwell, co Derby, husb & Elizabeth SAWER, of Girtor, als Gretton p. South Scarle, at Stoke. [Bond by Francis SISSON, of Belfe Grange, husb.]

1597 Nov 5, Christofer HUTCHINSON, of Hoveingham, yeom & Elizabeth NORTH, at St Peter's.

1597 Nov 10, Edmund WRIGHTE, of Bradmore, husb & Alice WILMOTT, at Bunney.

1597 Nov 13, Thomas COWPER, of Willford & Anne EDGE, at St Mary's.

1597 Nov 16, Robert BRASEWELL, of Grantham & Katherine PARKE, of Newark, at Coddington.

1597 Nov 30, Thomas STORYE, of South Scarle, husb & Elizabeth WEST, of same, at same. [Bond by John STORIE, of same, husb.]

1597 Dec 1, Peter WOOD, of Weston, husb & Katherine BILLIALDE, of Little Markham, at Weston.

1597 Dec 3, Willm NORRINGTON, of Staunton, yeom & Alice ROWE, at St Peter's.

1597 Dec 13, Raphe BRACKNEY, of Mansfield, yeom & Margerie WADSWORTH, of same, at same.

1597 Dec 17, Roberte STOKEHAM, of East Retford, yeom & Katherine DICKONS, of same, at same. [Bond by Richard STOKEHAM, of same, yeom]

1597 Dec 24, Thomas MOLYNEUX, of Newark, gent & Anne MARKHAM.

1597 Dec 24, Willm BIRDE, of Owthorpe, husb & Marie HUTCHINSON, of Kinoulton, at same. [Bond by William HUTCHINSON of Owthorpe, husb.]

1597/8 Jan 17, Richard WOOD, of Nottm, butcher & Elizabeth DRACOTT, at St Mary's.

1597/8 Jan 21, Willm SMYTHE & Joane HEYLOE, at Epperstone. [Bond by Willm HEILOE, of Oxon [Oxton], yeom]

1597/8 Jan 26, Thomas BLUNTE, of Auferton [Alfreton] co Derby & Margerie HARRISON, at St Peter's.

1597/8 Jan 28, Richard FARNEWORTH, of Selston & Anne JAYE, of same, at same.

1597/8 Feb 1, James MEARINGE, of Scarington, yeom & Izabell OLIVER, of same, at Bingham.

1597/8 Feb 11, Roberte HALL, of Tithby, yeom & Judith NICOLS, at Tithby.

1597/8 Feb 11, Willm PATCHET, of Sibthorpe, husb & Margaret HALL, at Tithby. [Bond by Robert HALL, of Tithby, yeom.]

1597/8 Feb 11, Everat FRISBIE & Anne HOLLIMAN, at St Mary's. [Bond by William HOLLIMAN, of Nottm, baker.]

1597/8 Feb 16, Frauncis BENET, of Gedling, husb & Alice KUTTON, of Newton, p. Shelford, at St Peter's.

1597/8 Feb 18, Thomas WRIGHT, of Newark on Trent, cordiner & Anne WALKER, of same, at same.

1597/8 Feb 19, Thomas WRIGHT, of Faringdon [Fardon], husb & Grace CUNDYE, of same, at same.

1597/8 Feb 20, Adam WILSON, of Sturley, collier & Margaret MILLINGTON, of same, at same.

1597/8 Feb 20, John DICONSON, of Claypole, co Lincs, husb & Elizabeth WARDE, of Elston, p. Stoke, next Newark, wid, at same. [Bond by William DICONSON, of Claypole, husb.]

1597/8 Feb 20, Bryan BOSWORTH & Marie RAWLINSON, of Willoughby, at same.

1597/8 Feb 25, Brian LIVESIE, of Burton Joyce, yeom & Elizabeth PEND[--]BERIE, at Burton Joyce.

1597/8 Feb 25, Thomas MUSSON, of Bingham, husb & Jane GREENE, at St Nicholas.

1597/8 Feb 25, Robte SELBIE, of Bingham, husb & Alice PLOUGHEMAN, at Orston.

1597/8 Feb 25, Willm CLARKE & Elizabeth VAUZE, at Cotgrave.

1597/8 Feb 26, George DUNSTON of Edwinstowe, gent & Issabell SCOTHERNE, at Edwinstowe.

1597/8 Feb 26, Thomas ROE, of Wilford, husb & Anne LOVET, at Willoughby.

1597/8 Feb 27, Michaell BRETTLE, of Thoroton & Marie TAYLEBIE, of Screveton, at Hawksworth. [Bond by Thomas TAILBIE, of Screveton, labr.]

1598 Apr 8, Giles [-] of Sturley & Joise RICE, of Cossall, at same.

1598 Apr 11, Willm LEAKE, of Hawton & Elizabeth HUTHWAIT, at Colwick. [Bond by Thomas HUTHWAITE, of Nottm, cordyner]

1598 Apr 15, Nicholas BOOTE, of Barton in the Beanes & Marie SMALLY, at St Peters. [Bond by Robert SMALLY, of Barton in Fabis, husb.]

1598 Apr 29, John WARREN, of Normanton, co Leic, yeom & Elleonor FAIREBARNE, of Orston, at same. [Bond by Anthony FAIREBARNE, of same, gent.]

1598 May 8, John COOPER, of Glapton, p. Clifton, labr & Margeret TOMSON, of Willoughby, at same. [Bond by Gabriel TOMSON, of same, husb.]

1598 May 13, Henry OULDHAM, of Nottm, husb & Jane COOKE, Attenborough, at St Mary's. [Bond by William COOKE, of Nottm, blacksmith.]

1598 May 15, John SUTTON, of Lambley, husb, & Anne PAUFERMAN, of same, at St Peters.

1598 May 16, Thomas REEVE & Elizabeth KENNION, p.St Mary's Nottm, at same.

1598 May 29, William BENSON, of Scrooby & Dorothie ADCOCKE, of Clayworth, at same.

1598 June 10, Thomas COOPER, of Thorpe, yeom & Elizabeth BROWNE, of same, at Wysall.

1598 June 28, Thomas BARDALL, of Stanford, husb, & Marie BOOROUGHES, of same, at same.

1598 July 15, Willm LANCASTER, of Gamston, husb & Annes ROBINSON, of same, at same.

1598 July 29, Willm MATTHEWE, of Nottm, butcher & Anne CULLIN, at St Mary's.

1598 Aug 31, Robte GREGORIE, of Ilkeston, co, Derby, husb & Elizabeth LOWE,als GLADWAINE, of Cosall, at Bilborough. [Bond by Thomas LOWE, clerk, rector of Bilborough.]

1598 Sept 5, Willm WALLIS, of Nottm, vintner & Elizabeth BLUNTE, at St Peter's.

1598 Oct 14, Thomas STOKEHAM, of Walkeringham, husb & Alice [blank] of same, at same.

1598 Oct 22, John BARKER, of Tuxford, butcher & Hellen SAUNSOM, of same, at Kirton.

1598 Oct 25, Willm HENSON, of Weston, labr & Anne ROBERTS, at Weston.

1598 Nov 4, Roberte PIGHTE, p. St Nicholas, Nottm, shoemaker, & Fraunces ROBERTS, at Clifton.

1598 Nov 14, John HALL, als HENSON, of Cotgrave, yeom & Margaret SCRYMSHAW, at Snenton. [Bond by Richard HALL als HENSON, of Snenton, husb.]

1598 Nov 22, Thomas BYRDE, of Ruddington, labr & Marie SMYTHE, at Ruddington.

1598 Nov 26, Edmund NORTON, of Blyth, yeom & Anne MASTIN, of same, at same.

1598 Nov 27, Thomas SEWELL, of Colston Bassett, husb & Izabell Johnson of Whatton, wid, at Whatton.

1598 Nov 29, Richard BAYLIE, p. St Peter's Nottm, glover & Elleenor ADKINSON, p. St Mary's Nottm, at St Mary's.

1598 Dec 6, Willm LILLIE, of Diesworth, co Leic, yeom & Alice BARHAM, p. Rolleston, spr, at same. [Bond by William BARHAM, of Bulcote, p. Burton Joyce, yeom.]

1598 Dec 9, Willm IRELAND, of Burton Joyce, blacksmith & Anne Ster[--] of Sneiton, at same.

1598 Dec 15, George HUDSON, of Gedling & Joane BRUNCE, of same, at same. [Bond by William BRUNCE, of Epperstone, husb & John HUDSON, of Hockerton, labr]

1598 Dec 17, Gervace CHESTER, of Clifton, husb & Jane TOMSON, p. Ruddington, wid, at same.

1598 Dec 27, John IVAT, of Bradmore, husb & Jane WRIGHTE, of Glapton, wid, at St Nicholas. [Bond by Gabriel IVAT, of Bradmore, husb & John WRIGHTE, of Glapton, husb.]

1598-9 Jan 5, Richard FYRMERYE, of Laxton, yeom & Fraunces PAWSON of same, at same.

1598-9 Jan 20, Richard WANDELL, of Derby, skinner & Margaret OSBORNE, of Nuthall, wid, at same.

1598-9 Jan 22, Roberte LOUND, of West Budgford, husb & Lettice ROE, of Bridgford, at Arnoll [Arnold]. [Bond by William LOUND, of Arnold, yeom.]

1598-9 Jan 26, Thomas LITHERLAND, of Bingham, blacksmith & Joane NORMAN, of Scarrington, spr, at same.

1598-9 Feb 2, Christofer SPITTLEHOUSE, of Mansfield, yeom & Helen DAWSON, of same, at same.

1598-9 Feb 3, Edward SMALLEY, of castle Donnington, co Leic, yeom & Dorothie COOPER, of Arnold, at same. [Bond by Robert COOPER, of Arnold, yeom.]

1598-9 Feb 3, George OSBORNE, of Nuttal, yeom & [blank] COCKE, of Bulwell, at same. [Bond by William COCKE, of Bulwell, yeom.]

1598-9 Feb 5, Thomas HICKLINGE, of Clawson, co Leic, yeom & Annora MARTEN, of Bingham, at same. [Bond by William MARTEN of Bingham, yeom]

1598-9 Feb 10, Robte HEALDE & Hellen TURNER, at St Mary's.

1598-9 Feb 10, Willm MAFIELD, of East Bridgeford, yeom & Luce BUTTON, of same, at same.

1598-9 Feb 10, George REYNER, of Rolleston, miller & Agnes GONISTON of same, at Stoke next Newark.

1598-9 Feb 12, Willm NICOLSON, of Radcliffe on Trent, husb & Joane ROBINSON, of same, at same.

1598-9 Feb 14, Richard INKERSALL, of Newark on Trent, tanner & Katherine LUMMAS, of same, at same. [Bond by Thomas LUMMAS, of same, dyer.]

1598-9 Feb 17, Willm BARKER, of Helpingham co Linc, yeom & Agnes TAYLER, of Newark on Trent, wid, at same.

1598-9 Feb 19, Thomas STORIE, of Flintham, husb & Anne HOWLEY, of same, at St Peter's. [Bond by Tristram HOWLEY, of Flintham, yeom.]

1598-9 Feb 26, Robert HOWET, of East Bridgeford, husb & Dorothie MOSSE, of same, at same.

1598-9 Mar 9, Robte WARD, of Norton Cuckney, milner & Die TAYLIER, of same, at same.

1598-9 Mar 24, Simon BROWNE, of Cotgrave, yeom & Elizabeth SMYTH, of Bunney, at St Nicholas.

1599 Mar 31, Thomas SHIPMAN, of Knapton, yeom & Elizabeth MORRICE, of Newark, at same.

1599 Apr 9, Thomas MARRIOTT, of Newark, codder & Emmot SAMSON, of same, at Stoke.

1599 Apr 14, Robte GREAVES, of Carlton p. Gedling, carpenter & Issabell MOORE, of Scarrington, at Bingham.

1599 Apr 20, John BLATHERWICKE, of Basingfield, tailier & Dorothie WALE, at Willoughby.

1599 May 22, Thomas SHAWE, of Newton p. Shelford, husb & Issabell WRIGHTE, of Scarrington p. Orston, at Shelford.

1599 May 23, Edward PULLEN, of Thurgarton, yeom & Alice ALLEN, spr, p. Bunny, at Langar. [Bond by John Allen, of Nottm, yeom.]

1599 June 1, Willm SWINSCOE, of Pleasley, yeom & Margaret CRAVEN als, Walker, of Bilsthorpe, wid, at same.

1599 June 11, Oliver WITHINGTON, of Oxon, co Oxon, gent & Barbara ROZELL, of Ratcliffe on Trent, at same. [Bond by John ROZELL, of Ratcliffe, esq.]

1599 June 28, Richard WELLS, of Walesby, yeom & Grace RAYNER, of Headon, at Walesby.

1599 July 5, Raphe JENNINGS, of Sturley [Strelley], yeom & Marie PARTRIDGE, of Nottm, spr, at St Mary's.

1599 July 7, John CARRINGTON, of Edingley, husb & Marie BENET, at Lowdham. [Bond by William CARRINGTON, of Hoveringham, husb & Richard CARRINGTON, of Lowdham, husb.]

1599 July 21, John STED, of Cortlingstocke [Costock], gent & Elizabeth LEAKE, at Lenton. [Bond by William LEAKE, of Wymesall, co Leic, gent.]

1599 July 28, James STEELE, of Nottm, draper & Eleanor JAMES, of same, at Hucknall Torkard.

1599 Aug 6, Thomas JAKES, of Farndon, yeom & Anne PENELL, of same, at same.

1599 Aug 18, Roger FLETCHER, of Flintham, shepherd & Margaret SPEED, of Horringham [Hoveringham] at Kneeton.

1599 Aug 18 , John COOKE, of Nottm, cowper & Anne OULDHAM, of Southwell, at Bulwell. Bond by William COOKE, of Nottm, tanner.]

1599 1599, Second part.

1599 Sep 1, Richard BYRDE, of Owthorpe, husb & Elleonor EATON, of same, at same.

1599 Sep 11, Godfrye SHAWE, of Beafald Grange, yeom & Marie WALKER, at Bulwell. [Bond by Thomas SHAWE, of Southwell, tanner.]

1599 Sep 15, Roberte MACHIN, of Thoroton, yeom & Susan CURSON, of Cottm, spr.

1599 Oct [-] , Thomas WOOD, of Barton, husb & Issabell CRIPP'E, of same, wid, at Buwell.

1599 Nov 3, Thomas ELLIS, of Wiam, co. Linc, gent & Jane ARMESTRONGE, of Thorpe in the Beanes.

1599 Nov 10, Richard ROTHELEY, of Widmerpool, yeom & Alice MARTEN, of same, at St Peter's. [Bond by John ROTHLEY, of Widmerpool, yeom.]

1599 [-] 13, John FRANCKE, of Radcliffe on Trent, yeom & Margaret COWPER, at Bulwell.

1599 Nov 18, Thomas FILLINGHAM, of Cropwell Bishop, yeom & Anne SULLIE, of Arnold, spr, at same.

1599 Nov 22, Thomas HACKE, of Arnold, yeom & Issabell CHAMBERLAYNE, of Ruddington, spr, at Arnold. [Bond by William CHAMBERLAINE, of Ruddington, yeom.]

1599 Nov 26, William BELL, of Budby, p. Edwinstowe, husb & Margaret HOLDEN, wid.

1599 Nov 28, John HARSTAFFE, of Eastwaite (EASTWOOD) milner & Anne GOODMAN, of same spr, at same.

1599 Nov 28, John MOLAM, of Shelton, husb & Katherine BLACKMORE, of Elston, d. of John BLACKMORE, of same tailour, at Stoke.

1599 Dec 12, Richard GREENE, of Nottm, mason & Marie HARRISON, of Everton, spr, at same.

1599 Dec 15, Willm GREAVES, of Derby & Jane PARKER, p. St Mary's Nottm, spr, at same.

1599 Dec 19, John METHRINGHAM, of Newark on Trent, tanner & Helen KEY, of same, one of the d, of Willm KEY, late of Coddington, yeom, deceased, at Newark. [Bond by Edmund METHRINGHAM, of same, tanner.]

1599 Dec 31, Richard GREEN, of Nottm, mason & Marie HARISON, at St Peter's.

1599/1600 Jan 19, Willm ABBOT, of Bradmore, p. Bunny, husb & Jane BARKER, of same, wid, at same.

1599/1600 Jan 19, Robte SHAWE, of Wollaton, collier & Brigitt CANTRELL, of same, at same.

1599/1600 Jan 19, Peter GREENE, of Gedling, husb & Margaret OLIVER, p. Whatton, at same.

1599/1600 Jane 20, Henrie HOMES, of Gedling, husb & Bridgett FLINTE, of same, spr.

1599/1600 Jan 21, Roger JAQUES, of Nottm, taylier & Katherine WOOD, p. St Peter's Nottm, spr, at same.

1599/1600 Jan 23, John MANNESFEILDE, of Ruddington, labr & Margerie ARME, of same, spr, at same.

1599/1600 Jan 23, Thomas ODINGSELLS, of Epperstone, gent & Alice GELSTHORP, of Whatton, at same.

1599/1600 Jan 26, John COLLIE, of Newark on Trent & Elizabeth DONS, of same, spr, at St Mary's. [Bond by Henry DONS, p. St Peter's Nottm, cord[wainer].]

1599/1600 Jan 26, Thomas FLOWRE, of Barnston, husb & Agnes PILKINGTON, of Teithbie [Tithby], at same.

1599/1600 Jan 28, Peter HOLMES, of Thurgarton, yeom & Jane HURSTE, of same, at same. [Bond by Thomas HOLMES, of Horringham [Hoveringham], yeom.]

1599/1600 Feb 1, Richard STORIE, of Hoveringham, husb & Joice GREENE, of Radcliffe on Trent, spr, at same. [Bond by Robert GREENE, of Radcliffe, husb.]

1599/1600 Feb 1, Frauncis BYRDE, of Beskwood [Bestwood] yeom & Cicelie HUTCHINSON, of same, spr, at Arnoll [Arnold]

1600 Apr 26, Richard BARKER, of Tollerton, husb & Elizabeth FOXE of Wimesolde [Wymeswold co Leic] wid, at Tollerton.

1600 May 10, Robte PLANT, p. Thrumpton, labr & Anne BURROWE, of same, at St Peter's.

1600 May 24, Robte BARKER, of Ruddington, husb & Elizabeth LOCKER, of same, spr, at same.

1600 May 28, Thomas SHARPE, of Statbern, co Leic, yeom & Mary ARNOLD, of Faringdon [Fardon] wid, at same.

1600 June 7, Christofer SAMON, of Laxton, yeom & Alice BOLDE, of same, spr, at same.

1600 July 5, Robte THOROWTON, of Carcolston, yeom & Dorothie OLDNEY, of Gedling, spr, at Carcolston.

1600 July 17, Henry ELLIS, of Screveton, yeom & Agnes HUS,of same, at Stoke next Newark.

1600 July 31, Lewes SOMMERSALL, of Grantham [sic] co Nottm, draper & Anne dale, of East Retford, spr, at same.

1600 July [-], John BAMPTON, of Nuthall & Katherine [-----], of same, spr, at same. [Bond by James BAMPTON, of Cropwell Bishop, yeom.]

1600 Sept 13, George WAGGE, of Strelley, yeom & Margaret BROMFEILDE, of Thrumpton, at Stapleford.

1600 Sept 25, Francis LAWSON, of Nottm, chapman & Agnes HARRISON, spr, at St Mary's.

1600 Sept 27, Robte MOORE, of Nottm, butcher & Elizabeth MASTIN, of same, spr, at St Peter's. [Bond by William MOORE, of Torlestone (tollerton) yeom.]

1600 Sept 27, Willm TRENDER, of Snenton, yeom & Mary HEMMESLIE, of same, wid, at same.

1600 Oct 9, Thomas WHITTINGHAM, of Houghton (Hawton) gent & Susan HOLLANDE, of same, at same.

1600 Oct 11, Willm BUTCHER, of Pabterton (Palterton) co Derby, yeom & Margerie SAMSON, of Warsop, spr.

1600 Oct 22, Thomas MOLINEUX, of Newark on Trent, gent & Katherine GREENE, of Butterley, co Derby, wid, at Newark.

1600 Oct 27, Robte BRADSHAWE, of Hoveringham & Helen PECKE, of Kneeton, spr, at same.

1600 Nov 8, George WILLIAMSON, of Worsop [Worksop] yeom & Alice TROUTE, of same, spr, at same.

1600 Nov 22, William MACHIN, of Bradmore, p. Bunney, shepheard & Anne LADDE, of same, spr, at Bunney. [Bond by Robert LADDE, of Bradmore, labr]

1600 Dec 2, Edward MERCER, of Nottm, cordyner & Elizabeth CURSON, of same, at St Peter's.

1600 Dec 5, Robte HARTESHORNE, of Long Whatton, co Leic, labourer & Elizabeth PORTWOOD, of Stanford, spr, at same. [Bond by Robert PORTWOOD, of Stanford, labr.]

1600 Dec 20, Robye PIERREPONT, sonne & heyre apparent of Henrie PIERREPONT, of Holme Pierrepont, esq & Gartrude TALBOT, of Kinoulton, at same.

1600 Dec 20, John SMITHSON, of Wollaton, gent & Margaret NEWTON, of Kirkby in Ashfield, spr, at same.

1600 Dec 29, John DEANE, of Fledborough, yeom & Anne LEIGHE, of Sutton on Trent, at South Collingham. [Bond by Henry DEANE, of Sutton on Trent, yeom.]

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