Nottinghamshire Marriage Licences 1600-1604

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1600/1 Jan 7, Anthonie POOLE, of Teversal, gent & Elizabeth TUPMAN, d. of John TUPMAN, of same, husb, at Mansfield.

1600/1 Jan 17, John HARRISON, esq & Anne CLAXTON, d. of John CLAXTON, of Kirkton [Kirton] esq, at same.

1600/1 Jan 24, Richard OSBORNE, of Nuthall, yeom & Ann ARWIN, spr, at St Mary's.

1600/1 Jan 24, Willm ATKIN, of Lamley [Lambley] husb & Joane HICKE, Gonalston, spr, at Lambley.

1600/1 Feb 7, Willm ASTLIN, of Ruddington, husb & Margerie HALLUM, of same, wid, at same.

1600/1 Feb 8, Robte STEARNE, of Cropwell Butler, gent & Dorothie SMITHE, of Basford, spr, at same.

1600/1 Feb 12, John HARRISON, of East Retford, cordyner & Elizabeth STEEDE, of same, spr, at same.

1600/1 Feb 14, John OGLE, of Sneinton, gent & Fraunces BRACKENBURIE, of Holme, spr, at Sneinton. [Bond by Richard OGLE, of same, gent.]

1600/1 Feb 15, Edward BROUNE, of Newark & Alice COOPER, of Hawton, spr, at Newark.

1600/1 Feb 18, Thomas TAILOUR, of Morehouse p. Laxton, husb & Alice BELLAMIE, of Marnham, wid, at same.

1600/1 Feb 21, Willm PARKE, of Newark, gent & Magdalen WALLIS, of Nottm, spr, at Newark. [Bond by Francis WALLIS, of Nottm, gent, & William WALLIS, of same, gent.]

1600/1 Feb 23, Gervage MARKHAM, of Newark on Trent, gent & Marye GELSTHORP, of Epperstone, at same. [Bond by George GELSTHORP, of Whatton, gent.]

1600/1 Feb 23, John LEES, of Selston, sawyer & Joane MERCER, of same, spr, at St Peter's. [Bond by Edward MERCER, of Nottm, cordyner.]

1600/1 Mar 10, Richard GOOD, of Hawsworth, labr & Margaret PARNELL, of Marnham, wid, at same. [Bond by John GOOD, of Shelton, yeom.]

1600/1 Mar 21, Richard BARRES, of Burbidge, co Leic, butcher & Agnes STEYNE, spr, at St Peter's.

1601 Apr 11, Thomas CHAWNER, of Blyth, yeom & Ann MARSHE, of same, spr, at same.

1601 Apr 18, John KNIGHTE, of Newark on Trent, baker & Margaret MARTEN, spr, at Thorowton [Thoroton]

1601 Apr 29, Wm WILLUGHBIE, of Normanton, near Southwell, gent & Elizabeth PEACE, of Langwith, co Derby, spr, at Norton Cuckney.

1601 May 9, John NEEPE, of Balderton, yeom & Elizabeth DICKENSON, spr, at Balderton.

1601 May 13, Francis FRANCKLINE, of Cropwell Butler, yeom & Mary NEWCOME, of Balderton, spr, at Farndon cum Balderton. [Bond by John FRANCKLINE, of Hickling, husb.]

1601 May 23, Nicholas MASTYN & Anne PARLEBIE, of Nottingham, at Bulwell.

1601 June 1, Raphe BRIDGE, of Stanley, co Derby, husb & Susan WESTERNE, of Newthorpe, at Radford.

1601 June 9, Willm KETTON, of Farndon, husb & Grace WALKER, of same, spr, at same.

1601 July 17, Willm TAYLIER, of Lenton, yeom & Dorothie WARDE, of Wilne, co Derby, spr, at Lenton.

1601 July 18, Edward PARKER, of Newark on Trent, yeom & Margerie DOWNEIN, of Langwth, wid, at Mansfield Woodhouse. [Bond by James PARKER, of Edingley.]

1601 July 19, Samuel FELSTED, of Widmerpool, husb & Elizabeth WALKER, of same, spr, at St Peter's.

1601 July 20, William JAMES, of Ruddington, labr & Winefrid STORIE, of same, spr, at same. [Bond by said Winefrid Storie.]

1601 Aug 2, John Smith, of Gotham, husb & Elizabeth AWCOCKE, of Chilwell, spr, at St Peter's.

1601 Aug 8, Phillip MARTIN, of Nottm, gent & Joane POWER, of Edwalton, at same. [Bond by William POWER, of Nottm, mercer.]

1601 Sept 1, Anthonie GAMBLE, of Nottm, butcher & Margerie GAMBLE, of same, wid, at Stapleford.

1601 Sept 5, Willm MOLTON, of Linby, husb & Elizabeth SMYTHE, of Gedling, spr, at West Bridgford.

1601 Sept 22, Gervace ARMESTRONGE, of Thorpe, gent & Elizabeth SHIPMAN, spr, at Rempstone.

1601 Oct 31, Robte PALMER, of the Citie of London, haberdasher & Susan SPRENTALL, of Nottm, spr, at St Peter's.

1601 Oct 31, Willm SAERSON, of Stanford on Soar, yeom & Anne TAYLIER, of Hemmington co Leic, spr, at St Peter's.

1601 Nov 15, Thomas MITCHELL, of Gedling, yeom & Elizabeth GEE, of same, spr, at same.

1601 Nov 16, Richard CHAMBERS, of Southwell, webster & Margaret UPTON, of Arnold, spr, at same. [Bond by Thomas UPTON, of Arnold, labr.]

1601 Nov 20, Thomas PRICHARD, of Hickling, yeom & Marie KNAPP, of same, spr, at same.

1601 Nov 26, Henry JOHNSON, of Newstead, yeom & Lettice SMYTHE, of Colwick, spr, at Beeston.

1601 Dec 18, Richard PARNELL, of East Retford, yeom & Margaret EYRE, of Carburton, at Edwinstowe.

1601/2 Jan 2, Cecill CAVE, of London, esq, & Elizabeth MARKHAM, of Cotham, at same. [Bond by Robert MARKHAM, of Newark on Trent, esp.]

1601/2 Jan 16, Thomas LYLLIMAN, of Clayworth, yeom & Thamer STRINGER. [Bond by Charles LYLLIMAN, of Clayworth, blacksmith.]

1601/2 Jan 18, Willm RHODES, of Norton Cuckney, cowper & Frances WILSON, of same, spr, at same.

1601/2 Jan 30, Anthonie EGGINTON, of Nottm & Margerie BIRCHE, of same, wid, at St Mary's.

1601/2 Feb 20, Robt ABBOTT, of Flintham, cottager & Anne WEBSTER, d. of Robert WEBSTER, of Strelley, yeom.

1601/2 Feb 20, Roberte MASSIE, of Flintham, labr & Margaret FINNES, of Colston BASSET, at same.

1601/2 Mar 18, Thomas JOXSON, of Fledborough, husb & Alice MATTERS, of same, at same.

1602 Apr 9, Walter HARDI, husb & Elizabeth WHEATLIE, of West Bridgford, spr, at same.

1602 Apr 20, Willm MARSHALL, of Bottesford, co Leic, husb & Sara COYLSHAWE, of Nottm, spr, at St Peter's. [Bond by William COLYSHAW, of Nottm.]

1602 Apr 24, Willm KETCLIFFE, of Cropwell Bishop, labr & Marie RAWSON, p. Selston, spr, at St Mary's Nottm.

1602 Apr 26, Thomas BAILIE, of Gedling, labr & Margery STAFFORD, spr, at Gedling. [Bond by Robert STAFFORD, of Lambley, labr & George BAYLIE, of same, husb.]

1602 May 2, John PICKERING, yeom, of Cotgrave & Jone SIGNIOR, of Mansfield, wid, at Gonalston.

1602 May 3, Henry DEANE, of Normanton, yeom & Agnes MANNING, of Watlington, co, Norfolk, wid, at Normanton on Trent. [Bond by John DEANE, of Weston, yeom.]

1602 May 3, John ELLIS, of Weston, blacksmith & Katherin BLONKE, of same, wid, at same.

1602 May 4, Henrie Witham, of Ledstone, co Ebor & Ellenor REYNOR, of Staunton, gent, at same. [Bond by John REYNOR, of Alton Longfeilde, co Hants, gent.]

1602 May 10, James MARTIN, of Mansfield Woodhouse, husb & Agnes MUGGE, of same, spr, at same. [Bond by Miles MUGGE, of Prestold, co Leic, tailor.]

1602 May 29, Thomas WILSON, of Nottm, mercer & Margaret CLAYE, of same, spr, at Stoke next Newark.

1602 May 29, Roger SMYTHE, of Pembridge, co Hereford, gent & Anne PLUMTREE, of Cromwell, at Wollaton.

1602 June 8, Robt HOO, of Owthorpe & Anne BURD, of same. [Bond by John HOO, of same, husb.]

1602 Aug 1, John HARTLEY, of Nottm, ironmonger, & Marie DUCKER, of same, spr, at Radford.

1602 Aug 23, Henrie BUTLER, of Grantham, co Linc, butcher & Frances LEVERATT, p. St Mary's Nottm, spr, at same. [Bond by Thomas LEVERAT, of Nottm.]

1602 Aug 28, John HAWTON, of Arnold, husb & Anne ALVEY, of same, spr, at St Mary's [Nottm]

1602 Sept 9, Henrie HILL, of Misson & Elizabeth LEGAT, of same, wid, at same.

1602 Sept 13, Isaac SHARPE, of Thorpe next Newark, clerk & Dorothie TONGE, of Newark on Trent, wid, at Stoke.

1602 Sept 25, Frauncis WASSE, of Mansfield, yeom & Joane ROBINSON, of same, spr, at same.

1602 Sept 30, Willm COLBIE, of Su[tton] yeom & Anne FOXE , of Askham, wid, at Sutton upon Lound.

1602 Sept 30, Ismael DENMAN, of Tuxford & Elizabeth WATMOUGHE, of same, spr, at East Markham.

1602 Oct 4, Gilbert ARMESTRONGE, of Thorpe in le Colttes, esq & Elizabeth BYRON, of Newstead, gent. [Lic to edward ELTON, clarke B.D] [Bond by Vicent ELTON, of Linby, gent.]

1602 Oct 18, George SLATER, of Croxden, co, Stafford, gent & Katherine ARNOLD, of Elston, gent.

1602 Oct 20, John BARKER, of Tuxford, butcher & Elizabeth PARNELL, of same, wid, at same.

1602 Nov 14, Thomas HYNDE, of North Wheatley, husb & Elizabeth ROGERS, of Bole, spr, at Saunbie [Saunbdy]

1602 Nov 16, Richard LOCKOE, of Nottm, roper & Margerie OULDACRES, of same, spr, at Radford.

1602 Nov 27, Henry HUNLOCKE, of Wingerworth, co Derby, esq & Edith MARKHAM, gent, at Hayton.

1602 Nov 30, Henrie DOUGHTIE, of Mansfield, yeom & Anne SILVESTER, of same, spr, at same.

1602 Dec 9, Humfrie KIRKBIE, of Newark, spr, [sic] & Elizabeth HODGSON, of Lincoln, spr, at Newark.

1602 Dec 9, Richard PICKHAVER, of East Drayton, yeom & Marie BACON, of Clipstone, spr, at Edwinstowe.

1602 Dec 10, Edward FITZWILLIAMS, of Hayton, gent and[------] of same, spr, at same.

1602 Dec 18, Richard SHEPHEARD, of Selston, yeom, & Ellen PENDLETON, of Duffield, co Derby, spr, Greasley.

1602/3 Jan 31, John NIXON, of Cossall, milnewright & Anne LOWE, of Bilborough, spr, at same.

1602/3 Mar 5, Edward THORNELEY, of Papleweeke [Papplewick] yeom & Matilda TUNNARD, of Milnethorpe, gent, at Papplwick.

1603 May 7, Robte POCKLINTON, of Sutton in Ashfield, husb & Anne SHAWE, of same, spr, at Farrington [Farndon]. [Bond by Robert SHAWE, of Sutton in Ashfield.]

1603 May 9, Robte SHINGLEHURST, of Radford, labr & Marie HARWOOD, of same, spr, at same.

1603 May 11, Robt JENKINSON, of Fardon, yeom & Margaret STYLER, of same, spr, at same.

1603 May 14, Roger HOOTON, of Lenton, husb, & Fraunces KIRKE, of same, spr, at same. [Bond by John KIRKE, p. Clifton, yeom.]

1603 May 21, Bartholomew SEWSTER, of Ashwell co Hertford, gent & Judith SWINBURNE, of Kelham, gent, at same. [Bond by John SWINBURNE, of same, gent.]

1603 May 31, Henrie KENDALL, of Thorpe in le Glottes [in Glebis] gent & Elizabeth ARMESTRONGE, of same, gent, at same.

1603 June 2, Edward MILWARD, of Nottm, yeom & Marie HUTCHINSON, of same, spr, at St Nicholas.

1603 June 9, Francis BARROWE, of Newton, p. Shelford, husb & Emmot LEYLAND, at St Mary's [Nottm]

1603 June 9, John WILKES, of Warsop [Worksop] yeom, & Joane COTTINGHAM, of same, wid, at East Retford.

1603 June 10, Stephen MIDGLEY, of Gringley, labr, & Dorothie SEYTON, of same, spr, at Sutton on Lound.

1603 June 21, Hugh PARKE, of Nottm, webster & Issabell MASON, of same, spr, at St Nicholas.

1603 July 25, Humfrie WIGHTEMAN, of Kettlebie, co Linc [Abkettleby, co Leic] yeom & Elizabeth MESSENGER, spr, at Basford.

1603 July 26, Roberte SMALLEY of Nottm, lab, & Maline HYNDE, of same, wid, at St Mary's.

1603 July 30, Richard PARKER, of Nottm, butcher & Katherine SMALES, of same, wid, at St Mary's. [Bond by Robert PARKER, of same, butcher.]

1603 Aug 20, Richard HODGKIN, of Nottm, chaundler, & Marie GOODWIN, of same, spr, at St Nicholas.

1603 Aug 20, Frauncis HALL, of Nottm, gent & Xpian JACKSON, of same, spr, at Adbolton. [Bond by Anker JACKSON, of Nottm, alderman.]

1603 Sept 28, Daniell PEPPER, of Skegby, gent & Margerie YATES, of Kneesall, gent, at same.

1603 Oct 1, John BOOTE, of Blackwell, co Derby, yeom, & Mary WHELPDALE, of Mansfield Woodhouse, spr, at St Mary's.

1603 Oct 14, John HATCLIFFE, of Grimmislie [Grimsby] co Lincs,& Lucrece HARRINGTON, of Worksop, gent, at same.

1603 Oct 15, Anthonie BIRCHE, of Coddrington, labr, & Katherine NEEPE, of same, wid, at same.

1603 Oct 29, Thomas WALKER, of Radcliffe on Trent, labr, & Jane SHARPLES, of same, spr, at same.

1603 Nov 4, Francis DEANE, of Eastwaite [Eastwood] yeom & Issabell EGGINTON, of same, wid, at Selston.

1603 Nov 5, John GILL, of Rolleston, yeom & Margerie UPTON, of Shelton, wid, at Thorpe next Newark.

1603 Nov 12, Roger HOWE[T] of Gotham, husb, & Cecilie [------------] of same, spr, at Bulwell.

1603 Nov 17, John THORNHILL, of Tuxford, yeom & Anne TORRE, of same, spr, at same. [Bond by James THORNELL, of same, yeom.]

1603 Nov 18, Frauncis RAWSON, of Thurgarton, husb & Grace TACIE, of Lambley, spr, at Burton Joyce.

1603 Nov 19, John ARNEFIELD, of Epperston, husb, & Alicia LUNNE, of Roughford [Rufford], spr, at Epperstone. [Bond by William ARNEFEILDE, of same, husb.]

1603 Nov 26, Thomas KEYE, of Hoveringham, labr, & Elizabeth BATTINSON, of same, spr, at same.

1603 Nov 26, Willm BURNE, of Thrushington co Leic, clerk & Hellen CROSON, of Wysall, wid, at St Peter's [Nottm]

1603 Nov 26, Edward RICHARDSON, p. St Mary's Nottm yeom & Margaret RALLAM, of same, spr, at St Nicholas. [Bond by Robert RICHARDSON, p. St Peter's Nottm, armourer].

1603 Nov 26, Thomas DEWYS, of Wilford, husb, & Agnes SYMSON, at Colston Bassett.

1603 Dec 3, John BRADFORTH, of Tickhill, co Ebor, labr & Elizabeth HOPE, of Eakring, spr, at Welley [Wellow

1603/4 Jan 6, Willm BARRANS, of Gladsby, co Leic, yeom & Elizabeth HOWE, of Wisely, wad, at same.

1603/4 Jan 21, James MOORE, hubs & Margaret BINGHAM, of Clips, at St Nicholas [Not]

1603/4 Jan 31, Edward WHITER, of South Norman, co, Derby, hubs & Alice DALAI, of Syringe [Earring] wad, at Mansfield.

1603/4 Feb 4, John WESTBY, of Skeleton, carpenter & Dorothy MASON, of same, spry, at St Mary's. [Bond by William WESTBY, of Not, rope.]

1603/4 Feb 4, Anthony BECKWITH, of Gun, lab & Anne MORLEY, spry, at St Nicolas. [Bond by John MORLEY, of Hoveringham, lab.]

1603/4 Feb 9, Oliver WORSLIE, of Dunham juxta Trent, yeom & Anne [S]ADDALL, of Bothamsall, spry, at same.

1603/4 Feb 9, Willm PARNELL, of Moregate, yeom & Elizabeth LANGFITT, of East Retford, spry, at same. [Bond by Richard PARNELL, of East Retford, yeom.]

1603/4 Feb 10, Michael GREGORIE, p. St Peter's Not, glover & Margerie MARSHALL, of Not, spry, at St Peter's.

1603/4 Feb 11, Roger BARKER, of Carlton p Gedling, hubs & Joane LEESON, of same, spry, at Gedling.

1603/4 Feb 11, John ROBINSON, of Norwich Mr of Artes & Brigit WHITE, of Beavall [Beauvale] gent, at Greasley.

1603/4 Feb 18, George WALKER, of Cropwell Butler, hubs & Elizabeth BRAUNSON, of East Bridgeford, spry, at same. [Bond by Roger BRAUNSON of same, hubs.]

1603/4 Mar 1, Richard HOMES, of Tuxford, yeom & Beatrice TOLLER, of Fledborough, wad, at Ordsall.

1603/4 Mar 12, Richard GOGYLL, of Gimingham co Norfolk, gent & Anne STERNE, of Mendham, co Norfolk, gent, at Mansfield in Sherwood. [Bond by Robert STERNE, of Cropwell Butler, gent.]

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