Parish Register Transcripts of North Muskham, Nottinghamshire for the Years 1623, 1633 & 1638

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This page lists some 17th century North Muskham, Nottinghamshire parish registers. The entries are included in an alphabetical surname index. Users should be aware that these are transcriptions of LDS photocopies of the original registers, and like all transcriptions may contain errors. They should therefore be used only as a guide, and entries of interest should be checked against fiche copies of the original registers.

Users are referred to an explanation of the sources of these registers on the main Nottinghamshire parish registers page.

Spellings are as in the original source, so may not always be what you expect. If you are checking the surnames index for a particular name, inspect carefully for alternative spellings.

The register contents are listed verbatim, which means that the baptisms, marriages and burials are in separate sub-sections, with original headings. A sub-section is also given for church officials, although the original register gives no heading in this case. This sectioning is introduced to make this page easier to use, and is not on the original documents or fiches.

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1623 A true note of all the Christenings, Marriages and Burials Wch have beene in the Church of North Muscha[m] Ano Dni


Katherine WALKER, daughter of Justin Walker, was bapt, Aprill 5th 1623

Edward NEEDHAM, sonne of Richard Needham, was bapt. Maij 4th 1623

Mary HARRISON, daughter of Robte Harriason, was bapt. Maij 4th 1623

Grace HOUGHTON, daugt of John Houghton,bapt June 8th 1623

Thomas NICSON, sonne of Zacharye Nicson, bapt July 23th 1623

Willm PEILLE, son of Thomas Peille, bapt the last of August 1623

Sarah SCRIMSHAWE, daughter of Wm Scrimshawe, bapt Sept 30th 1623

Anne & Katherine, surpposed daughters of Thomas MOSSE, bapt November Ye 9th

Elizabeth JACKSON, daughter of Robtr Jackson, bapt Decemb 28th 1623

Richard DIGGLES, sonne of Richard Diggles, bapt Fabraury 8th 1623



Robte MALTBY and Susan RANSOME were married the last of July 1623

Robte JACKSON and Jane MOSSE were married Septemb 18th 1623

Hughe WILLSON and Ellin CLIFTON were married February 3 1623



Mary MEESOM, widdow, was buried the first of Aprill 1623

Susan PYE, daughter of Thomas Pye, was buried April 6th 1623

Peter JOHNSON was buried the ninthe day of Aprill 1623

Johanny ALISANDER, widdow, was buried the 10th of Aprill 1623

Willm RANSON was buried the 23th of Aprill 1623

Henry TOMLINSON, son of John Tomlinson was buried Ye thirde of may 1623

Barbara MORTON, widdow, was buried Ocotber the thirde 1623

Hughe PEACE, Gent: was buried the 16th of October 1623

Anne WILSON, wife of Hugh Wilson, was buried October the 30th 1623

Robt PEPPER, son of Edmunde Pepper, was buried October the 30th 1623

Thomas NICSON, labourer, was buried Novemb: Ye 24th 1623

Isabell CHESTER, widdow, was buried Fabruary the thirde 1623

Isabell JACKSON, daughter of Robt Jackson, buried January Ye 6th 1623

Mary WORTHINGTON, wife of John Worthington, was buried January 26th 1623

Mary WILSON, widdow, was buried the 21th day of March 1623



p me Wm BARNES, cler

Timothie: LILLY John TOMLINSON Churchwardens

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1633 A true Register of all Christnings, Weddings and Burialls that have beene in North Muskha[m]afforesd, from the 25th day of March 1633, unto the 25th day of march 1634


Imprimis. Raph CLEARKE the son of Tho Clearke and Jane his wyfe was baptzd Ye 7th of August 1633

Mary TOFT Ye daughter of James Toft & Jane his wyfe was baptized the 11th of August 1633

Willyam PEELE, the son of henry Peele and Isabell his wyfe, was baptzd Ye First of Septembr 1633

Luke BLAND the son of Thomas BLAND & Anne his wyfe was bap the 11th of October 1633

Mary SHARROCK the daughter of Mathw Sharock & Elizabeth his wyfe was bapt 17th of Novembr 1633

Elizabeth LILLY Ye daughtr of Hugh Lilly & Mary his wyfe was baptd the 16th of Novembr 1633

Anne MUMBE the daughtr of John Mumbe & Mary his wife was baptd 12th of Janruary

Jane SCRIMSHAW Ye daughtr of Hugh Scrimshaw & Alice his Wyfe was bapt the 14th of January 1633

Henry NIXON the son of Barnabe Nixon & Mary his wyfe was baptizd the second of February 1633

Elizabeth SCRIMSHAW Ye daughtr of Roger Scri[m]shaw & Elizabeth his wyfe was baptd the 16th Fabruary

Margret SHAW Ye daughtr of Gregory Shaw & jane his wyfe was baptd Ye 18th day of February 1633

Willya[m] WHITTINGTON Ye son of Richd Whittington & Anne his wyfe was bapt Ye fift day of march 1633

Elinor MASNON Ye daughtr Barnabe Mason and Joane his wyfe was bapt Ye 8th day of March 1633

Henry HILL Ye son of Willm Hill & Margery his wyfe was bapt Ye same day 8th of March 1633



Richd WHITTINGTON & Anne IRELAND were married 16 Apll 1633

Frances WOOLHOUSE & Elizabeth BRADLEY were married the 26th June 1633

Richard SUMMER & Elizabeth BYRD were married the 17th of Octobr 1633

Willya[m] LYVESLEY & Mary JOHNSON maried 28th Novbr 1633

Thoas LOE & Anne IRELAND married 25 February 1633



Henry PEELE son of Thoas PEELE buried 2d June 1633

Mary Ye daughtr of Thoas PYE buried Ye 5th Augst 1633

George MORTON, laborer, buried Ye 24 Septembr 1633

Widdow WILLSON was buried Ye 18th of Octobr 1633

Margrett PEELE, wyfe of Thoas Peele, buried 13 Novr 1633

Susanne MALTBEE Ye wyfe of Robert Maltbee was buried the 8th of March 1633



p me Thos: TIMBLE vic. ibdm

Thomas HALL John MUSSON Churchwardens

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1638 A true and perfect Copie of the Regester of North Muskha[m] of all the Christnings, Wedings & Burialls for or withinthe yeare of our Lord God 1638

Willyam WRIGHT the sonne of Nicholas Wright was baptized the third of Aprill 1638

Willya[m] BRADLEY the sonne of Willya[m] Bradley was baptized the 8th day of Aprill 1638

Zusanna LILLY the daughter of Hugh Lilly was baptized the 29th Aprill 1638

Jane WILSON the daughter of Willya[m] Wilson was baptized the 28 of June 1638

John KEMP the sonne of Barnabas Kempe was baptized the 28th of August 1638

Anne GONISON the daughtr of Richard Gonison was baptized the 9th of September 1638

Suzanna SAUMPEE the daughter of Thos Saumpee was baptized the 23d of September 1638

Thomas BILBE the son of Thomas Bilbe was baptized the 14th of October 1638

Anne BROME the daughter of henry Brome was baptized the first of November 1638

Elizabeth MASON, the daughter of Barnabas Mason was baptized the 29th of November 1638

John HILL the sonne of Henry Hill was baptized the 8th of December 1638

Bridget IRELAND the daughter of John Ireland was baptized the 2d of march 1638

Richard MORTON the sonne of Richard Morton was baptized the 9th of March 1638

Willyam TOFT the sonne of james Toft was baptized the 24 of march 1638






Georg SIBLEY, laborer, was buried the 15th of Aprill 1638

Edward CLATON the son of Thoas Claton buried 17th Apll 1638

John BRADLEY th'elder, was buried the 24th of Augst 1638

N. LILLY, widdow, was buried the 15th of September 1638

Elizabeth SUMMER Ye wyfe of John Summer buried 18th Sept 1638

Willyam MERCER Ye son of Edward Mercer buried 26th Sept 1638

Rebecca CROOKES, widw, was buried the 5th of February 1638

Anne JONSON the wyfe of Thos Jonson was buried 12th Feby 1638

Olive TOWNENDE, widow, was buried Ye 20th of February 1638

Richard LILLY was buried the 22th of February 1638

Widow WRIGHT was buried the 24th of February 1638

Widow IRELAND was buried the 28th of February 1638

Anne MORTON Ye wyfe [of] Richard Morton buried 9th March 1638



p me Tho: Timble vic


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The original information has been extracted from LDS films of parish registers by Sandra Edwards, and passed to me for inclusion here. Sandra's email address can be deduced from:

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