Stray Nottinghamshire Wills

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The following list of testators were living in the places indicated in Nottinghamshire when they wrote their wills, but died in Derbyshire, where the wills were proved.

List of testators

1878 ABBOTT Thomas, Eastwood
1918 BACON John William, Mansfield
1875 BATES Stephen, High Pavement,Nottingham
1886 BENNISTON Amy, Southwell and Ironville
1907 BISHOP George, Nottingham
1881 CLARK John, Selston and Pinxton
1872 CLARKE George, Westwood ,Selston
1897 CRESSWELL Samuel, Nottingham
1864 CRISP Sarah, Shakespeare St,Nottingham
1922 CROOKS Herbeert, Papplewick
1868 ELLIOT Anne, Sneinton
1866 FLETCHER Isaac, Holme Pierrepont
1897 GOULD Mary, Newark on Trent
1897 GROVES William Henry, Nottingham
1859 HALL Joseph, Newark
1894 HANCOCK Jane, Nottingham
1921 HARDY Joseph, Gunthorpe
1899 HEGGS Lucy Ann, Nottingham
1892 HEWITT Hannah, Nottingham and Sandiacre
1892 HEWITT Richard, Beeston
1917 JACKSON George Thomas, Bestwood Park
1920 MALLINDER John Thomas, Nottingham
1919 MARSH Ann, Sutton Donnington
1926 MARSHALL John, Friezeland nr Jacksdale
1907 MOORE John, Nottingham and Derby
1882 RATCLIFF Robert James, Nottingham and Heanor
1901 SMITH Charles, Nottingham
1883 STRETTON Thomas, Bramcote
1915 SWAIN Samuel, Mansfield
1920 TAGG Henry, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire
1876 THICKETT William, Bonsall and Nottingham
1914 TURNER Sarah Ann Epperstone
1928 WARD James, Swancar Bridge,Trowell
1915 WARD Joseph, Bulwell
1884 WHITE George, Nottingham and Tansley
1873 WHITE James Baily, Warsop Park
1863 WOOD John, Farnsfield
1869 YOUNG Isaac, Old Lenton


The above list was kindly supplied by Mike Spencer.

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