National Union of Fairies, Sprites, Elves and Dropouts

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NUFSED's College of Magic, Incantations and Con-tricks (COMIC)

We at NUFSED always have our members' interests at heart, and try to provide for their every need, as I'm sure you will have noticed. It occurred to us that most professions have training courses leading to qualifications for their members, whether they be lawyers, plumbers or even journalists. The only exceptions seem to be politicians (and who would want to train them?) and our members! Consequently we filled the gap by setting up a College of Magic, Incantations and Con-tricks (COMIC) to provide proper training for our members and prospective members.

We provide a range of courses to suit each of our many types of member, including effective clubbing for trolls, broomstick control and navigation for witches, and a course on accurate spelling (including training in the use of a suitable thesaurus) as a basic grounding for all. We also provide courses for ancillary crafts such as wand repair, unicorn breeding and training, knitting with gossamer, etc. Of course, on graduation members receive an appropriate diploma.

This picture shows one of our happy graduates with her diploma, and next to her is a picture of a souvenir of her course:

Witch with diploma

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